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uber newbie question

uber newbie question

Alright guys im pumped for pumping.
My current stats are

around 5.0 upper shaft girth
5.3 midshaft girth
5.75-6 base girth

I was thinking about 1 2/3? X 9 or 10?? cylinder from la pump. and a psi hand pump.

My goals are 8.5nbp and 6 girth evenly.

So im Hoping to gain a lot of length *probably first* and even out the girth. What do you recommend.
thank you!

How would this be for a routine:
100jelqs/and some squeezes
pump 5mins at 3-5hg
repeat 4 times
and final pump session of 10min.


I am 7.25BP x 5 MS, I ordered a 1 3/4” x 10” cylinder. I think 10” would be the best length cylinder to get for our sizes, but maybe you need a wider one than me. Or maybe not.

BTW isnt that quite a lot of pumping for a beginner. I plan to do 10mins per day for a week, then build up to extended times at lower pressures.

Also if you want length first you might want to add stretches, maybe at the expense of squeezes and some jelqing time. Some jelqing should be done I feel.


I agree with SS4. Too much, too soon, isn’t going to help you with gains, only satisfy your curiosity about a new thing - maybe to the detirment of gains because your dick isn’t yet conditioned to the effects of vacuum pressure. Hold off. Build up slowly, then you can tinker with timing and the rest.



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