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Hanging out after work

Hanging out after work

What’s up dick pullers? I’ve been a lurker on this glorious website for god knows how long, and have dabbled in PE on and off since joining. My longest stint of consistent PE was roughly 3 weeks. I was in an on and off again relationship and usually got into jelqing and stretching during the “off” periods. Anyways, circumstances have changed. I broke things off with my girlfriend and now live a thousand miles away in an apartment all by myself. This gives me the opportunity to spend hours a day completely naked with a hanger firmly attached to my dick. I bought a bib hanger roughly 6 months ago, but didn’t commit to a hanging routine until this March. I’m on my 22nd day and figured I’d start to share my progress along with the different problems I’ve encountered and my efforts to remedy them.

We can get into the “why” part of it later on, but for now here’s my routine:

-Hang every day barring injury
-Warm up with rice sock for 10 minutes
-Hang as much as time will allow (usually after work and the gym this is 2 total hours of hang time, or 3 hours total.
-Apply a rice sock between sets
-100-200 jelqs after each session using vitamin e oil as lube. This was added recently to counteract the small skin tears that had been occurring and were persisting as a result of hanging. Additionally, I think it’s beneficial in stimulating blood flow to any new growth.

So far my longest total hang time has been 2 hours and 20 minutes, or 7 sets. However, I’m hanging my 8th of 9 sets as we speak. On 3/29 I increased my hanging weight from 2.5 lbs to 3.5 lbs. My goal is to work the angle deeper and deeper, continuing to hang between 2 and 3 hour sessions, until my ligs adjust to the stress. Also, I plan on waking up earlier to get in 2-3 sets before work. I was able to do some sets before work today, and its definitely freed up some extra time this evening.

Lastly, I’ve made a spreadsheet charting my progress. Total hang time will be 33.8 hours as of my final set tonight, for an average of 1.5 hours a day. Again, I’d like this number to be closer to 2.5, so that’s what I’ll be working towards. I have the apartment to myself for the entire month of April, until more interns move in and force me to share a room. I’m not sure how I’ll proceed at that point, maybe I’ll rent a storage unit? Haha, anyways, for now I’m not going to worry about it.

I probably won’t post every day, and I’m not going to measure but once every few months, but I do plan to contribute to this thread and others a few times per week.

My beginning stats are 6” NBPEL and 4.5 mseg. Bone pressed I’m roughly 6.25”. Goal is to get to 8” by 5.5”. Thanks,


Must have slept through my alarm this morning, because I don’t remember it ever going off. Didn’t make the am sets like I had planned but I still intend to still get my 3 hours of hang time in this evening. Hanging a few minutes into set #1 as we speak.

To kill some time, I figured I could write about the problems I’ve encountered thus far- if anything similar has happened to you, let me know how you went about fixing it.

1. Skin on the bottom of my shaft started tearing slightly.

This issue first appeared as increased redness in the affected area on day 11. By day 21 it was so bad that by the time I pulled the cloth wrap below the theraband off, a dot of blood had soaked through.
I think a few things contributed to this problem. First, I always hang after going to the gym, which means after taking a shower. Being in a cold weather area, my skin was already dry to begin with. Couple that with the effect of bar soap and hard water, and its easy to see why I was prone to skin tearing.

I first tried to remedy it by applying vaseline lotion prior to hanging, and in the morning before work. This had the opposite effect since I wore compression pants under my work jeans (I work outside and it’s been very cold here). The compression pants created a sauna like environment that kept the damaged tissue soft and weak throughout the day. By the time I strapped on the bib at the end of the day, my skin was even more vulnerable than before.

I fixed this by first (and only temporarily) changing how I wrapped. I made more use of collecting skin toward the base, so that the unaffected area of my dick could take on more of the stress. Next, I started wearing regular boxers to work and forgoing the lotion treatment in the morning. Additionally, I hung limited sets on the days where my skin was most sensitive. It’s a goal of mine not to miss a day because I don’t want to end up wearing heavier than necessary weights, but even 1 set is better than nothing.

My last solution was to invest in vitamin-e oil to use as jelqing lube at the end of my hanging sessions. I had read about the benefits of jelqing after hanging and figured I could kill two birds with one stone by using the vitamin-e oil.

So those have been my initial problems. Nothing too serious, but my skin still isn’t 100 percent healed. Hopefully it doesn’t scar as I wouldn’t expect scar tissue to have the elastic properties of undamaged skin.

Not much to report otherwise. Looked into storage facility rates today. Definitely looks like a viable option should a roommate move in and force me to wear clothes around the apartment.

