Enforced PE Break

I thought I’d share my tale of misfortune in order to vent some frustration and also as a warning to all you out there who (like me) ignore the many warnings from experienced PE’rs on this site. Basically I’ve been off PE for 4 months with two problems that occurred about the same time;

1. Genital Warts - which may have been contracted several months earlier. I was into hanging with the excellent Redi-Stretcher when the skin stretch highlighted the outbreak of clusters of the warts at the base of my unit just below the pubic area. Like most people in this horrible situation I went through various phases of panic, depression and self-treatment until two months ago I summoned the courage to visit my doctor. Well he couldn’t have been more matter-of-fact about the whole business. He prescribed Aldara cream and slow progress is underway. If that fails he will consider referral to a STD clinic or Urologist. We shall see. How did I get the warts? Probably from a spell pre-Christmas when I visited several hookers.

2. Thrombosed (?) lymph vessel, basically the guitar string problem reported many times on this site. This came about through pumping at 6HG, which felt very uncomfortable. Now I am a reasonably experienced pumper and have pumped 2 x 20 min at this pressure many times. However, the earlier break caused by the warts had disrupted my routine and I knew something felt wrong during that session. I ignored the warning and deatermined to comple the planned 20 minute session at the usual pressure because that is how I operate - complete the planned workout irrespective of how you feel.

So where does all this leave me? Extremely frustrated as the only form of PE I can safely undertake is kegels! I do this sporadically when watching porn to get good wood, and surprisingly I have only lost .25” BPL (now 7.75” BPL). The warts bring much more serious psychological issues over and above the loss of PE and I’m beginning to rationalise these. Lessons for others? As for the warts, I don’t know what to say. This shit is now so common almost anyone leading a normal dating life can get caught, and condoms offer little if any protection. The only thing I would say is once you suspect anything get off to see your doctor immediately, you cannot imagine how routine this stuff is to them. Actually my doctor was quite excited and declared I was his ‘interesting’ patient of the day. As for the pumping injury all I can say is pay heed to the warnings of Avocet and others and understand that injuries can happen even to experienced pumpers at low pressures.
The problem with the lymph vessel is improving and I hope to be back to full PE in several months - although I understand that it will take as long as my body needs. I have been doing a lot of research on Thunders trying to to keep my motivation high and I am excited by the prospect of a return to pumping using the low HG regimen advocated so wisly by Avocet and others. Until then I can only keep using this wonderful forum and hope my return to the active community will be soon.