COMPLETE newbie' s Progress

Just started the linear newbie routine with a bit of a change hoping for change and so far my penis isn’t sore but it was only one routine done. I firstly didn’t warm up at all and instead started doing 50 dry jelqs which also isn’t in the routine but 60 wet. Jelqs seemed to little so I did that instead. After that I ran my dick under hot water and cleaned. Morning after no morning wood to speak of but dick was fuller than normal when I woke up. Here is the routine:
LINEAR ROUTINE for newbies

- Do 5 minutes warm up before and after workout and massage your penis little after you have warmed it.

- Stretching: I don’t recommend doing any stretching within the first week or two.
When you begin stretching do one 30 second pull to each direction (down, up, left, right, forward).
Within the first 2 months add max. 1 stretch (up, down.) per week, but if you feel, that it is not
Necessary to add number of stretches, then don’t.

- Jelqing: Start from 10- 20 jelqs. At the beginning add for example 10 jelqs about every 3 workout, but there is no need to go over 50- 60 jelqs within the 2 or 3 weeks.
Beyond 50- 60 jelqs add 10- 20 jelqs in a week if necessary. If you seem to gain with a lower amount, then don’t increase the amount until you feel it is necessary.
At the beginning when your workouts are short it is a good idea to do workouts in a shower. It offers brilliant warmup and cleaning possibilities.