Been a few days since my last post but things are going well. No injuries to speak of. The only drawback is that a friend flew in to visit me this weekend. I was able to hang 3 sets each of the last two days, but am trying for 9 today. She’s currently out exploring the city so I have some time. I also should mention that I bought some water based lube to use for jelqing instead of the vitamin e-oil. I still apply the vitamin e to my shaft after sessions, but I felt like there was more friction while using it than there should be. Water based ky-alternative has been good thus far.

I had to revisit bibs wrapping illustrations. Honestly, I feel like bib was some kind of dick lengthening alien who came to visit us and share his wisdom. His hanger is super intuitive in terms of being able to custom size/ fit, and most of my issues were caused by skimming over his wrapping drawing. Since reviewing them, the skin tearing problems have stopped.

As of yesterday I’m up to 40 hours of total hang time. I’ll measure once I reach the 60 hour mark. I can tell there’s been growth, and my flaccid hangs longer than usual.

I’ve also tried to give up masturbating. I was able to make it 11 days before finally giving in, and have since gone 6 days without. The effects of resisting the temptation have definitely served to boost my EQ, as well as my confidence and focus. When talking to girls, I feel more assertive. Anyways, thought I’d include that as part of my approach.

I’ve really been tempted to measure, but know it’s best to wait it out. Some mornings my erections just look so much more pronounced than they used to. I wrote an explanation to some theories behind my whole routine and what I based it off of. This is on my other computer and I’ll post it tomorrow. Almost done with my first set of the day.


In my last post I said that I would be posting the theories behind my routine. However, it felt like that would be pointless considering they’re derived from information contained within different posts throughout this site, and not from first hand experience. I still have the document saved to my computer, so maybe I’ll post it in a few months to see how my opinions and approach have changed.

My actual routine is as follows:

-10 minute warm up w/ rice sock
-6 x 20 minute hanging sets w/ rice sock applied for 10 minutes in between sets
-100 wet jelqs using a water-based lube- done 2 days on, 1 day off
-Shower or 10 minute rice sock warm down

The sets vary depending on how much time I have after work. I had a friend in town last weekend, another friend flew in for a couple of days this week but isn’t staying with me, and some of my family will be coming out this Thursday to take my cousin on a college visit. I can, and will, manage to get my 6 sets in on all of these days, but it won’t be easy. Also it’s been confirmed that I’ll have a roommate or 3 as of the first of May. Fear not, I’ve fully committed to the storage facility idea I listed above (unless anyone else has better ideas), if I don’t have enough privacy to hang in the apartment.

Here’s a summary of some of my PE stats to date:

Week 1: 8.17 hours of hang time w/ 2.5 lbs
Week 2: 12 hours of hang time w/ 2.5 lbs
Week 3: 10.67 hours of hang time, 5 days w/ 2.5 lbs, 2 days w/ 3.5 lbs
Week 4: 11.67 hours of hang time w/ 3.5 lbs

So far I’m 2 days into week 5 and have hung 3.67 hours w/ 3.5 lbs

Total Elapsed Hang Time: 46.17 Hours

I only added jelqing as of 8 days ago, so my total is less than 1,000.

I will be starting a new routine beginning week 6. It will consist of two sessions, one before work and one after.

The new routine will go as follows:

AM Session:

Newbie Routine followed by 2 hanging sets

PM Session:

Exactly the same routine I’m doing now

Total hours of hanging per week will be 18.67 if everything goes smoothly.

As I’ve said, I’ll be measuring at 60 hours total elapsed hanging time, so I have about a week to go. I’m not sure what to expect, but any marked increase will be cause for celebration. I felt more confident about gaining yesterday, but my dick just didn’t look as big today- probably because I didn’t jelq. That’s all for now.


Last week I had a few distractions as mentioned in my previous post, but I managed to negate most of them. Whereas I thought my aunt and uncle would be coming out and staying at a hotel nearby, only expecting that I show them around the city in the evenings, it turns out that they brought my grandma to stay with me as a surprise. My grandma is one of my favorite people and I was happy to host her at my place, just wish I’d have known she was coming so I could have cleaned up a bit. I managed to hang friday after work when she went to explore the city with my aunt and uncle, but sadly there was no chance to get in any sets on saturday, so I missed only my second day of hanging since beginning my routine. It’s ok tho, it might have been just what the doctor ordered.

I bumped the weight up from 3.5 to 5lbs, mainly out of convenience since it just meant borrowing another 2.5lb plate from my gym. Ideally I would have only increased by 1 lb but like I said, too convenient this way. It did take my ligs a few days to adjust. There was tension on the far outer lig on my left side, it felt like it was being pulled from its root up near the top of my pubes. It was only very painful when I moved, so I had to remain completely still. Those few days were miserable, then the day off happened and on Sunday I was still getting solid fatigue and the outer lig seemed to be less strained.

