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My Jelqing Experience Process-Progress From Day 0


My Jelqing Experience Process-Progress From Day 0


Greetings, after a lot of investigation on this and other forums I have concluded that jelqing can be expected to yield some modest gains in size and girth of my penis. I’m going to document this process for posterity, and give an accurate accounting of the process and any results (in this thread) over the next three months.

Motivation: I am pretty happy with my penis size. I am actually pursuing this process strictly for the sake of science. Previously I had some baseless concerns and insecurity regarding my penis size as I think most men do, but it turns out I’m well-enough endowed in that regard. Right now I just want to investigate whether PE via basic jelqing works.

Demographic: I am a 33 year old married Caucasian man in good health, of slightly above average weight 170lbs (78kg) and average height 5’9 (180cm). I have sex roughly 3 times per week (more or less depending) with my wife, and once or twice per month with other partners, for a total of about 15 times per month and 180 times per year. At most 5-6 people other than me will see my erect penis each year.


Prior to starting my jelqing routine, I measured my penis in the following ways:

Length Measurement Process:
After viewing some pornography and bringing myself just to the point of orgasm but stopping short of it, I stood with my feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, and penis directly perpendicular to my body. I used a cardboard paper towel tube, and pressed the tube against the fat pad immediately left of my penis, keeping the center line of the tube at the center line of the penis and ensuring that both the tube and my penis remained perpendicular to my body. With the tube pressed firmly against the pubic bone (but not painfully so) I took a small piece of cardboard and placed it against the cardboard tube at a 90-degree angle where it touched the very tip of my penis. Holding that in place, I marked the point on the tube where it intersected the cardboard with a line. I then measured the distance from the rim of the tube where it touched my body, to this line.

Girth Measurement Process:
Again after viewing some pornography to gain a full erection, I measured from the tip of my penis back to exactly halfway according to my length as measured above, and made a small mark there with a pen. I then resumed masturbatory stimulation and bringing myself just to the point of orgasm, but stopping short of it, I measured as follows. I stood as above with my feet shoulder-width apart, back straight and penis directly perpendicular to my body. I used a tailors tape which I purchased for this exact purpose, and I wrapped it at the mid-point of my penis, causing the tape to be centered on pen mark I had made halfway down the shaft. Ensuring that the tape was firmly wrapped I marked on the tape where the lines intersected and then unrolled the tape.

I want to point out to you guys that I am doing this for the sake of science, and to benefit others who seek knowledge about this subject. To that end, if you’ll read above you’ll notice that I have already sacrificed two orgasms on the altar of science.

So, here are my starting measurements:

Bone-Pressed Length: 159mm (6.26 inches)
Mid-Measured Girth: 135mm (5.31 inches)

In my next post I will discuss my first jelqing experience, including the chosen method, number and other odds and ends, like warm up and lubricant.

Welcome to Thunder’s.

Nicely detailed first post, we appreciated.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Day 1

Day 1 - First Jelqing Session

My Training Regimen:

100 Standing Jelqs on Thursday and Sunday for 1 months.

I want to start by saying I am treating my jelqing regimen in the same way I treat any other muscle conditioning workout. That means to me that I do not intend to “train” daily, but plan to gradually build a training program with sufficient or even more than sufficient rest between. I am not in a hurry here, and am a very patient man in general. So, for the first month of training, my regimen will simply be this: 100 Standing Jelqs on Thursday and Sunday. I plan to carefully observe the physiological impact of this training and adjust up or down for the second month based on my learning and perceived tolerances.

Warm-up: I decided to take a 5-minute sits bath in hot water (not comfortably warm, but tolerably hot, and not painfully hot), while performing a gentle massage of the flaccid penis, as the warm up. I planned to take a bath after ward, so this made sense for me. For the massage portion, I spent about 5 minutes alternating between squeezing/pulling the penis length-wise with my fist in a bit of a pumping action, and rolling it between my two hands gently in much the same motion as you might use when starting a fire with a stick the caveman way. I looked at this portion as being entirely geared toward the purpose of working heat into the tissue and loosening up the tissues as you would any other muscle or soft tissue. I might mention I just did what feels natural to me because I am a massage therapist. I think most people opt for the microwaved towel or hot rice sock. Following the warm up, I got out of the bath and dried myself off.

