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Pumping Progress

Pumping Progress

I have not taken a ruler and measured, but the last couple of nights I have noticed that as I enter the tube for the FIRST session I am touching the sides of my 1.75 tube. After a session or two I feel like I am entering a virgin hole. Actually this just started to be consistent during the past week or so. Length in the tube has stretched as well. Sign of growth no doubt. I can see a little room for expansion on the bottom side, so I’ll continue what I am doing.

As for the 2 inch tube, it is packed away in my toy box. I believe I got it a little too early, but realize today that soon I will make good use of it. I tried alternating between the two, but did not like the results in the end. I get a better work out today using the 1.75 alone. Too, I still cannot get that 2” tube to seal worth a hoot!

Very excited! Progress will do that for you!


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Hey congratulations on your gains.

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What size are you Marty??

I am using a 2” tube myself now and sometimes wonder if 1 3/4 might not have been the better starting tube,I know the guides usually say go with the 1 3/4 if your under 5.5 right? Thing is my dick is over 1 3/4 wide,just not deep enough top to bottom to fill it. A 1 7/8 would probably be perfect.

Sounds like we have a similar shaped pecker. I am wide, but not deep (except for the bottom ridge). The last time I took an extended break and measured after many days away from PE, I think I was about 5 5/8 erect girth x 7.25 erect length. I’m guessing. I am sure I posted it somewhere in here.

I can get some work done with the 2” tube, but because it will not seal worth a crap it works me to death keeping a consistent hg level. Too, all the pumping back and forth results in me going too high and thus I am more prone to the donut. All around, the 1.75 is probably just right today, but getting tighter with each passing day.

The only trick I have yet to try is to shave more pubic hair away from the base. If that does not seal the 2” tube, then … well, I don’t know. I’ll figure something out. Thick lube has not helped it to seal. All I can figure is that hair is getting in the way because all connections are tight, thick lube at the base, etc., etc.


"I have strong feelings about gun control. If there\'s a gun around, I want to be controlling it." Clint Eastwood


i have a 2 x 8 and i get to pack it after a while, so i tought it would be wise to be a 1.75 for lenght. Big mistake, i pack it as soon as i begin to pump.

Goddam mistake! Now i’d like some input on this 2.125 x 9.75 by this german producer

now before ordering, does anyone here know about this product? i dont want big balls but this package looks nice.

Waiting for comments!!!

Congrats Marty!

I too have the “wide but not deep” penis shape!

Congrats Marty,

When I moved up to a 2” tube, I had a real problem keeping the seal. My solution was to shave some hair or trim it really close and use a thicker lube. Now that I am filling the 2” tube so much more often, I still trim the hair but I never use lube at the base any longer. I am not sucking up as much turkey neck anymore either. I still do most days just not as much. I am not graced with a low set of balls so it is harder for me just to tie them off to get a better seal. Since I pack the tube first at the base, I just gently pull some of the neck down to allow more expansion room for the dick to fill. It’s working but it takes time. In the end I think I moved up too quickly. I dont have the tube any longer I gave it away so going back is not an option.

Congratulations again


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