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Break from PE

Break from PE

I’ll resist the urge to turn this into a ‘woe-is-me-why-haven’t-I-got-a-9-inch-dick-yet’ thread, but I’d just like to document for myself why I’m going on a decon from PE. I think I just need to not think about my penis for a while, and concentrate on other important things like eating and socializing (sarcasm intended). I’ve PE’d properly since February with a 6 week decon break in June/July and have probably gained around 1/4 to 1/2 an inch in erect length over that period, and in that time I’ve measured anywhere from 6inches BPEL to 7.5inches BPEL with a raging boner, so I know that PE works, I think? But the gains never seem to stick around.

Basically I’m exasperated with PE. It’s an amazing feeling when you get a gain, but soul destroying when you lose one. I’ll start a new routine, get a gain which will then spur me on to keep on going, but then something will happen to affect my EQ, or my flaccid will start to look smaller and it’ll just throw me. For example I started PEing again at the start of August, a simple one on, one off routine of 10 mins of stretching and then 50 jelqs. When I started my EQ went through the roof and my flaccid hang was amazing and plump. But then after 3 weeks my EQ took a nose dive and my penis began to turtle. This happened almost immediately after I’d measured my biggest gain in ages and also looked my biggest. It’s as if my dick was saying HOLD UP, I’m gonna tease you with extra length and then cruely take it away from you. This always seems to happen to me. Losses always follow big gains. I’ve also been suffering from work related stress and anxiety which probably doesn’t help with EQ and testosterone levels. So I took a week off and decided to try a stretching routine with my extender; 30 mins of slow progressive stretching under heat from 6inches to 7inches. As per usual this was followed by amazing flaccid hang and a small gain in erect length. But then the second week into this my tunica became tight and I found it harder to reach my usual length in the extender even with heat. This was (surprise surprise) followed by a drop in EQ and erect length, which also dampened my mood, which in turn affected my EQ further. See the vicious circle? I also have the added disadvantage of having a slight left curve to my dick which takes away some of my length, and also I’m uncut which means hanging/extending is twice as hard because we have all that lovely extra skin in the way and a sensitive glans. The thing I find most annoying about PE is the infinite variables. Did I over stretch? Or did I not stretch enough to induce some kind of stress. Do I do one intense session twice a week and allow healing or do I do a short less intense session every day. Should I allow healing? Is healing allowed? Do I use an ADS? If so at what tension? Am I totally wasting my time and mental energy if I have a dick with 3 layers of tunica? And so on and so forth. So I’ll finish my rambling with a few thoughts.

-I think I’m a hard gainer
-My penis is schizophrenic and fools me into thinking I’ve got the perfect routine only to go and turtle on me
-I think I need to be in a better place spiritually and mentally before I start PEing again properly then I can deal with the highs and lows than inevitably come with PE.
-When I start again I’m gonna concentrate on penis health and EQ, rather than adding inches to my dick. I’d rather have a healthy penis than one full of scar tissue. And hopefully with this mind set gains will follow.
-I need to stick with a basic routine for longer than a month, and continue with even if I start to notice negative PIs, and back off with intensity instead of totally changing my routine just because I think something isn’t working.
-Men who have gained inches and who have stuck at this for years and not broken their dicks and found something that works for them deserve a medal. They really do.

I’ll still follow the threads on thunders while I’m on a decon as I like to educate myself on the science of PE and anything that people have tried and it’s worked, but I just need to not think about my dick for a while.

Over and out,

Goal 7 NBP X 5.5 MEG - the perfect penis size in my opinion.

Incidentally I hope I end up being one of those vets 4 years down the line with a 7inch x 5.5inch dick whistfully reminiscing about how I moaned about not making massive gains, and then stumbled across that magic routine that gave me steady gains. I hope. Because I really don’t want this dick for the rest of my life.

Goal 7 NBP X 5.5 MEG - the perfect penis size in my opinion.

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