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Question About the Top Vein on Penis

Question About the Top Vein on Penis

I am brand new to this forum. I discovered it from a post on earlier today and really glad I found it!

I have been doing PE for about 5 weeks now and for about that length of time I’ve also been taking Vig-RX twice a day. I was completely lost on what to do at first, but am learning daily.

My current measurements are 6 1/2” BP and 5” Girth. I feel that I really havn’t gained much except maybe a small amount of Girth. I have noticed that the top vein that runs along the top of my penis always seems extremely tight. Is this normal?

My routine has been a 5 minute hot wrap, light jelqing to get the blood moving and to gain a partial erection ( I try to maintain about a 50 to 75% erection), and then about 15 to 20 minutes of a combination of jelqing and what calls a dual stroke, and ending in another 5 minute hot wrap.

I have read many sites telling you to do the exercises once a day, twice a day with at least 8 hours between, and everyother day. I have been doing about everyday and not taking any days off. I would appreciate input about this also.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dav glad you could join us,

You should check out luvdadus’ newbie routine and probably add in some stretches to your routine (but apart from that it looks good).

What do you mean by tight, in regard to you vein? Its normal for the veins to become more pronounced and for the increased flaccid hang after a jelqing session to produce tight skin. If you mean its hard that is a problem (thrombosis).

Maybe you should consider doing your routine on a 3/1 or 5/2 basis (days on/days off). A lot of people find this good. In theory your penis should have healed all the micro tears caused by jelqing overnight but a lot of people think that growth only occurs on days off (though there are very good contrary examples).

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Thanks for your post Mememto,

What I mean by tight is the dorsal vein that runs the length of my penis when I’m partially erect feels like a string that’s tight in relation to the other surrounding tissue. It makes me feel that if this top vein doesn’t loosen up, I couldn’t get length gains.

Does that make any sense to you?

Aah so this is a feel thing?

Veins will stretch pretty easily in comparison to other tissue, so I think its the least of your worries.

However, I’m not convinced that you are feeling a vein. When I feel in a partially erect state I can clearly feel a taught line running from the base to the head. I’m pretty convinced that what I’m actually feeling is the urethra (through several layers of fascia, tunica etc). I can feel the same thing from the bottom.

Veins are pretty soft and pliable, unless thrombosed. You are unlikely to be able to feel the internal veins that easily. In fact even when applying a good tourniquet they are hard to distinguish (at least for me). Though arteries are generally made of stronger tissue than veins I doubt you are feeling them either.

If you are still not convinced :) What is the approximate diameter of what you are feeling? Can you grip it between thumb and finger when flaccid and roll it? Can you slow your rate of piss by compressing it? I’m not trying to be fatuous here, i’ve learnt a lot by simple experimentation in conjunction with multiple diagrams.

Of course if you are clearly seeing a vein and this vein is taught, then its probably the superficial dorsal vein. Though my lateral superficial veins show great development (bulging out), this one does not for me. Again its a vein and it will stretch.

When we start to PE, we also pay a hell of a lot more attention to our penises than prior to PE. Sometimes its hard to tell what is normal and what is not.

Hope this rambling is of some use.

Thanks Memento,

Maybe it is the Urethra and you are right about paying more attention to my penis than in the past. I don’t think anything per say is wrong, I just feel that what I thought was a vein running down the dorsal side of my penis that feels tight when I’m partially erect and I thought that unless it stretches or grows, it would keep me from getting any length gains.

I’ve always wanted a larger than average penis, but thought that it was impossible until I discovered some info about PE through an email ad a few months ago. I’m 54 years old, in good health, non smoker, non drinker. Also thought that even if PE is possible, I’m too old. From reading some of the posts and info I have found on other sites, guess that is NOT necessarily true!

I am currently measuring 6 1/2” erect using a ruler and the Bone Pressed method of measuring. I am 5” in girth at the largest spot which is about 1/3 the way down from the Glans. My goal is to be 8” BP and 6” girth. From what I’ve read and from personal experience, I’d say anything larger than that would probably be too much for my spouse.

She knows about my PE exercises and thinks it’s cute, but doesn’t really believe it will to anything to increase my size. Even though I don’t think I’ve really gotten any length increase, yet, I do think that I have gained a little girth and I think that the PC exercises and the jelqing has strengthened my penis and made me less prone to pr-ejaculation from being over sensitive during intercourse. The last time we had sex, she noticed that I was able to control myself much better and she made the comment that the exercises must be doing some good in that respect and I could keep it up ( doing my exercises).

Well at 6.5 * 5 you’re already ahead of average, and young too (there are people here in their 70’s) :)

Best of luck and best of gains.

