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Pumping before bed

Pumping before bed

I usually have a pretty busy day and my pumping is usually left right before I go to bed

I do 1 set 10 minutes and then keep an erection for about 10 minutes

After I have completed my body temperature increases and I find it very hard to fall asleep?

Should I just do it atleast an hour before bed, or would it be ok
If I did not massage the penis or anything afterwards as I think this is the main cause of my body temp going up,

Just asking cause I don’t know how harmful leaving fluid build up in my penis is?

And another thing, can the angle of tube have any effect on how much you pack the tube?

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Pumping before bedtime is no problem by my experience. I’ve been doing it for years.

The fluid buildup is not really an issue. It will disappear on its own in a few hours or a day depending on how much there is.

The benefit to pumping before going to bed is that you can take advantage of your nocturnal erections to maintain your post pump size while you sleep and time at size it what it’s all about.

Your body temperature going up is probably adrenaline from the sexual energy of massaging your post pump erection. Pumping an hour before bed would allow your adrenaline levels to go back down. But keep doing your post pump massage. That is important.

After only pumping for 10 minutes, the only fluid in your penis is primarily blood and there is absolutely no harm having a fully engorged penis. When you sleep, your body is on auto pilot, and it can take care of itself without you worrying about it.

I don’t think the angle of the tube will effect how you pack it, but it is a good idea to move the tube around while you pump to help with blood circulation.

Thanks tinytim and especially gprent for your very in depth reply, thanks:)

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I don’ts know if this helps since everyone’s penis is different; however, I’ve done all PE’ing before bed every night. I recently started to pump (on week 3 now) and I’ve had the most nocturnal erections with just pumping :) . I’d recommend it.

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