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Cylinder material CAGE MATCH! Acrylic vs. polycarbonate

Cylinder material CAGE MATCH! Acrylic vs. polycarbonate

Both materials are clear and sufficiently rigid to make usable cylinders.

I would use acrylic over polycarbonate because…
Acrylic is extremely bio-compatible (it’s used for contact lenses and some bone repairs).
Polycarbonate can leach bisphenol A, a synthetic estrogen (although the amount and significance of this is open to debate).
Acrylic is a lot easier to cut. Polycarbonate is tough to work with.

What are the advantages to polycarbonate? (Besides your cylinder being able to stop small caliber arms fire)
Which did you use to make your cylinder, and why?

I, like most members (I assume) purchased their cylinders online, and didn’t even ask which polymer is was composed of.

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That’s a good point. I was thinking about those who make their own, but I also wonder what the commercial products use. Anyone know?

I’m looking for a pump and prefer if the tube is made of acrylic and not polycarbonate. Perhaps someone knows where to buy one of glass? (Tried to Google it but came up with nothing usable). I read the treads about which pumps is recommended (Lapdist,, ect.) but does anyone know which material the tubes are made off?

Thanks in advance.;)

If it doesn’t tell you on the product’s website, send them an email and ask. I am under the impression that most good quality tubes are acrylic. A glass tube would not be something I would want anywhere near my dick.

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Thanks for the quick reply;)

Found out that the tubes form are made from acrylic.

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