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Would it be safe to buy a used cylinder

Would it be safe to buy a used cylinder

I got a Kaplan pump on eBay, but I think the 2” is too big. I’d like a 1.75” cylinder, but I don’t want to spend $50 on it. I was wondering if it would be ok to buy one used? And if so, where can I buy it?

Since you have no idea what’s been in somebody’s used cylinder (think of the possibilities), if you do buy one, sanitize it completely before you use it.



I wouldn’t do it. I prefere my cylinders to be ‘virgin’. I want to be their first man. :)

Seriously, it’s not worth it to buy a used cylinder to save few bucks.

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I just put my cylinders in the dishwasher every few weeks. I remove the valves first. That gets them sparkly clean.

Where do you buy your cylinders?

I had one of my cylinders given to me by another member here. He washed it in the dishwasher before he gave it to me. (And thank you, kind sir. You turned me on to the world of pumping.)

I got my other two cylinders at The Crypt here in Seattle. The have Kaplan and LA Pumps.

In the Bay Area, I’d go to a shop like The Crypt that serves a mostly gay customer base. If the gay-friendly sex shops here in Seattle are any example, the staff will be more knowledgable and they’ll have a larger, more high-quality selection.

Thanks Ike. I didn’t really think about the sex shops. I’ll call and see if they have what I want.

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