Lubricant: I opted for Astroglide as a lubricant because I had seen it mentioned in a number of posts on the subject, and also because my girlfriend happened to bring some over sometime back, so I had it immediately available. Also under consideration was a jar of solid, pure virgin coconut oil which I will try out on Sunday and report back. So, to review the Astroglide I will say this: a jelq by it’s very nature has the effect of slowly removing lubricant from the penis with each repetition, so I found that after about 25 jelqs I felt a desire to re-lubricate. I had initially used more Astroglide than I would, for example if I were just trying to masturbate myself (which case I’d use about a nickel-sized amount). I used as much as you might for say lubricating an anal toy, which is about a quarter-sized amount. If that’s not a good point of reference for you, then let’s say I used about half-again what I’d used just to masturbate, and also you need a more adventurous sex life. Bottom line, I am going to use about a nickel-sized in each hand next time I use Astroglide, because I had to stop and re-lube at one point and I really want the jelqing to be uninterrupted.

Erection: So, basically everything I read says something like 40-80% erection is optimal for jelqing. If you are like me, you don’t know what that means because your penis doesn’t have an erection percent meter on the side. So let me start by saying that I decided to be conservative and go for the middle of the road 60%. What does 60% mean to me? So, if you’ve ever been trying to engage in intercourse and were say recovering your erection after an orgasm, or there was a pause in the action and you are trying to get it back in the game - to me 60% is that exact moment where it’s just hard enough to get it in without it bending as you thrust it inside a reasonably tight vagina. If that’s not a good point of reference, I’ll say it’s about the same point where gripping it tightly at the base in an underhand OK grip makes the part of the penis you aren’t gripping look like it’s fully erect. I’ve decided that THAT is what 60% means. Keep in mind I have no idea what I’m talking about here.

OK Grip: For me at my arbitrarily defined “60%” a classic OK sign is not sufficient to complete a jelq where I could feel the pressure of the blood flowing up. A lot of pictures show someone giving an OK sign with their pointer finger tip touching their thumb tip. That’s simply not tight enough for me to feel the jelq at 60% erection, and I have pretty decent erect girth at about 5.3”. For my first jelq session, my pointer fingernail is directly in the crease line created by my inside thumb knuckle, and my thumb knuckle is bent forward to keep the pointer finger in a tight circle. From grabbing the penis at the start of the jelq, I pressed my left hand against the fat pad around the penis to get as low a grip as I could. I used my OK grip overhand (meaning palm-down), and having revealed as much as my penis length as possible, I pressed my thumb and pointer finger of my right hand in a C-shape against the public bone and proceeded to tighten it to the OK grip described above.

Stroke: Using an overhand grip, I began by keeping my left hand against the pubic mound to keep the skin of the penis in place for the most part, and I pulled away and to the right at about a 45-degree angle from perpendicular. This means I pulled my jelq to the right with my right hand overhand grip. By the way, 45 degrees is the angle of a slice of pizza if you need to picture it. Imagine the point of the pizza slice is the base of my penis and I keep the left edge of the slice exactly perpendicular, the other edge is at a 45-degree angle. So I bent my penis slight to the right as I pulled along that 45 degree angle. In addition to the right angle, I also pushed my penis slightly downward by roughly 30 degrees, or about as much as I could push it down without casing gripping issues between the bottom of the OK grip and the top of the my testicles. Neither the downward pulling, nor the pulling to the right caused any discomfort whatsoever. As I pushed the OK grip down to the end of the penis shaft, I simply counted in my head, “one, one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, ONE”. I stroked until just before the glans and stopped, and with the right hand OK grip still in place, I placed my left hand at the base and repeated the procedure. Once my left hand was in place and moving, I used my right hand to help depress the fat of my pubic mount and keep the penis skin from sliding around. I then jelqed with the left hand pulling the penis to the left 45 degrees and down by about 30 degrees. Again I counted “one, one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand TWO”, and switched hands.

