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Am I overtraining?

Am I overtraining?

I started PE in July and did the newbie routine for about 2 months. Since than I have intensified my routine and it now stands as follows:

3 days on 1 day off schedule = girth day, length day, girth day, off

Girth day:
5 min hot wrap
20 min manual stretching
10 min pump @ 6hg
10 min jelq at 70-90%
10 min pump @ 6hg
10 min jelq at 70-90%
10 min pump @ 6hg

Length day:
5 min hot wrap
10 min pump @ 6hg
20 min manual stretch
10 min pump @ 6hg

My problem is moderate to severe red spotting after my girth days. I know in the begginning this was a common occurrence due to conditioning. But if I have been doing this since july should I still be getting such spotting? Do you think this is a sign of overtraining, if so, what do you recommend?

Heed Gprents advice from the thread he linked:
“I believe it (discoloration) greatly hampers if not completely stalls your progress

Watch carefully and aggressively treat discoloration while it is still “fresh”. To continually aggravate an injury (because that is what this is) will only serve to make it permanent - or cause very longterm evidence of the problem.

You say you intensified your routine, so: I would either pull back on the intensity, or turn up the post routine treatment of spotting. Research the topical and nutritional approaches people here and on the web recommend for preventing and treating skin trauma.
Don’t neglect it now and it won’t haunt you later.

gprent, cap -

Thanks for your responses.

Gprent, I read that post yesterday and it is actually what prompted my question today. I guess I’m really wondering if I should still be spotting after PE’ing for 4.5 months?

Cap, what areas of my routine should I back off on intensity? Do you suggest a post-session hot wrap?

any suggestions are appreciated. :)

Just for a few days, instead of finishing your routine with a pump set, follow the last pump set with 5-10 minutes of massage. I think this will really help to restore oxygenated blood to the shaft and pink things up. This is not jelqing, but massaging with plenty of your lube, and yes, it’s going to feel really good. This is how I finish my routine and I think it will help you. If it works, let me know.

Another thing to try, is to spend the first few minutes of each pump set at 4 in hg and then move slowly up to 6. This is also something I do.

And the last thing, is just back off on the jelq intensity a bit, especially right after exiting the tube.

Combine all three of these things into your routine and see if things don’t improve. If they do improve, make it your new routine.

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