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Vacuum Pump problem

Vacuum Pump problem

Like I said earlier I have ED since age of 16 :( . My urologist prescribe me therapy with vacuum pump and some really expensive medication :) . It been like 20 days since I started and I am doing pumping 6 on 1 of for 12 min every day. I don’t have gauge so I don’t know the pressure.
I have several problems.
My penis is curved to the left and when he is erect there is no way he can fit in the tube in his curved state. I put him in flacid and let him grow inside.
My penis makes contact with the tube on the right side and I can feel the pressure. It’s not pain yet but close.
Also my glans is hiting opposite side of the tube.
What should I do and why didn’t my urologist said anything about it because he knows about my curve.
Also I have a lots of red dots all over my penis especially that part where contact is made with the tube.

I am grateful for any advice.

To reduce the contact with the tube a little, I use Vaseline on my penis (or any other lubricant suitable for pumping). Just ask your doctor how to use the pump correctly. Maybe you are pumping too fast? Look for answers in the pumpers section———-> Vacuum Pumping 101 . Good luck.

I use lubricant. Like I said when it is erect after 4cm my penis starts curving, it’s not a sharp curve but it is curved all the way to top, my guess is that it’s around 30 degree to the left. The diameter of the tube should at least be 3cm wider so it could fit.

I am wondering can this damage my penis because I know that with force I can’t fix the curve so I am afraid.

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What’s your EG and cylinder size?

I have a curve to the left that is similar. I use a slightly larger tube and don’t have any problems. Maybe use a size up?

Can someone please tell me what FL, EL, EG, NBP, BP means? :)

I can figure something out from the posts but..

My lenght is 6.8-7.5 girth 5.1 I have ED so I can’t be sure about my measurements.

FL-flacid lenght
EL-erected lenght
EG-erected girth
Nbp-not bone pressed
Bp-bone pressed
I figured out :)

Now if someone else could comment on my first post :)

Since you have ED and are using the pump at least partially for ED therapy, you need to pump in a slightly different way from some of the other guys. Instead of following the Vacuum Pumping 101 routine by the book, do shorter sets of about 5 min. each, but do more of them and at 3 - 5 HG (a total guess for you, since you don’t have a gauge. If you are getting a lot of red dots, your guess is off and you’re at too high pressure.

Without a gauge, you are at a distinct disadvantage and I would suggest strongly that you buy a new setup - a good pump with a gauge, and a tube that fits you better than the one you have.* After all, pumping may well turn your ED around some, so you have an investment in doing it right; and you’ll be using this for some time. Your doctor might have pointed the quality side of this out to you. It is very likely, since this has been prescribed to you, that your health insurance would pick up some of all of the cost.

*consider buying two tubes when you do. One just slightly too narrow to accomodate your curve and one a little larger. This will help you to correct some of the curve gradually.




Would a curved tube to match your curve be something that may help? You might try to bend a tube by bridging it across two tall stools or tall blocks of wood-almost anything where you can hang a weight. Put something very ridged in the tube such as a cob of corn, firm up the tube on the post, and apply a little heat to the top and then the bottom. Go really slowly and let the weight of a brick or something similar pull the tube from the middle to put a slight bend in it. No need to try to do it all at one time. let the plastic cool down, check it an repeat. If you apply too much heat too quickly the tube will collapse in the center. Better to go slowly and repeating before ruining your tube. It’s acrylic and maliable. Steve. PS….Yea, don’t you know that’s how we’uns make them still parts h’re in the mountains.

Thanks for replies :)
I will reduce the pressure, and I will visit my doctor just in case. I just might get another tube :) but that is higly unlikely.

I will consider that, doesn’t sound like bad idea and if I curved it it might fit just fine.

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