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PE Decon break and Reboot questions.

PE Decon break and Reboot questions.

I hope it is ok to post this here. Does not seem I have enough posts to post in mens health. So I will try to explain this to get answers as best I can. Ask me any questions please here for help.

I started to have some EQ problems every now and again only during sex with my wife. First I thought it was my health. 30-40lbs over weight. So I fixed that first. Lost 45lbs and I am eating/exercising better. At first I though EQ was fixed. But now and again it still was not rock hard EQ or a few times lost it during sex enough to be more of a problem for me then her maybe 80% EQ. So I thought maybe mental or relationship issue so I worked on that also which it still continued. So next I figured time for a PE decon break from all PE except edging. After the first month of no PE I thought it was fixed. Then it still happens randomly were EQ is not what I know it should be. So next was no fap and no porn or a reboot. Well EQ is fixed it seems now. But now I am a minute man in the sack. What the heck. So I continue to edge to try and help that. It seems to help some.

I have researched the reboot and besides the now 100% EQ I have no other improvements? I now wonder why that is. Guys that do no fap and reboot talk about some real nice changes just being better men? Me nothing that I can pin point? Just the less then great sex because I can not last more then 10mins. Still pumped EQ is back to 100%.

Now I know we could get me off once and go a second time to help with the lack of stamina but time, situations, wife and even me that does not go as well as I would like. I also was just researching and see edging is a no no with the reboot. Well crap. I will try that also and continue the PE decon break and reboot and see how it goes. I just figured there was going to more to the reboot? Also to add I have had a nice amount of sex with the wife that I guess could also effect the reboot. But I will not change that for the reboot.

Here is some more info for you guys. I am on 4 months PE decon. 12 days of no fap was up to 25 days but hit a real dry spell of 2 weeks no sex with the wife so I was very sexually frustrated to say the least. Most dry spells are no longer the a week max. Also 38 days of no porn, nudes, nothing. Which I will say sucks because more then straight sex porn I like to check out nude women. Which I see as natural but I will not till I get this all worked out.

I just need to hear if anyone else has any tips or info for me here at one of my favorite forums. I do miss PE. But a larger penis does not help if it does not have 100% EQ. Thanks guys.

Hey mate,

Is your profile routine actual one?

Also maybe there is stress factor too much pressure on sex life.

Do you have your favourite positions that does not work even for your EQ?

Alcohol or drugs involved in sex life?

How much sleep and are EQ dependent to sleep time?

Sometimes during sex one thought shoots to my brain and bah my EQ suffers also.

No my profile routine is not updated. I need to do that. Sorry for that. Yes my sex life has pressure to it but I would never say there was any real stress to me. I almost always handle pressure even moderate stress well.

Yes we have favorite positions and most of the time EQ was always fine but in the last year or 2 was every now and again I had problems. But I tried to never let it become a problem by right away getting my health much better first. Then I still noticed the bad EQ happen but it was so random. So then I moved on trying other actions to fix it. The EQ is very much back to normal for about the last 2 months. But it could still come back like it has random since this started. My main problem now and the reason for this post is the minute man problem now and the issue that the reboot is not all they talk it up to be for me.

No alcohol really at all. A beer now and then with friends. No drugs except caffeine and I try to keep that very low now after being overweight and a few tad high blood pressure tests then.

Your last point of thoughts in the old brain could have had an effect in the past I am sure. But I think I have that totally under control right now. I can get into this more later tonight when I have more time.

Thanks for the questions and help.


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