Hi Dav!

I know exactly what you’re talking about with the tight veins. During my second time with PE, after 3 months, I noticed a straight, tight vein running from the base to the head on top of my penis. I can see the center dorsal vein, but the one right next to it is more visible (bulges on top). I’m able to move the vein around, but it feels tight. Some members asked if it was hard, but it’s hard to tell considering the tightness. (Memento, it’s the size of an “A” string on a guitar.)

I became worried when some of the members said that it’s a thrombosed vein. Since then, I have not done PE for more than 8 weeks now, and my veins are exactly the same. I’m starting to think that nothing is wrong because people with thrombosed veins usually heal up within a couple of weeks (Mememto, care to chime in? :) )

I wish I had a straight answer for you (and for me too), but maybe someone else does?

Size of an A string. Hmm, too small for the urethra (unless you are talking on a bass).

Thrombosed veins are coagulated blood within the vein, causing partial (if not full) loss of circulation form the blockage. They are therefore hard.

People worry about deep vein thrombosis (economy class syndrome) because the lost circulation can cause numbness and cell death in important parts of the body (often legs) and as the hardened blood breaks up it can be transported to the capillaries in the brain (nasty) but this is the nasty end of thrombosis and not something likely to effect the penis to the same degree.

Stroker. When I read your thread to me it sounded like an artery as opposed to a vein (they generally have harder thinker walls than veins) but as I couldn’t feel the same thing on myself and the dorsal arteries are tiny I assumed this was something I couldn’t really comment on. According to the anatomy diagrams I have there are two dorsal arteries, so if you can feel two then maybe you are safe to assume that they are arteries.

Waffle, waffle, more incoherent stuff. warble.


According to this diagram, I’m noticing a dorsal artery. I’m practically ignorant in the field of anatomy…I’ve always associated the color blue with veins. My “A-string” is blue. So, are arteries blue, also?

If it is an artery that I’m seeing, would it be safe to say I could start some light PE up again?

(If the attachment doesn’t come through, here’s the link:
It’s the second one down.)

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I’m no expert here but I associate blue with veins too. This is for 2 reasons, arteries have a thicker wall so color is less easily determined and the blood is oxygenated.

A simple test for a vein is this. Stem the flow of blood using pressure at the far point of a vein (just push your thumb on top of it). Then with the other hand push down as close as possible to the thumb and with pressure force follow the vein in the direction of flow down its path for a while. This should evacuate most blood from the vein. Now let go with the second hand. Blood should rush back but not all the way. It will reoccupy the vein up to the point a valve is reached but no further.

Does this make sense?

If you can do this (try it on an arm vein first to get the idea):

1. Its a vein
2. Its unlikely to be thrombosed.
3. PE as much as you like.

Hope that helps but I remember giving this advice before and it being totaly useless :D

Eight weeks is too long! Its not a thrombosis.

Actually, I can only tell the “string” is blue in certain light. For the longest time, I thought it was not colored.

I tried doing that little test, but the problem is that sometimes it’s very noticeable, and other times it isn’t (now just happens to be one of those times). Also, it’s not on the surface. It’s more like under a couple of layers of whatever the layers are (not like normal surface veins, just under the skin). What do you think?

Yes, 8 weeks IS too long!

Try repeating when its more visible, you should still be able to exert enough pressure (on a vein).

Again if you can see two then think artery. If you can only see one it may well be the dorsal vein but if you can compress blood out of it its not a problem.

If this was causing even minor circulation problems you would know it.

My simple questions are:
is it painful?
is there any numbness?
is there any hardness (like grit) ?
does the circulation appear impaired?

Now maybe I’m being a little gung-ho but I’d say if your answers are no,no,no,no then this is normal operation and you should just carry on. Its been 8 weeks. Time to start again, with an improved idea of normal.

If you are still worried see a doctor, and bear in mind that this is simply an opinion.

No pain.
No numbness.
It’s smooth, but it feels hard due to the tightness.
Circulation is 100%. In fact, I’ve been having the best erections of my life.

Normally, I can see two. One is straight down the center and less noticeable, the other is right next to it, and it’s more noticeable.

OK, just did the test thingy on the more noticeable one. It filled back up in less than 2 seconds.

Sounds good.

Two in close proximity with a very straight path? Sounds like the dorsal arteries to me.

The point of the test is to locate a valve in the vessel (indicating that it is indeed a vein), so it will hopefully not fill up all the way back to your first hand.

Either way, sounds healthy to me from your description.

Maybe one of the more medically literate members would care to venture an opinion.

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