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Temporary Gains


Hanging and Jelqing made my erections better, but when it is not enough, Viagra and Cialis are welcome. You might try to have your wife herself clamping you (with a cock ring, which might be a vibrating one…) after an erection is obtained and keep arousing you for extra engorgement before sex. That could be really intriguing, and is a form of PE too. Just do not do it for too long in a raw.

Perseverance wins

Viagra doesn’t do anything for me. Cialis does help, but now I don’t even NEED it anymore. I’ve actually woke up with wood a couple of times this week. I also think the extra approximately 10% size increase while on cialis probably helps with PE more than probably anything else we could take.

Hmmm, a vibrating ring, I hadn’t thought of that one. Something like that may be even useful when working the CAT to hit the CDS. Being able to actually reach it now without her having to get on top and work so hard for positioning to get it right is quite nice.

Since we’ve somewhat hijacked this thread a bit, I’ll try to guide it back to where it belongs. The temporary engorgement is nice, makes me feel bigger to her and her feel smaller to me. But since it doesn’t stay we’ve all got to keep striving for the permanent “real” gains. Those we wake up with that are bigger than we used to be. Using the supplements, frequent workouts, pumping for assistance are all quite helpful. Just don’t forget that when the “pump” goes away, someday with persistence that “pumped” size may just be “real” size. I just have to remember not to “over pump” because like I’m sure almost everyone else, I really like having the “temporary big dick”. I really like getting to use it. Even though my “big” is only just now getting to what I suspect is about the middle of “average”.

I think there is a close relationship between your maximum size in the tube and your EL. In time your tube size increases and, accordingly, your actual EL does. There might be one inch or more gap between those two sizes, but when one increases, the other one increases too. Thus, keep your routine and you will get some permanent gains, just do not be in a rush..!

Perseverance wins


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