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Is It Possible That Gains Trick You Into Thinking You're Smaller?

Is It Possible That Gains Trick You Into Thinking You're Smaller?

Anyone else think that gaining some girth might make your length appear smaller? Here’s why I ask. By measuring (using a shaving can) my length I know I am the same BPEL, and I am convinced that I’ve recently made some girth improvement just from feel and mirror image. Plan to measure this weekend to see. Anyway, with the girth expansion I’m wondering if this makes the same length look a little shorter. Are there others who might have thought this, too? The possible new girth is from clamping for about 2.5 to 3 months. Makes me happy.

Yes, in my opinion my penis doesn’t look as long as it measures because of the girth. I trust the ruler and don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t trade my girth for anything.

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I think it does…although if you gain length, your eyes can play tricks where you almost think the ruler is the one lying. Also if you somehow lose a little or stop gaining as you once did, it can make you ‘think’ you are small as well.

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Titleist and Phoenix,

Glad someone else finds this true. Keep on keeping on!

I’m going to agree that girth definitely makes it appear shorter than what the ruler says. I’m about equal length and girth , to me I do and have always felt incredibility short in length especially for my height/weight and build.

If I were 180 lbs at same height ID probably think my cock was fit for a king but I’m not and to me it looks and feels small on my frame.

Like Titleist , I would not trade my girth for the world though.

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