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Vein Question

Vein Question

Hey guys,

Started pumping and like whats going on. I noticed that my veins are disappearing and I think it might be lymph fluid. Have a slight donut sometimes. Engorgement is best after Ulis and jelqs. How do I stop this fluid retention?

Here is my routine:

2 sets of 2 min extreme ulis

5 min hard and slow jelqs

5 min pumping at 1-2hg

Performed once in morning and once in evening. Use cockring while jelqing and enlargerstrap knock off on down time.


Looks like we have a whole new freshman class here! I’m going to say more here than you probably need to know, but the new guys are reading this, too.

Welcome, TSM.

If I am understanding your program, you are doing sort of high-end (read “extreme”) hand exercises. If you’ve worked yourself up to erect or nearly erect hand exercises, no problem, but if you launch into them before you condition your cock tissue you will experience negative effects.

Your vacuum pressure is so low that I don’t think you could be getting fluid build-up from the pumping. That is probably caused by your hand exercises. Extreme Uli’s are not for newbies; they’re for vets.

Try switching your routine around a bit. After a warm wrap, do some manual stretches - all directions - for a few minutes. Follow that with about 100 slow jelks, just erect enough that your dick is still bendable, pliable. Get fully hard, then enter the tube for five minutes at low pressure. Going in hard reduces fluid buildup.

Leave the tube, massage briefly then do 100 more jelks, or less if you are not used to them. Pump for a few more minutes.

Gradually you will be able to increase the jelking and the pump sets to three each, five minutes in the tube between jelks, giving you 300 or 400 jelks, total, per PE session. Since you do this twice a day, you may want to reduce this program if you find it tires you.

Object is, no extreme stress or pain; you should always leave your sessions fully able to have a good, firm hard-on. I find that the most satisfying PE sessions leave me with a sort of “horny” edge. If you leave your PE sessions feeling more sexually up than turned off, you’re more likely to stick to your program because the result makes you feel, what? invigorated?

Instead of disappearing, your veins/arteries will gradually become more prominent. This is evidence that you are improving your penile vascular system.



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