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Cheeba's Routine

Cheeba's Routine

Ok Thunder’s People so here is Cheeba’s Routine:

Is pretty much the beginners routine Plus hot water pumping and an extender to finish with.

1: Hot Shower for a minute or two.

2: Warm up: Take pump and Fill with hot water, attach pump to cock and pump lightly for 5 minutes. This engorges my member whilst at the same time warming up.

3: Dry off and then stretching for 5 minutes

4: 10 minutes Jelqing, semi erect/ erect state, using bio oil and vaseline

5: Warm down: same as number 2.

6. Put on extender…So far I am wearing it non-stop between 30-60 mins with no discomfort using a piece of foam wrapped below the glands and the comfort strap around the foam. (PS the extender seems to be working it as I have managed to increment the rods, only a tiny but am getting a good stretch.)

7. Warm down (optional after extender stretch) same as number 2 and 5.

8. Put on noose style cock ring to try and cement gains.

Am quite happy with the routine, any suggestions from the more learned members.

Many thanks


ok I have now started hanging works a treat!

Starting on 2013-08-16 :EL: 5.75" (14.6cm) / EG: 4.75"

Short-term goal set 01/06 15: EL: 6.75" (17.14cm) / EG 5"

Your routine scares me a little bit. Also I think you supposed to wear extenders for a longer period of time to get any benefits. They had guys extending 6-8 hours a day for 6 months to a year. Their results were a quarter inch in both length and girth. You have a lot going on so I am sure you will get gains. Although do not over work yourself early on in PE. I am a very new to this but I lurked for about 6 months before starting. Maybe a vet can confirm or disprove what I said here. Well good luck!

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