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What Brand & Size Tube

What Brand & Size Tube

Thinking about getting into pumping and had a few questions on what brand and size tube.

My measurements at my best is 7” x 5.5”. From reading through some of the other threads I believe I will go with a 1.75” tube to start with, but not sure what lenght tube I should get?

Also, what else should one consider when buying a tube? I read there is a wet type setup and then there are the manual vs electric pumps.

Can someone give the pros and cons to the different type setups and their recommendations?

I had started doing PE about a year ago, but had to stop after hanging and aggrevating a bad back. I am still having problems with my back, but thought pumping might get me back into PE as long as I don’t over do it.

I would like to focus on length gains first and not sure how the tube length relates to that issue.

Where is the best place to purchase tubes online?

Any other tips you can offer is also appreciated.

Thanks for the info. :)

what brand and size tube

hey, have a look at the post regarding what size tube my measurements are about the same as yours and the excellent input from the answers pretty well cover’s your question too

Thanks liquidlust and I did check the thread out.

I didn’t really see anything about brands and tube length. Maybe someone can chime in on that or I can ask it in your thread.

Thanks! :)

Pumps and stuff

I would highly ecommend you contact Dan at This is a very helpful site and Dan , the guy who answers the e-mails is the guy to answer all your questions. If you want length you want a narrow tube and he will tell you you jelque first (Avocet recommends 5 minutes) then tube at maybe 10mmHg for 5 minutes or longer to keep the tension on the stretch you made with the jelquing. Avocet recommends alternating jelquing and tubing every 5 minutes for 1 hour per day . Try it . I am no expert but I decided to buy the higher priced pump and tubes you will see on the pumptoys site. Well worth it. Good luck

Thanks Boxcar23 for the info!

Does anyone know how the Pumptoys cylinder compares with the LA cylinders?

Also, I ran across the Hydro-Pump from site that looked interesting.

Any opinions of the hydro vs the others and the quality between the tubes mentioned above.


minimum tube length

Mr. Bulge,

You should order a minimum tube length of 9 inches (most good cylinders are at least this length). I think it’s a good idea to go with the 1.75 inch diameter, especially if your goal is to get a better stretch for length. I’ve tried pumping both wet(water) and dry. For me personally, I prefer pumping dry. The only time I ever had a pumping incident (water blister) was when I was pumping wet. For me the accident occurred, because I seemed to be able to tolerate more pressure under water (mistake one) and the fact that the water really thinned out my skin making it much more susceptible to injury (mistake two). If you do decide to pump wet, please be careful to keep your pressure and time in the tube well monitored.

Also, I have LA cylinders and they work quite well. The cylinders on the website also look made of quality construction. Here’s to conscientious pumping!


I use the Hydro-Pump from It totally rocks- I will never, ever pump dry again :)

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From: 'Happy Gilmore'

I think a good general rule for tube length is to buy one at least 3 inches longer than your current erect size. A 10” tube is no extra cost (at least it wasn’t when I bought an LA pump cylinder) and I’ve never regretted having the extra space.

As you gain size, you may find some of your pump sessions will pull you longer than you thought you could get. Having that margin of a couple of inches precludes your scraping your glans against the nipple at the top (inside) of the tube.



which tube

Anyone ever try to pump with a gravel tube used for cleaning aquariums??? Seems like one of the standard sizes is 10 x 1.75 diam. I am not sure if the material is strong enough though.

One heck of a lot cheaper than the tubes sold on pumping sites. Just curious. Thanx,


Re: which tube

Originally posted by ItalynStalyn
Anyone ever try to pump with a gravel tube used for cleaning aquariums??? Seems like one of the standard sizes is 10 x 1.75 diam. I am not sure if the material is strong enough though.
One heck of a lot cheaper than the tubes sold on pumping sites. Just curious.

See this post. The walls are only 1/16” thick, but it is plenty strong. Outside diameter is 2”, inside is 1 7/8”. IMO, great buy for $7.

Thanks for the replies and info!

Has anyone ever tried the cylinders from Vacu-Tech? They have a new thick wall model that is suppose to be better for lenght gains.

I don’t mind spending a little more, if it’s better quality cylinder and might give better results.

One thing I noticed about the different cylinders is the end that goes against the body. Some have a flange type end and others are more straight. I wonder if this plays any role on the stretch that you get?

Also, what’s the chances of getting stuck in the tube after being pumped up and having to go to the emergency room to have it removed? Talk about being embarrased, that would suck big time!


The flanged tube gives a better seal, I think, and is more comfortable. Some men need to use pumps to get sufficient erections for intercourse. They place a flexible cock ring on the outside of the cylinder and when they are hard, slide the ring down and over their shaft to hold the blood. The un-flanged tubes let you do this whereas the flanged ones do not, at least as easily.

LOL, getting stuck in there.

You can easily release the pressure with the valve, or tip the cylinder to the right or left which will allow air in and let you right out.



Thanks avocet6 for the info.

I guess what I meant by getting stuck in the tube is if I bought a 1 3/4” tube and made some girth gains with PE in the future and I started filling the tube up more with my new size, could the tube act as a blood restriction device similar to a cock ring and then become stuck even though the pressue is released?

I take it that you really need to lube up good to get in and out of the tube more easily, if you plan to fill the tube?

I have been experiencing some ED and was hoping pumping would help as a good exercise program for ones vascular system in the penis that would increase ones erections and stamina.

Have you experienced better results in the ED department with pumping?

Thanks! :)

Umm… That’s avocet8, not avocet6. I worked real hard for those two inches. :-)

I don’t see how you could get stuck if the pressure has been released. You might get some skin drag coming out if you didn’t use enough lube on yourself going in. Also place some lube around the bottom couple inches of the tube just before you use it.*

Re: ED
I know of no better penile exercise for men with any degree of ED than pumping.

Guys with ED should develope a program of pumping that involves repeated inflations and deflations, sort of mimicing the natural nocturnal pattern of repeated erections. The average healthy man has 4 - 5 nocturnal erections. Their purpose is to clean out penile plumbing. This occurs when newly-oxygenated blood is introduced. This action not only oxygenates tissue but also flushes out accumulated plaque and fibrous material in the venous and arterial systems. With pumping, though, you don’t need to make each cylinder erection last for a half hour as happens with the majority of nocturnal erections during REM sleep. Even five minutes each should be very effective.

You will probably find that over time you will develope noticeable veins in your cock, sometimes quite prominent ones, and in places where you didn’t know you had any. This is a good thing and will help promote easier, future sexual erections.

If in your case nocturnal erections are not common events, you’ll likely see a gradual change back to a normal pattern after a couple of months of regular pumping. And be delighted to wake up again with firm and reassuring morning wood.

*by the way, this reminds me to remind you all about good cylinder sanitation. Always wash the inside of your tube with warm, soapy water after every use and then dry the inside walls of the cylinder with a clean towel. If you don’t do this, bacterial growth will follow and you may well end up with a urinary infection and/or pass one on to a sexual partner.



I really don’t know why I typed 6 instead of 8. My appologies for the 2 inch lost I gave you. I have to admit I had a good laugh reading your reply when you corrected me on it. :)

I do appreciate your help and look forward to try pumping. That would be great to help the ED and hopefully gain some too in the process.

Thanks avocet8 for the great info!

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