Repetitions: For this and all jelqing sessions this first month, I did 100 repetitions.

Cooldown: Immediately following my jelqing, I filled the remainder of the bathtub with warm water, which when combined with the 5-inches of hot sits bath that I previously had, resulted in a lukewarm bath. After washing the lubricant off my hands and penis, I proceeded to do a 5-minute cool down, where I rolled my penis back and forth between my hands gently (as you would when starting a fire with a stick the caveman way), while sitting in the lukewarm bath. When I got out of the bath, I dried myself off and let the cool air calm things down for about 5-minutes before putting some boxers on. I noticed some very slight swelling of my flaccid penis after getting out of the bath, as compared to the way it looked before I started the original warm up. This swelling was gone by the time I put my boxers on 5 minutes later.

The whole process of my first jelq session took about 20 minutes. I will report back tomorrow on Day 2, as I examine whether there are any visible impacts from this session (burst capillaries, bruising, swelling, etc).

Day 2: After Affects of First Jelqing

With the routine I used on Day 1 (Thursday), I refrained from all other stimulation that day, and gave myself a day to recover. This morning (Friday) I took a close look at my penis and for all intents and purposes it looked exactly the same to me. No spots, swelling or discoloration. Just normal.

Day 3: Tomorrow is Saturday, I plan to do some penis stretches since my jelqing routine continues on Sunday. My stretches are going to be very basic, and conform to the sort of soft-tissue stretches I am accustomed to as a massage therapist. That means I’ll warm up my penis (probably in the bathtub), spend a few minutes massaging the flesh in the four directions I plan to stretch it (in order to limber the tissue up), and then with my penis still flaccid I will slowly stretch to max comfort and hold twice for 30 seconds in each direction (left and right, down then up in that order).

On Day 4 I’ll be repeating my jelqing routine for session #2, this time using just virgin coconut oil (solid at room temperature). I will report back on Sunday.

DAY 3: Stretching
I completed some stretching. I noticed that this put some pressure on my prostate, which was surprising. I get the occasional flare up of prostatitis, so am a little more aware of my prostate than most people. In any case the stretching was pretty straightforward. I warmed up the penis via some kneading and rolling a little, then I performed a 30 second stretch by gripping the upper half of my penis overhand with my right fist and tugging it to the left while keeping firm grip pressure. I felt this stretch mostly in the base of the penis, rather than the length. I switched hands and pulled left, then did down and up. I then reverse that, and did left, right, up, down about five minutes later. I think I should look into some stretching guides, because I don’t feel like it was very effective.

DAY 4: Jelqing Session 2
I did the exact same jelqing session from Day 1, 100 overhand grip, down 30 degrees and alternately pulled to the right and left 45 degrees. The only difference was I used virgin solid coconut oil. Let me tell you the difference was night and day with that lubricant. It was SO much better for Jelqing than Astroglide. I didn’t need to re-apply, it’s good for the skin, and I didn’t have to use as much. Plus it just FEELS better.

Definitely recommend the Coconut oil.

As an aside I had sex the day after my first jelqing session. On Day 2. One thing I noticed, and I don’t know if it was my imagination, but I’d swear I was just generally harder than normal. I don’t know if that can be, given I only ever jelqed once at that point. The other thing I noticed is that I did not return to flaccid as quickly post-ejaculation as I normally do. So that’s exciting.

Day 7: Jelqing Repeated

No change in process. Maybe it’s psychological - but I swear when I was getting a handy yesterday, that my penis looked a bit longer. I’m going to hold off on measurements for a week.

Day 11: Jelqing Repeated

I noticed my dick is getting bored with this stimulation, and it’s harder to keep my erect percentage where it needs to be throughout. I had to pause, and do some fantasizing, and masturbatory style stimulation to get it back to 60% at one point. I may need to add in some porn or something, or try getting 100% erect and then jelqing after it cools down to the correct percent. Right now I just stroke it til it’s at 60% then start jelqing. Might be easier if I get all the way erect first.

