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Size tube

Size tube

Dav :If you measure the circumference of your penis and divide that number by 3.1416 the answer will be the diameter of your penis.If you want girth, then order a size bigger by a quarter inch or so, but not too big because you can trap a testicle and that’s a big ouch. If you want length, order the nearest one to your diameter, so that all the pull from the vacuum will be longitudinal.It’s a really good idea to alternate your pumping with jelquing — (Read avocet 8’s letter.) Good luck and good growth.

Hello Boxcar,

Thanks for the info. Since im 5.125” Erect Girth divided by 3.1416 = 1.63” diameter. Since I am more interested in length, will I be able to get into a 1.5” diameter tube or will I be forced to go to a 1.75” tube?

I have sent an email note to Vacu-Tech to see how they will respond to my request to exchange the tube. They sent a 2” cylinder and I’ve asked to exchange for a 1.75”.

I would be willing to buy another tube and depending on their response, my have to.

Any responses and advice would be appreciated.


Get the 1.75

Dav, a 1.75” cylinder is what you need to start with. If money is tight, I’d try for the exchange/refund. But you may need that 2” tube in the not so distant future. If you can afford it, it might be wise to just put it aside for your future needs.



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Dav- I agree with Big jack.1.75 should do very well. If you are not circumcised,be sure and pull the foreskin back so when you pump up there will be no pull on that, but rather on the penis. If you can afford it, keep the other tube and once in a while use that one for enormous girth growth. So you can go for length with the 1.75 and girth with the 2.00.

Hello Bigjack and Boxcar,

Well, I talked to the guy at VacuTech a little while ago and he said that the 2” tube they sent was correct because it is flared at the base down to 1.75” and based on my 5.125” erect girth, they feel that is the right tube.

After talking to him and explaining that my primary objective would be more length, he convinced me to buy the 1.75” thick wall tube that isn’t flared at the bottom and keep the 2” they had sent.

They did give me a little break on the price and I should get it by next Tuesday according to him.

Guess since I am keeping the 2” tube, I’ll at least try it tonight.
Plan to do a 10 minute hot wrap, 10 min manual stretching, 10 min pump session, 20-30 min jelqing and finish with another 10 min hotwrap.

I am glad they are sending you the 1.75 inch tube, but I recommend you follow Avocet’s advice and alternate Jelquing and tubing every 5 minutes for an hour , finishing with tubing. This way there will be no edema = “doughnut”

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