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Pumping jelqing dangers

Pumping jelqing dangers

Right I have heard that these devices could lead to ed and possible through weakening of valves or whatever, does this happen or is it just from overdoing it? If it does happen do things like PC flexes compensate for that anyway and help fix the damage? My main interest was in the pumping however also, I have heard of alot of dangers with them, they have been described as one of the most dangerous forms, however is this just because they can be done incorrectly and dangerously or does any kind of pumping damage?

Problems arise when the various PE methods are done incorrectly, dangerously or just plain going overboard.

You are in charge of what is happening, so all you have to do is learn the right way and stay in control.

From what I’ve seen here, it would appear that the danger comes more from “overdoing” it than from doing it in the first place. It might not even be done incorrectly, but rather *too early*.

As far as pumping goes, there are numerous threads out there that discuss how much pressure in a pump is too much. Even if more feels comfortable, don’t go higher, because the damage occurs before it starts hurting.

Jelqing manually hasn’t caused me any problems, nor for anyone else I’ve seen, since you have a pretty good idea of how hard you’re squeezing when you use your hand. When you get or build a Powerjelq/canning tong jelqer/drumsticks or whatnot, you have to be very careful that you’re not squeezing too hard, because those mechanisms do a lot to multiply the amount of pressure on your penis over what pressure you feel in your hand. Just keep an eye on what you’re doing, and you should be okay.

I don’t have a lot of experience, but what folks say around here about doing the newbie routine makes sense. They say that you should do the newbie routine for a couple of months before involving mechanical doohickeys, as it will limber up the penile tissue and make it less susceptible to major damage.

It would make sense that a lot of the injuries you hear about from the more advanced “tool-assisted” exercises come from failure/negligence to do a newbie routine. Think of it this way: if a morbidly obese man decided he wanted to get in shape, and chose to start by doing 300-yard sprints up a 30-degree hill, he’d probably die of a massive heart-attack before he finished his second ascent. But if he starts by taking fairly leisurely walks around the block, maybe throws in a few body-weight squats daily after a couple weeks, and adds uphill *walking* for a couple weeks after that, he’ll be far less likely to have such problems when he moves up to the sprints.

They call PE exercises “exercises” for a reason: they’re a true workout involving stresses on bodily tissue. Don’t throw too much at it right out the gate, or you might seriously hurt yourself. But if you slowly break yourself in, there should be far less chance of breaking yourself entirely.

As for your question about doing BC/BS flexes, yes, that should do something to counteract injuries, as it is a basic exercise that will increase blood flow, and thus allow tissue repair to occur more quickly. You should be doing those even if you aren’t currently on a PE routine (like me). I hope that shed some light on the subject for ya. For more, try doing a search for “injuries” “erectile dysfunction” or “discoloration” — there should be plenty to fill your noggin with what pops up.

Originally Posted by dj66
Right I have heard that these devices could lead to ed and possible through weakening of valves or whatever…

Unlike in other limbs, arms and legs, there are no “valves” in the penile vascular system to weaken.

In fact, pumping is recommended to many men with ED as a means of promoting better penile circulation. My own urologist suggests it. Jelking is helpful; but don’t jump into jelking whole hog. Start with a low number of strokes, adding maybe 5 more each day.

Follow the guidelines in Pumping 101, keeping your pressure at 5 HG or below. End each PE session with a firm erection as a test that you’ve not overstressed something either in your pumping or your various manual exercises between pump sets.



Well I have already started PE it’s just I’m a newbie to this forum and could only post in the newbie ares. Surely there are certain valves however that control the flow and keep it up as such? But obviously if your urologist suggests it, this can’t be too bad. I always heard it was PC flexes what is BC?

I read that pumps lead to cell death instead of growth.

Does anyone have any opinions on this?

Originally Posted by MartinC
I read that pumps lead to cell death instead of growth.

Does anyone have any opinions on this?

Do you know who writes crap like that? It’s people that want to sell you their method of PE verses other methods.

Like I said above, no matter what PE technique you prefer, you learn the proper way to perform the exercises and then stay in control.

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