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Blood blister or burst capillary

Blood blister or burst capillary

I have a spot on my penis that’s kind of blue/purplish.I thought it was a blood blister but that would probably hurt. It doesn’t raise up at all, as a matter of fact if I was blind I wouldn’t even know it was there. I don’t feel it at’s about the diameter of a pea across. I decided to give myself a week off, but is it necessary? Can I continue clamping or should I stop and wait for it to go away?

Wish I could post this in injuries/treatments but I can’t because I don’t have enough posts.

I have had a couple. Break and let it heal. You don’t want it to start bleeding again.

Stop and wait for it to go away. Drop the intensity a little when you resume. They usually go quickly if you have a proper break from PE.

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Yes, I had something like that myself. First 2 days was like a pimple, but after those just the color thing remained. I took 10 days off. It needed 7 days for the color to disappear and then 3 more days just to make sure it is ok. Warm up during the day sometimes, it helps to absorb the blood from that area faster…

Argh, the thought of a blood blister on my dick disturbs me severely :D

g-banger you can avoid having one, just be careful :-)

Is it even a blood blister? My impression would be that blood blisters would rise up from the skin, and have some fluid in them. There is no fluid or anything, nothing to pop. All the blood blister pictures I’ve looked up are black and round. I think it’s just burst capillary.but yea I’m taking some time off PE. It’s already starting to go away a bit today, and it’s only been 2 days since I got it.

Well, being new and pretty scared about injuries, all I have to say is that whenever you see something that is wrong and unusual (usual thing is a few red spots that go away after resting) you should take some time off, wait a bit more after it is visually gone and then resume with a lighter routine (regarding force and erection levels in jelqing) so that:

1) You get your penis used to the exercise
2) You don’t irritate the old injury until it is fully healed.

Just my thoughts, that’s what I do (and so far I had 2 injuries in 50 days :P), I am not an expert or something…

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