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Newbie here, some thoughts and curvature question

Newbie here, some thoughts and curvature question


I’m 24. I started in the beginning of August poorly following the newbie routine. Some days off but mostly I do it every day, except for the last few days since I noticed weaker erections.

My thoughts. I believe it works. I won’t take a photo of my dick or anything but I believe I’ve gained about 1 cm (0.4 inch) in the last month.
It’s roughly something like this:
Start: 15 cm (5.9 inch) NBPEL, the girth I don’t remember/didn’t measure
Now (about 1 month later): 16 cm (6.3 inch) NBPEL, 14 cm (5.5 inch) EG (NBP ;) )

In the beginning I just jelqed as I couldn’t figure out the grip for stretching. Now I do both and sometimes I squeeze at the base for several seconds while erect. I try to listen to my body. Obviously I trained too hard (with too much hardness) (literally, lol) and my erections would become weaker.. But I’m on my way to recovery. I can get the 100% again but it goes away quickly. I do kegels more now.

Now, for the twist (pun intended):

I have a good upward (which I suppose is good) and pretty bad left, (not so good) curvature, just below the head - the end points like 30 degrees to the left. I think it’s even worse now than it was before. I’ve done some searching and have found one interesting quote:

Originally Posted by Panos
An upwards bending penis with a leaning to the left is considered very good, since it “hits” the lady’s “spot” ..

OK, I understand upward (g-spot) but why left?? And is leaning and curvature considered the same thing?

But more importantly, is anyone here who really fixed his curvature? I don’t need words of mouth to mouth or quote from FAQ. If so.. Tell me what you did.

And the final question. How would you introduce your curved friend to the special ones that want it but don’t know just yet how it looks? I am very insecure about this and have consequentially very limited experience. :/

I have an upward curve, but not leaning to the left and I love it. Never heard of anything about left curves being any more useful though. Maybe thats what Panos’ dick looks like ;) . I think I reduced some of my curve from masturbating against it (I probably used to be at least as self conscious as you), but I am definitely glad I have it so I don’t do that anymore. I wouldnt worry about it though, just keep away from masturbating/bending with the curve, and maybe go against it.

Girls definitely havn’t minded the curve, a lot of them have come really easily when we do positions where my dick scrapes against her upper vaginal wall like missionary or regular cow girl. Trust me there are a lot of curved dicks out there, girls wont even bring it up unless they are telling you how much they love it. When showing it off just don’t worry about it, I have never gotten negative comments from even inexperienced girls, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. I’ve seen plenty of pornstars with worse curves than you have, and they didn’t have any trouble. Right now I’m just working on increasing my glans size (much less girth than the rest of my dick) that seems to be even harder than reducing curves to me!

I have about a 90 degree downwards curve and I hate it. It makes my dick look smaller than it actually is.

I’m about to start

Thanks RandomGiant, I feel somewhat better now.

Sure. Yeah the only downside of an upward curve is that it also looks smaller, but hey its there for you when it counts.

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