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Hanging. again. mrcc19888's journey to 8" x 6"

Hanging. again. mrcc19888's journey to 8" x 6"

Guys I’ve made plenty of attempts at PE and have never stuck to it for more than a couple weeks. I’ve decided that the best place to start would be here. So here it is. This is my journey to achieve (in my mind) the perfect penis. My beginning stats are 6 7/16ths BPEL x 5 1/4 MSEG or (6.43 x 5.25). I have a bib hanger that I have used on and off but as I mentioned earlier I never stuck to it. Hanging is about the only form of PE that I’ve ever had any success with so that will be about the only thing I’m doing. The most I can hang and still have a stable schedule is 3 sets a day for 20 minutes with 10 minutes off between sets. I’m going to hang 5 lbs / day for the first week, and up my weight 1 pound per week until I hit about 12-15 lbs.

I have read plenty on fatigue and the arguments over “rest days” or not. In my very limited experience I feel a better, more “fatigued” feeling without rest days.

My target penis size is 8 BPEL x 6 MSEG.

I feel the need to state I, in no way think I have a small penis. I just look at it like I spend so much time in the gym and eating clean to have a healthy body.. Why not put that devotion to my penis?

BTW I’m a 25 yr old male who works about twice what a full time adult does that’s why I don’t have much time for anything else. I can’t wear an extender because my job is far to physical. I move around too much. I had an extender fall off my penis while working construction and if anyone saw me pick it up I would have been mortified.

This thread will forever be used to track my penis enlargement journey. I will post every single day even if it is to just say: hung today.. 3 sets.. 20 minutes.10 lbs. I will be making monthly measurements and will be tracking everything along the way including not just physical changes but mental ones too. Please subscribe and enjoy this trip with me.

PS: When I post enough I will embed pictures into this thread of my fully erect penis because I know in this community people always want proof, and TBH I do too. Seeing is believing after all! Wish me luck gents.

I moved your thread to the personal reports section. If you will add pictures of your penis, this will be moved in the ‘Progress and pictures’ section. You can upload your pics right now though, no minimum posts required as I can remember.

Haven’t updated in a while. But the only progress I seem to have made is better EQ. I’m currently hanging at 10 lbs BTC 3 times a day for 20 minute sets with 10 minutes rest between them

Starting Date: 12-4-13

CURRENT: 6.43 BPEL x 5.25 MSEG


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