Total Week 5 Hang Time: 11 Hours
Total Hang Time: 55.5 Hours

This week is the beginning of an intense split set routine. I’ve committed to this new routine for two weeks and will measure at the end of it as opposed to after 60 hours. I’m off to a bad start since I had a girl stay over last night and wasn’t able to get up early to PE. Sadly, nothing happened with the girl either- I’ve been kind of pussy footing around making a move and next time we hang out I’m just going to go for it.

Anyways, tomorrow I will wake up and do the newbie routine, followed by two sets of hanging. Then I’ll hang another 6 sets after work, followed by 10-20 minutes of jelqing depending on how my skin holds up.

Later this week I’ll be moving out of my current apartment and into the one right next door. I’ll be the only occupant until may, but will have to share a bedroom when more people move in. Today I came up with the idea of installing a room divider to allow for some privacy. I’ll probably run a pvc pipe the length of the ceiling and drape a curtain over it. While hanging I’ll wear a blanket over my legs and play guitar so it seems like I’m just really obsessed with practicing. I’ve been meaning to play more anyways so this will kill two birds with one stone. If that doesn’t work then it’s back to the storage unit idea but I think I can make this happen.

What else.? Seems like that’s all for now, two more weeks and I promise I will measure and post the results. Part of keeping a progress report is to show actual progress in terms of measurements, and I’ve definitely been slacking in that regard. I guess I’m just nervous that in 5 more hours when I reach my 60 hour goal, I won’t have gained enough, and the lack of progress will be overwhelmingly discouraging. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in this long term regardless, but it would just be like I said, discouraging. Probably not the right mindset to have so I’ll keep things positive.

Until next time,


I measured tonight

I realize I said I wouldn’t be measuring for two weeks, but tonight I reached 60.5 hours of total hanging time and had to put a ruler to it.

I am in disbelief right now but according to the ruler I’ve gained .5” of bone pressed erect length! It’s been 37 days since I started, and I’ve hung for 35 of those days for 60.5 hours total.

I’m going to re-measure next time I have a harder erection, hopefully this weekend. My EQ was an 8/10 when I measured, not raging by any means but definitely about where it usually is.

Seeing the results, knowing that what I’ve been doing hasn’t all been for nothing, it feels so good. I’m going to be more dedicated to PE than ever before.

Damn, I really don’t have much else to say, still kind of in shock but feeling very pleased.

Thank you Thunder’s Place! Now time to get back to working on the remaining 1.5” of my goal.


I hung 15 hours this week, giving me a total hang time of 68.5 hours. I had one bad day where I only managed 3 sets before work, since I had someone coming over after and wouldn’t be able to PE further. This, and a few other slightly abbreviated days, left me short of my 18.66 hour goal, but it was still my most productive week.

I couldn’t jelq as much as I wanted to because it caused my glans to balloon excessively, and as a result a small red dot appeared after Thursday morning’s jelq session. I’m going to try wrapping them with cloth and theraband to cut down on the expansion. This will allow me to jelq for more reps, which is important as this was my weakest exercise last week.

Manual stretching is a very satisfying exercise to perform. I’ve worked my way up to 22 minutes of stretches and will probably stay at that duration until I increase my hanging weight.

Performing the newbie routine before sets acts as a great warm-up if nothing else, but hopefully it contributes somewhat to gains as well.

I’m currently hanging 5lbs SD, and have been working the angle deeper and deeper until I can do 2 days in a row BTC, at which point I’ll move up in weight. I know the hanging 101 guide says to add 1lb per week, but it also says to move up once you no longer feel fatigue from the weight you’re using, and my ligs haven’t adjusted to accommodate a weekly increase like that yet.

I did make a move with that girl who I’d been hesitant with. She came over after work Friday and we got kind of drunk and had sex a few times Friday night and Saturday morning. My EQ was weak Friday night but I attribute that more to the alcohol than PE. Saturday morning was better in terms of EQ, and knowing I’m slightly larger than before did help to reduce some anxiety about how she’d assess my equipment. Also, after 11 days of not masturbating, it was like Mt. Vesuvius when it came time to finish haha.

My girth continues to leave something to be desired, but my priorities from the get-go have been length first based on the general consensus that girth hinders length gains. I’m in no hurry for results anyways. I just have a lot of free time on my hands and can’t think of anything better to use it for than PE.

Will keep working toward my 18+ hour goal this week. This will put me on pace for a 60 hour month if all goes well. I’ll measure again after 120 hours of hang time.


Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the encouragement, this week’s off to a good start!

It sounds like my routine and approach back in the day. For me being at >10 hours/week, even if just barely, was the tipping point. Safety first; always, and keep up the good work on heating and massaging between sets. I even did the same thing with rest days. I tried for >2 hours/day, every day, but something always came up sooner or later. So I had unscheduled days off or 1/2 days.

Good luck and have fun.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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