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Pumping problem

Pumping problem

Well, I finally broke down and bought a vacuum pump a few weeks ago. I went with a Dr. Kaplan model and it seems to be built fairly well….except for one thing. I don’t seem to get a sealed connection between the hose of the pump and the connector on the cylinder. It seems like the two don’t fit well together. Of course, getting the company to replace anything is impossible (you can’t even talk to anyone), so I am looking for a little advice on what I need and where to get it. Can anyone help?

a total mismatch, or is air simply not staying within the tube or connector? if there is still room when you connect try placing some very thin tape around the connector.


Not a total mismatch, but there is definitely a leak between the two connectors (the one at the end of the hose and the one on the top of the cylinder). So much so that I can’t seem to pump fast enough before the air leaks in, ruining the pressure build up. I will try some tape and see what happens, but I would like to have a more permanent solution i.e. new connector. Thanks rolo.


I would think teflon pipe thread tape would solve this dilema in a jiffy as well as be a permanent solution.

keeping the vacuum


I am using a kaplan cylinder as well and I cannot really understand your problem. The valve at the top of the cylinder doesnt let any air in at all after it was pumped out. I can pump some air out and disconnect the tube from the cylinder and the vacuum will remain.
So if you are loosing vacuum it cannot be the seal between the valve and the tubing but it must be an issue of seal at the cylinder opening.


If you are losing air vacumn try putting the connection in soapy water while you are using it and you will find bubbles where the air leak is

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