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Pumping gauge in PSI instead of HG

Pumping gauge in PSI instead of HG

I wanted to post this in the Pumpers forum, but it won’t let me

I recently got a pump without a gauge ( I know a big mistake ) and now I’m going to buy a gauge, but all the gauges I see are in PSI instead of HG so all this talk about not going above 5 HG, well what is that in PSI?

I moved it for you.…onversion_Table

To convert PSI to inHG, multiply it by 2.036.

To convert inHG to PSI, divide it by 2.036. So 5.0 inHg would be about 2.5 PSI.

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Perhaps it is better to buy a pump with a gauge. I made the mistake of buying a pump without a gauge and bought a gauge separately. But to get the pressure to work accurately I would have to drilled a hole in the tube, thus weakening it. So I bought a pump and gauge combined and solved the problem, using the original tube. Most people here work in Hg, 5 seems to be about the safe limit although I do go a little higher maybe 6 or 7 occasionally. Good Luck.

You can buy one from McMaster-Carr for under $10…Check them out and get the HG.

Ok thanks lampwick.. I will now be pumping at or about 2 psi.. Thanks soo much

Do any local stores (walmart, etc.) sell pressure gauges with lower numbers or vacuum gauges?

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