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I'm considering pumping.


I'm considering pumping.

Would you believe I just noticed this forum?

For some reason, my mind always blanked out anything to do with pumping.

But I’m always open to new things.

Seems to me that many say pumping produces only temporary gains, yet…after reading the posts on this forum, it seems that many of the pumpers have pretty significant measurements, even without the temporary pumping effect.

Low pressure pumping, jelqing, Ulie work, and traction might go a long way to solidifying “pumped” gains…yes?

I’ve always witnessed my best gains after a “plateau” has been broken. I was stuck at 5” of girth for the longest time. Then I tourniqued and plumped up to 5 1/4”.

A breakthrough!

1/8” disappeared when I removed the bandage, the other 1/8” never did.

Now this all might sound like voodoo, but I’m considering pumping for that same reason. Perhaps to help bust through mental barriers.

Just a thought, all people for and against pumping please weigh in.


(At this point, I need about 1/2” gain in length and about 1” gain in girth to hit 8x6)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


Where you been?

As you’ll read, a lot of us pumpers tend to think that while we’re not sure pumping gains are permanent, pumping does help “cement” gains from the manual exercises, which makes for a great combination. Daily time commitment is less than for some of the other mechanical methods (hanging, for example), it is fun to do, and there is nothing like it for penile vascular development.

The temporary engorgement gradually lasts longer over months and is an encouragement along the way. It also allows for healing of micro-tears to begin to occur in a larger engorged state.

Welcome, and keep reading and asking.



Thanks A8!

I’m going to research the pumping thang a little more, but I think there is some real potential here.

Is it just me, or does it seem that pumpers tend to make more consistent gains?

Or is this just one of those areas that is difficult to measure, cause you can always pump a little more…


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

I don’t know if as a group we make more consistent gains or not. It seems like nearly everybody who gets into pumping stays with it (because we do enjoy it) and maybe it’s that longevity that pays off for us.



Well the great thing about pumping is its fun and you see immediate gains. Of course the gains are only temporary unless you keep your pump routine going for good amount of time. I use pumping to gain girth and hanging for length. So far so good.

Oh one other thing pumping is very good for is to have a consistent way to measure your penis. If you are always pumped when you measure it is much easier to be sure you are gaining then if you are just going off a normal errection. I don’t know about the rest of you but there is a big difference in size for me in almost fully errect to fully errect.

Good luck to you. Try pumping you will like it. Just make sure you get a good pump and not one of those crappy novelty pumps.

ttiger said: “If you are always pumped when you measure it is much easier to be sure you are gaining then if you are just going off a normal errection. I don’t know about the rest of you but there is a big difference in size for me in almost fully errect to fully errect.”

That’s a good monitor of gradual changes. For reported stats here at Thunder’s however, measure a non-pumped erection. It’s perfectly OK to report the size of a normally aroused but really “raging” hard-on, that being a true reflection of where you are when you are most turned on.



Iv been thinking about it also but from what i know its totally temporary, i cant see how it can help with your PE gains when its only fluid build up between the tunica and skin, its not enlarging the CC chambers.What bothers me is that if i keep seeing my dick in that pumped up state ill end up hating my dick when its not pumped up, ill end up thinking its tiny from seeing it pumped up after a session.Maybe thats why people keep pumping.


The cavernosa are stretched and in all directions while you are in the vacuum.

Most of us find that if we enter the tube fully erect, fluid buid-up is minimal except in the case of extended time spent in the tube. It is primarily blood action rather that lymphatic fluid that causes the expansion and stretching.

I’ve been pumping for about two and a half years. Except for immediately after heavy physical exercise, my flaccid size is always now at least what it used to be right after a pump session. Most guys get flaccid gain a whole lot faster than I did. We’re all different. I just happen to be a fast erect gainer and a very slow flaccid gainer and things finally caught up.

Clearly what I have now is not temporary. Being “semi-retired” as we say in the PE biz, I often go five days or a week without using the pump. Like everybody else, I have my super-hang flaccid days and my just average ones. “Average,” though now ain’t nothing like it used to be.

