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tiger pump page

tiger pump page

Are this photos real or photoshop stuff.

Well im thinking of getting a pump after watching these because that looked great…well not in that amount.

Looking to be a kiwi.


Most of the pictures are real. They are examples of “extreme” pumping. For some, that’s the look that they go for. For others, like myself, I strive for as big a pumped look as possible while maintaining the natural look of my dick.


I’m with you, kaunajouna. Some of the pictures are sort of frightening—what is happening to their cocks and balls—they DO NOT (IMHO) look normal (whatever that is). I recently started pumping after several years of purposefully avoiding it. I pump at normally recommended vacuums (< 5). So far, I have thickened a bit (my goal) and it stays ‘pumped’ when flaccid for a day or so.

Yeah, and this is sort of a fetish area for some in the gay community, as evidenced by the, um, “design motif” for the site.

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

-Bertrand Russell

Re: tiger pump page

Originally posted by kaunajouna
Are this photos real or photoshop stuff.
Well im thinking of getting a pump after watching these because that looked great…well not in that amount.


Glad you like Tiger’s site…it counters some negative comments here but what is more distressing that Tiger’s link cannot be posted or put in links section. To me this is Censorship.

Hey we are big guys ( I hope) and we can make up our own minds. Can’t we?

Aside from this, I think Tiger’s pumping program, the way he lays it out is excellent….particularlly his images on “packing”. An image is worth a 1000 words.

To address another comment in this thread…yes, it is predominately a gay site, but I don’t think extreme pumping is limited to gay men some straight men post their “extreme” pumped dicks .

OR eon
65 yo

OR eon;

Like it or not, there has to be censorship of some sort in every moderated forum, of which this is one, and for constructive reasons.

Without question, the reaction to “extreme pumping” galleries here in posts has been negative. This is of course a matter of taste/preference; nobody is telling you what you or others can or cannot like.

However, far more important to me than matters of taste (and I think to Thunder and to other pumping enthusiasts who have experienced both gains and improved penile function would agree) is that this forum encourage sensible pumping practices and that it also encourage, not discourage, men new to the idea to give vacuum pumping a try. The galleries showing distorted penile tissue are a discouragement to newbies who see those results as what they are destined to get, and that is the reason you will find that links to them will be edited out.

You and I both know that distortion is not a necessary result of pumping. If you want to create links to distortion, do that somewhere else than in Thunders Pumpers’ Forum.



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