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Overtraining and Healing

Overtraining and Healing

Hey guys, how much is too much? I’m in a “no growth” rut going on 3 months now. I’m thinking that I might not be allowing for enough rest or healing time. Currently I’m on a 2 week rest which will be followed by a shock routine to try to generate some new growth.

No pain no gain might be true, but so is… no growth no gain. If I could better understand the healing aspect of PE I think I would see more growth.

What are your theories??


What is your routine and schedule?

Iv got to watch out for that as well. Its much easier for me to maintane the habbit of hanging, etc if I do it every day. Rest is essential, although how much differs from person to person. INMO it is probably best to hang every day untill they day that you simply can’t do your usual work out, and must drop in weight or time. Then take a day or 2 off. If I am hanging 2+ hours a day that is usually 4-5 days for me. Now if I can only follow my own advise…

Mostly hanging right now, dont know what to tell you for a purelly manual routine.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

kabar & iamaru

Basicially I hang 2x per day, 20-30min sessions 4 days followed by 3 off per week. I also include some light jelqing to introduce new blood after hanging. I don’t focus on girth excercises too much because I’m going for length right now. But occasionally I’ll get a wild hair up my ass after I hang and bust out an intense 30 min jelq session.

When I hang I usually go pretty intense trying to get the max fatigue. That’s why I think I may be overtraining.

It’s not so much that I want my routine analized by the forum. What I’m looking for is primarily what others think about rest, when and how long? The theories behind tissue growth. Personal experiences.

Thanks for the input,

There is no real theory behind hanging. After all Bib use to hang 8-9 hours per day and he gained a hell of a lot. I did hanging for 3 months at 3 20 mins intense hanging to fatigue at 5 days per week and I didnt gain anything, so I went back to jelking and gained 0.5” in the next 6 weeks and is still gaining. I guess with hanging you just have to be patient until the gains come. I didnt have the patience and it was so much work wrapping that thereband 3 times a day and with no gains. Maybe someone in the hanging forum will know more about it, but I dont think its overtraing.

Try hanging light-moderate weight (for me: 1-2 pounds) for longer periods of time while keeping the base of your penis warm-wrapped (not hot - 105 degrees or so). See if that does anything for you.

I’m not convinced that hanging with heavy weights is the way to go for most people.


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