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So my 3 months is coming to an end here in the next few days. Here are some of my thoughts. While I do see progress with this, I have found that I do not enjoy manual stretching. I am okay with manual jelqing but I feel at this point in my life I have too much else going on to stay consistent AND happy. I feel stressed for time and do not feel like I have enough privacy to really focus during sessions. I do enjoy PE but I may now opt for more passive PE. I want to get a pump but still do not have a way for it to be delivered with out other house members snooping on what it is while I’m at work. So I feel it’s necessary that I hold off on PE for now until my home circumstances change. I will continue to do PE when it feels rights here and there.

Any pics or gains??

Also, you could go to the post office and rent a PO box? Get it delivered there then you just pick it up when you can

Jan-26-2016 BPEL: 5.5 NBPEL: 5.2 EG: 4.6 (flacid hang 3.7, flaccid girth 4.2) ROUTINE: Cut down Newbie Routine.

Gains Aug 2016: .5 inch in BPEL / 6.0 BPEL (with good EQ), Girth went up .1cm somehow. RESEARCHING PUMPING AND HANGING TO START ASAP, OFF FOR 2 WEEKS

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