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22 Year Old with Severe Impotence from Improper PE. any advice

That sucks. Nothing helpful to add right now; just wanted to say hi.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by marinera
Listen, Sorry if this was asked before: does your erection subsides when you masturbate too? I mean, if you look at porn and start masturbating, the erection goes down after a few seconds?

No problem.. I will answer any questions.
Yes my erection will subside quickly if I’m masturbating to visuals, If I stand up after achieving erection it will start deflating within 5-15 seconds of getting up. I can see it deflate/pulsate will the pulse of my heat beat , it sort of flexes.
This Tadalafil I am taking is helping with the duration of my erection after stopping stimulation.

Pre PE I didn’t realize it but sometimes I would get boner making out with women downstairs, go upstairs to bedroom and still have rigid hard on when take off pants. I wish I would have monitored the duration of my erections during thought my PE attempts.. I knew something was wrong and sort of blamed it on not being in puberty anymore, however I was wrong.

If you keep up stimulation, does it subsides?

Originally Posted by marinera
If you keep up stimulation, does it subsides?

No with stimulation it will not subside, but I must add this is more stimulation than average.

Then I doubt it is venous leakage. If there is a physical cause for blood going out of your penis, than it goes out with or without stimulation.

Originally Posted by marinera
Then I doubt it is venous leakage. If there is a physical cause for blood going out of your penis, than it goes out with or without stimulation.

I hope so.. But I I have some serious inflow or outflow problem.. But by stimulation I am gripping and putting a little pressure on my dorsal veins, if I do not do this I believe It will subside easier, I will experiment more next time

>True but my brother and father say they still wake up with morning wood most of the time..<

So do a bunch of people here and another bunch of people don’t. Check for nocturnal erections.

$$ I know but when taking high dose of tadalafil ~20mg I will wake up with morning erection next day and sometimes day after.

>Dorsal Top Side of my penis, hardest near my base.<

This is normal. They aren’t tendons. You’re likely feeling the top of the CCs.

$$ I feel sort of a band of hard fibrous muscles even if the rest of my penis is completely relaxed,

>Pre PE I would remember looking at this huge vein on the dorsal side of my penis that would run from the base to my glans.. Now when I get erection it is super narrow.. Almost invisible.. (This is an estimate)<

This seems very strange. I’m not sure physically how that could happen. You may be getting reduced blood flow but the actual vein reducing in size would seem unlikely. Reduced blood flow could indicate some kind of blockage. Equally it could be that you are now focusing on something you were not before.

$$ True I believe the lack of blood flow and pressur in my penis makes my veins appear thinner, weaker and less visual.

>Yes when entirely flaccid.<

It’s normal for the penis to flop from side to side and be kinda squidgy, when flaccid.

>Only when I am about to ejaculate otherwise it is 85-90% erect<

That pretty much proves that you are physically capable of erection and that the problems you are experiencing are mental.

I have to say that it seems that many of the symptoms you indicate are not symptoms. That doesn’t mean that you have no physical damage to your penis from PE but that it doesn’t appear to be actually causing you as many problems as your head.

I can go through pretty much everything you’ve said about your penis and say it applies to me too but I consider mine to be functioning fine.

$$ this is not mental, I was failing sexual with no intent that I damaged my private or was even suffering from impotence..
Next time you get erection stand up and start a stop watch… mine will totally deflate in less than 30 seconds…this is not normal..
I had a caveject injection and didnt even get a third erect, they told me i would have erection from 10 minutes to 2 hours.. If i put an ice cube on my glans i cant feel anything at all no hot or cold…this is not mental..

Sorry if i sound negative but these are facts

What you have sounds like an intense form of performance anxiety Mike.

I have read your OP and the replies of the members. To me it just seems like it’s 90% in your head and maybe 10% or less due to actual injury. You get a 85% erection, it’s not so bad. Hell, sometimes when i’m not in the mood, or i’m really tired I get less than that. I think you are focusing to much on this issue and you are getting some sort of stage fright or some case of hypochondria paired with autosuggestion. Maybe you should take something to loosen you up a bit mentally, maybe smoke something or whatever and see how that goes and then try intercourse (just be careful not to worsen your obvious anxiety issues). Just stop thinking about it so much, leave it be, forget about your penis for a while

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It is not performance anxiety or mental related..This i know, and the last doctor i seen who the two other urologists referred me to confirmed that its not mental.. Yes now that i have anxiety over the fact my dick does not work like it used to will make my sexual performance lack and worse. But I can literally feel nothing at all on my glans and my erections are very weak… I will upload pics to show my soft glans and dekerantization so people stop telling me its mental…I wish it was mental…
Also I am 6”2 200lbs less than 6% body fat and run exercise very regularly (had someone ask me in email)


Good idea, upload pics.

Your explanation does seem to indicate nerve damage of a sort. Time and exercises may help the situation. Warm compresses to promote healing and jelqing regiment may stimulate repair. I don’t know what you did, or what has transpired to put you in this jackpot. But, I believe time will heal, take warm baths instead of showers and start massaging your buddy.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

I dont post pics and everyone replies telling me its mental…and I post pics and no one replies….

Even if anyone has negative comments or suggestions ill appreciate it, I am starting to think i have some type of arterial blockage along with my leakage…

Trying to stay positive

Well, there does not appear to be any visible trauma; everything is pink and rosy. So, the picture route does not tell us much of anything. Since a blockage of some kind was diagnosed it would seem that you need to work from there; its difficult to give you anymore advise. My sense tell me that time will heal the situation, but that is of little solace at the moment.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

There are 2 things at play here. First, this is Saturday and a low volume day for the forum.

Second, I look at your pics and say they show a healthy penis.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


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