If you can afford a pump and have enough enthusiasm for it , buy one and give it a go. I’ve yet to hear an experienced and sensible pumper say that he wishes he never took it up.




I agree with many of the comments of Avocet8. For newbie pumpers, sometimes the initial joy of increased size after first pumping is tempered by the return to normal size post-pumping. This often may lead to disappointment and the abandonment of pumping as a regular routine.

All I can say is that I have pumped on and off for about 3 years, sometimes going for months without pumping. My personal observation is that pumping gave me my first good inch of increased erect length. It has definitely been instrumental in giving me excellent girth gains, especially at the base of my dick. In the past year or so, the regular combination of pumping with all of the other PE techniques have worked the best for continued substantial gains.

Presently, I try to pump at least three times/week at high pressure 5-minute intervals for a total of 20-30 minutes. I intersperse with dryjelqing and/or powerjelqing and/or squeezes and bends. I try to keep variety and keep my dick guessing from week to week.

Newbies should be very careful not to overpump timewise. One of my observations is that overpumping is not really that helpful in the long run, and your dick will actually have a tendency to be smaller in its flaccid stage the next day after overpumping. The good news is that one will return to normal size in two days or so.

Pumping should stimulate good bloodflow to your dick and feel good. Erections should not be a problem after responsible pumping.

Do I need to pump now to maintain my size? The answer is no. I go for weeks without pumping, and I still maintain excellent flaccid size and steady erect size. But pumping feels good, and I like having the additional stimulation added to my dick on a regular basis, giving me even better “hang or hung” days than I ever had before in my life.

Good luck. Try it, you’ll like it!


Yes I also agree avocet. I only use it for measuring my gains. I take my actual measurement without any pumping..

Thanks Peforeal and friends!

I’m starting to get a little discouraged with my gains. I shouldn’t, as I still am progressing…nonetheless, I really like the idea of pumping as a supplement.

Lot’s of my focus now is on health and “blood”. I just want to get the body moving and the blood circulating and pumping to it’s maximum thresholds. I’ve always believed there to be a direct connection between health and gains, and while there may not be…it’s a great excuse to live more actively.

Lately I’ve been strapping my dick into the Penimaster, and I’m starting not to like it. Putting your snake into traction, waiting for an hour or so as minute by minute circulation lessons, then gingerly removing a cold penis…doesn’t seem healthy to me.

I saw a few threads on water pumping, but I think I might just stick to a good basic pump (the deluxe model from ‘LA Pumps’ seems to be popular), and give it a whirl.

Thanks guys,


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


Wont measuring after pumping give you a larger/incorrect reading


Even if pumping were not to add a millimeter to your length or girth (unlikely), after several months at it you will see changes in erection quality and frequency. There is no better exercise for building a strong and healthy penile vascular system, imo.




Yes. Measuring right after a pump or PE session would give you inflated readings. I think the “rule” that Size established for his Data Site is to measure 24 hrs after PE. I’ve always used that in reporting any size change. However, monitoring your results right after PE can give you a good personal gauge of the effectiveness of any new exercise(s) you’ve been experimenting with.



Ok I have two questions:

I purchased a pump and cylinder from vacutech (looked like a quality product) around 2 years ago, used it once or twice more for pleasure then anything and then basically stopped and forgot about it.the cylinder that came with it was 2in width and was too big and sometimes if not careful would suck on e of my balls inside..

My question is I purchased recently a new cylinder from lapdist that is 1 and 3/4 inches, in width, and was wondering if it would work with my pump. It seems to be that all the quality cylinders and pumps have the same universal connectors (couplers), I haven’t received it yet so I became a little bit worried.

Second question: what do you guys believe is the best way to gain. Should I jelq before or after using the pump, I’m going for length and girth currently my penis is 6.5L and 5W, I am nervous about using hanging devices that you wear for an hour and hanging things of or pull on it until your penis grows cold, can I achieve my results from just jelq and pump

Thanks for advice

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