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Run acrylic cylinder through the dishwasher?

Run acrylic cylinder through the dishwasher?

I did a search but didn’t come up with anything. Also poked around some of the other sites, googled, still nothing.

Would it be ok to do run this through the dishwasher. bottom shelf? I would turn “heated dry” off. I have run computer keys through it in the silverware basket with not problem. It seems thicker than some of the plastic drinking glasses I have.

You just have to worry about the temp, if it gets to high, it might melt it. However with the heat off it should be fine. Second consideration is the valve, which may react to dishwashing detergent.

Really, the smartest thing is just get a bottle washer, its a sponge thingy on the end of a longer stick and handle thingy. Just use a bit of dish soap (palmolive, Dawn, etc) and wash it in the sink. You could even use hair shampoo if you are in the bathroom. Then either dry it with a towel or turn it upside down and let it air dry. I don’t recommend using the dishwasher, not necessary.

So its ok for the WHOLE cylinder and valve to get wet? (I have a LAPD one) Ive always tried to not get the valve wet but it makes cleaning a bitch.

I never had any problems with mine and I got the whole contraption wet all the time. The little O-ring needs a bit of lube every now and then. And yes, it survived a few trips through the dishwasher. :) Just turn the dryer function off.

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