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My way to higher self-confidence

My way to higher self-confidence

Hello everybody this is my first post here ever :). Two weeks ago I found my measurements record from 2015, and I kinda got the idea of being below average in my head again. I don’t remember what kind of exercises I have been doing back then, or for how long, nor the reason why I stopped. In this thread I want to record my workouts, measures, and some ideas what works for me and how, so that if I lose my faith and dedication somewhere in the future, I can return back to this place to see the progress.

1) 2015 measures
BPEL 15,9cm
MSEG 10,5cm

In those three years between the measurements I did no PE exercises whatsoever, except for the ocassional penis squeezes while I was edging, but that could have been 10 repetitions weekly at most.. But anyway, my dick got some girth in that period.

2) 8.10.2018 measures
BPEL 16,0cm
MSEG 11cm

On 8th of October I decided to start again, and I experienced with some exercises to see what feels good. In those two weeks my flaccid dick got a lot meatier, probably mainly thanks to clamping which I did usually 3-5x 10 minutes, 4 days a week. I always got a very nice pump, temporarily gained up to 10mm on girth, and my cock was nicely pumped for few hours. I also gained some size in those two weeks, and I think 1mm girth and 1mm length in two weeks is not bad, but here comes the problem.

My EQ is way worse than it used to be, so I decided to take measurements again, and kinda restart the whole process. :)

3) 25.10.2018 measures
BPEL 16.1cm
MSEG 11.1cm

So for the future days my plan is following:
A) cumming no more than 2 times, ocassionally 3 times a week
B) cumming no less than 5 hours after my PE workout
C) taking rest day whenever I feel my little buddy needs it, not going to the extremes
D) only stretching, no jelqs or clamping until my EQ gets better again

So the routine for the next days is probably going to be following: warmup in a hot shower, doing some stretches.. Once I feel my EQ is getting back, I will add some small numbers of jelqs, squeezes, but I will probably completely leave out the clamping for quite some time. I am not going to force anything, in 3 weeks I am meeting my girlfriend after a very long time, and I really need that EQ back :D.

I don’t have very high goals, right now I just would like to have 11.7 MSEG, and I believe I will reach that size with being CONSISTENT :) So see you then people :)

Go for it.

Follow the newbie routine and your gf will probably notice that.

Starting size: 6.7 x 4.4

Current size: 7.25 x 4.6

First goal: 7.5 x 5.0 Mid term Goal: 8 x 5.25 Long term goal: 8.5 x 5.5+

Little update after a week.
Every morning I take a very hot shower and warm up my D. After that I do few minutes of stretching, and then 8-12 minutes of jelqing. I read here on thundersplace stories of guys, that their smaller dicks can’t handle such intensity and volume of workouts. My girth is kinda below average and I can relate to it.. I just can’t do as many repetitions as thicker guys.. However I learned that less is more in my case - I try not to do more than I should, and my erection quality is going up!!

So to sum this up:
-hot shower warmup
-3-5 mins of stretching
-8-12 mins of wet jelqing

And today I felt exceptionally well after a rest day, so I decided to do 2x8 minutes of clamping. I will add some more minutes maybe in the future, when I will feel that I manage to regenerate current workout well.

In conclusion little tip for you guys: if you can’t use lube or oils for whatever reason, use Nivea creme for men.. For me it works WONDERS, my skin down there feels good, it smells nice.. :) So see you next time guys :)

I don’t recommend you to clamp your unit after just 1 week of PE.

Clamping is way more intense than any jelqing technique, so if you don’t wanna stress your dick too much like you said, i don’t understand why you want to do that.

It has more sense if you decide to jelq more if you really need more intensity.

Just my tips, anyway go for it if you think it’ll work for you.

Starting size: 6.7 x 4.4

Current size: 7.25 x 4.6

First goal: 7.5 x 5.0 Mid term Goal: 8 x 5.25 Long term goal: 8.5 x 5.5+

Don’t worry about that clamping, my current clamp is very very weak and I it very rarely :)

My EQ is going up rapidly, my erections are really hard and long.. I’m slowly beginning to add some minutes to jelqing and today I finished my workout with around 5 minutes of clamp to get that good post-PE feeling.

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