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Homemade Tubes?

Making your own tube is not that big of a deal. Like someone said-find a plastics place nearby, or online. Buy the acrylic (polycarbonate) tubing from them-it’s comes in all sizes and colors. Also buy a piece of flat stuff from them, this is used for the cap. The glue used is really a simple procedure, it is a sort of acetone stuff that melts the two pieces together. Before gluing it all together, install a barbed nipple in the cap-this is where your suction hose will be attached. The barbed nipples can be easily attained at home depot, in the plumbing section. At the base of your tube, spend a little time with a round file (fine pitch-like one for sharpening a chain saw) radiusing the edges. This will make for a good seal, you can even use the plasti-dip shit they sell at auto parts stores- to dip the base of your tube in. That will make for a good seal. The pump can be purchased at auto parts stores, a Mity Vac unit-it comes with a gauge on it. I think I paid like $27 at auto zone. I built a cock tube and a sack tube for like $22 in material’s. So total, I think I spent around $50 for all the pumping gear. I’ve incorporated a pumping routine into my session’s after hanging. I’m hoping that after stretching the dude all out, filling it with blood will help in gains.

Tips for tube making:

When cutting the tube, use a piece of paper rolled around the outside-trace the edge of the paper. You now have nice straight line to cut to.

For cutting, use a hacksaw with a fine pitch blade (32T) and go slow, polycarbonate like’s to get hot and clog the teeth on the saw blade.

Before gluing, use at least (if not finer) 400 grit wet- dry sand paper to make a nice flat surface for gluing.

Sorry, for the long post. Just thought it might be useful to some of those that want to make their own shit.

How bout, a thread-to have everybody that has ever built a homemade piece of PE equipment to post pictures of their creation’s. Might be cool for those that have the resources to build their own stuff, and no idea where to start. Kinda cool makin a bigger dick with tools you built yourself. Do you all think this would be a good thread?

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Cheap tubing

The cheapest way to go is PVC. Go to Home Depot and find the diameter you like and cut to length. There is 2” ID and I believe 1 7/8 ID. Sand down the open end to make smother edges. (You can cut at an angle if you don’t want straight out). For the other end, select the fittings to size down to a 1/8 inch brass fitting that a flexible plastic tubing will slip over. (The smaller the diameter of the tubing, the less effort at drawing a vacuum). PVC glue will put it together. This is not a high pressure thing. If you make fitting that go inside each other it becomes big and cumbersome. Make the minimum and glue it together. Lub up and suck on the tubing to draw your vacuum. Bend over the tubing and put a clip on it. Now you’re hands free. You can’t see through it, but it’ll do.


Hi Sinbad,

Nice first post. How do you judge the pressure without either seeing yourself or some kind of gauge? Is it a feel kind of thing? Have you used this device for long? If so how would you quantify the results?

Questions, questions :) Sorry

> How do you judge the pressure without either seeing yourself
> or some kind of gauge? Is it a feel kind of thing?

Yes. It was trial and error. But soon I got the feel of it and could tell.

> Have you used this device for long?

Couple of months now.

> If so how would you quantify the results?

Good. As Avoset8 said, combined with jelking, after a while you hang better for a longer time.

A $7 tube...

After getting frustrated at not finding any rain gauges in Home Depot (they probably have them, but only God knows where), I gave up and went to Petsmart. There I found an aquarium cleaner/siphon thing. I couldn’t find the exact brand I bought online, but this one looks about the same. The tube is 2” OD (1 7/8” ID) by 10”. The cap is already glued on and it comes with 1/2” tubing. All one really needs to get started is a clamp for the hose - not a bad deal for $7.

I made an adapter to hold a T fitting in the cap. The fitting accommodates my vacuum gauge line and a separate suction line. My vacuum line is long so I can hang the gauge up out of the way if/when I pump in the bathtub. I don’t intend to buy a mechanical pump. It’s easy enough to suck on the line and clamp it off.

I still need to do something with the base to make it more comfortable. I might be able to find a PVC fitting to modify and glue on, or I could build up the exterior with epoxy and file it to shape. It works as is, but after two short sets I was starting to get sore.

Thanx Hobby!!! Now, if you could tell me a good online hardware website where I can get a good hand pump with a gague, you’d be my hero. I’ll do a search.


Nevermind, I found a bunch!!!!

Fixed the base

I found a scrap piece of 2” schedule 40 PVC in my shed, cut off a slice about 1/2”, smoothed the edges with a file, and epoxied it over the base of the tube (flush with the end). The added thickness makes it much more comfortable.

Might I recommend purchasing 6 ½ inches of some 1/8 or ¼ flexible tubing. Then slice on side of it lengthwise. You should be able to slip it over the end of the 2 inch tube for a softer fit.


Re: hobby

Originally posted by new2hanging
Hey Hobby, my opinion would be to order a pump with a gage try their a good company and their Deluxe Pump cost 149.99 I believe but if you don't have the money try this link. They have a diagram of making your own pump but don't look at the other pics just the one with the diagram of the homemade Pump.…chorRollYourOwn

Above link won’t work for me. Any alternative?

Is the Petsmart tube still the recommended way of going? What quality is the petsmart tube? Is it a flexible or rigid tube? Is it machinable? Do you think clear PVC or acrylic might be a better way to go (similar cost for me)?

Also, what do you use to clamp off the sucking tube?

The gravel vacuum does not come with a gauge does it? So where do you get the gauge?

This is the only thread I found referring to the physics involved in creating a vacuum with your mouth. I think sinbad’s point should be reiterated. The smaller the diameter of your sucking tube, the higher the vacuum you will be able to create. It works on the same principle as hydraulic lifts. This also means that a smaller tube will make it easier on your mouth muscles to achieve a given vacuum. It also means that you will have an easier time tweaking the pressure because you can achieve a finer scale of pressure changes. The only drawback is that it is slower to draw out all the air, but this is not a concern for us (unless you’re super impatient).

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Hi guys i’m new here, but i’m pumping for about a year now. My dick is a little fatter now but not much longer so now i give it a try to PE.

A good resource for pumping is here

Started with 5.9” = 15cm EL and 8cm FL but i’m enjoying the excercises.

Welcome Sparky. Since you have experience with pumping, you can now incorporate all of the other PE techniques described in this forum into your routine. Good luck in getting the gains you want.


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Has anyone ever made a homemade pump that can incorporate the male/female connectors? I already have a pump w/ gauge and would love to start ball pumping but my kaplan cylinder is only 2” dia. and its kinda small for me sac and I don’t want to have to spend a bunch for another cylinder. Plus I like how the pump and line disconnect for easy cleaning. So has anyone devised a way to make one?

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