It took me a lot of time before I started to get really good workouts. After 4 months is when my workouts got intense- Also no sex and little masturbation -I believe has helped.

It’s funny, I just naturally cut back on the masturbation when I started on PE, because I have this desire to completely leave my dick alone the two days that I work it out each week. It’s not too bad, except both my wife and girlfriend are all about the D. So far I’ve managed to not have to make a thing about it - but eventually one of them is going to corner me on a day when I’ve done PE. Not sure what I’m going to do. Actually - that’s a lie. I’m gonna fuck ‘em, and second-guess myself after. That’s how that’s going to go down.

Two woman at the same time….alpha! Does the wife know?

Lol. I’m hardly alpha. My wife is like 90% gay (Kinsey 5+). She finds men repulsive, but paradoxically loves the cock and still wanted a family. I love the pussy, but hate monogamy and still wanted a family. We just clicked, been married over a decade and both date other women. Would not change a thing. She actually introduced me to my current girlfriend.

Day 14: Jelqing Repeated

100 jelqs, down and to the sides.

Still taking a hot sitz bath and massaging the heat into my penis prior to the PE session. I had ONE of the jelqs hurt a bit, I think because I went slightly higher pressure and hit the glans at the same time. Now I know why they say “do not jelq the glans”. I am still having some difficulty keeping it to 60%, and I had to pause at about 60 jelqs again to put myself into a more sexual mindset to get it where I wanted it.

I’ve been reading a bit about other non-jelq forms of PE, in order to plan ahead for when I hit the 3-month mark doing this.

I noticed that I have a middle of the road loss of tug back (about 9:00), which suggests that I should have an opportunity to get some easy gains from ligament stretch. This makes good sense to me, because my penis exits the body a bit higher than what I see in other guys, and at a more upward an angle. When fully erect, it’s basically at about 45 degrees, minus curve. Also, when I push it down to 90 degrees (straight perpendicular to the body), I can feel the back pressure on the internal portion of the penis - which is below and behind and bending slightly. I wonder if *this* is why my lovers have always seemed to be more satisfied with me than their past partners. My dick has an internal g-spot spring, lol. Maybe they are just bullshitting me. I don’t know. Or maybe 6.3x5.4 is just a pretty good sized cock. The more I research it, the more I think that a) girth is most important to women after about 5 inches in length, and b) 5.47” in girth is pretty decent for a pre-PE measurement.

So it looks like I might get some easy gains from hanging or something at some point. I might do that after this jelqing experiment is completed.

I won’t be mixing anything into my routing for another 10 weeks though, because I want to be able to report on the benefit (or lack thereof) of JUST jelqing according to this specific protocol I am following (e.g. 100 jelqs following a hot both, on Sunday and Thursday).

I will say there’s no doubt in my mind that my EQ has improved, and while I’ve never NOT had morning wood, it’s a bit more woody than usual.

Originally Posted by snoregasm

Lol. I’m hardly alpha. My wife is like 90% gay (Kinsey 5+). She finds men repulsive, but paradoxically loves the cock and still wanted a family. I love the pussy, but hate monogamy and still wanted a family. We just clicked, been married over a decade and both date other women. Would not change a thing. She actually introduced me to my current girlfriend.

She sounds Awsome.

A Small Leak Will Always Sink A Great Ship.

(Fat Pad 0.25")

What a setup!

Still Going.

You know. I think it would be hilarious if I get to the end of this 3-month jelq’ing only adventure and I have gained no size at all. I am almost tempted to measure early. But that could be either discouraging (no gains) or misleading (easy newbie gains that won’t continue). So I am going to hold fast to the plan, for the sake of science.

Again, I continue to do my Thursday/Sunday 100 jelqs, and some (very light) stretching, beforehand. Continue to use a hot bath for warmup, coconut oil for lubrication, and I am performing these jelqs at a downward angle with an overhand OK grip.

To be candid though, I was hammering away on the wife last night, and I could swear there was a bit more action in my hips than usual - like I was physically pulling away farther. Maybe it IS a little longer..

I wonder whether, even if I did gain some length, would I notice to look at it, without a ruler?

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