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Pump Seal Problems


Originally Posted by gprent

How about if you pump up, and then disconnect the pump from the cylinder? Does the cylinder alone hold the pressure? If not, you are either leaking from the quick disconnect end, or you are leaking from the base.

If the cylinder alone does hold the pressure, then you probably have a bad pump.

I can get a vacuum with the pump/tube/male coupling, it’s not the pump.


Originally Posted by crazyd032
Sorry folks about the suspense, I’ve been attending to more immediate matters.

It’s not the pump nor the tube nor the male coupling!

I’ve tried teflon tape, wax, vaseline, putty, PTFE Paste. The thing won’t tighten with any of these items nor will it hold pressure. I’d say with the wax, vaseline, putty, and PTFE paste it actually took away all resistance making the thing twirl instead of tightening. The Teflon Tape was the only thing that supplied resistance but not enough.

I’m going to try glue, I’m desperate. I’ll try elmer’s glue, a regular glue before I resort to superglue.

I’ve pumped over and over just with the pump/tube/male coupling and it 95% holds its vacuum. Once I use the tube, nada.
I can’t return the item because the company has a strict return policy and the customer service rep response to my ordeal was that the crack is part of the tube’s design and it is the female coupling that is stripped. They advise that I purchase another female coupling from their site and that I don’t mix other products with theirs.

This is basicaly that formula where they figure, how much does it cost to lose a customer versus how much it costs to replace the product.

I’ve popped in a dollar in the soda machine and it ate it, doesn’t mean it’s a bad product (chances are the next guy who uses it gets his soda) just means I was dealt a shitty hand.


What hurts on this is that if it is the female coupling, it should cost them very little to replace it, and potentially keep you as a happy customer.

If you want to try replacing it yourself, and - gasp!- try mixing products (but you’ve already done that with the Harbor Freight pump :) ), consider purchasing a new female connector from, part number 5012K29. I think this is the female connector that matches the male connector size commonly used.

Don’t rush out and order this; another set of eyes to doublecheck this would probably be prudent.

And I will start referencing this thread when members ask for cylinder recommendations. In fact, I just did:
Lampwick - Gains from pumping

For the amount of money that this equipment costs, you should be able to expect a little better and more trouble-free experience than you have experienced.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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The superglue worked. It’s finished.


Will do Sparky, will do.


I used the fittings from but I had to use an o-ring between the female fitting and the cylinder to stop great now.

“I am having a similar problem that you recently had with your Boston Pump tube, but I have a PictureBrite tube. When I ordered it came with a basic hand pump with no guage and I ordered a Harbor Freight Pump like you did. Now the hand pump worked and works fine I just can’t guage how much pressure I’m using. The Harbor Freight Pump comes and I can’t get any sort of seal like I did with the hand pump. I read your post and tried some of the things others were saying to try, not all because I know it’s not the tube, coupler, male part, or tubing because the hand pump still works fine for me. It’s just that when I use the Harbor Freight pump I get no seal, no pressure no nothing. I don’t know if it’s the pump itself because I did the pump test with just the pump, tubing, and male part to the end of my finger and the same thing that happened when you did it happened to me.

I can’t post yet that’s why I am sending this message, if you could, would you post for me and I’ll just read the responses until I can post back.”


Any suggestions for our friend Demond here?


Ok if anyone is still curious as to whether they should get a Boston Pump. I ordered an LA pump and ended up dishing out a little over a $150 for the whole package, with gauge. Opened the package, lubed up my penis and inner rim of tube, placed my semi erect penis inside the tube, began pumping, and Presto! Houston we have pressure. Worked like a charm, no problems. I love it, it’s worth the money. Boston Pump’s customer service is horrible, however I admit I did not get the pump/male coupler/tubing from them I ordered it from Harbor Freights. I ordered sizes to match the pump and female coupler and everything fit snugly together but the female coupler would not tighten all the way. I was also blown off by their customer service when I complained. So maybe if you get all the parts from them, then there will be no problems. Maybe I just had a run of bad luck, a costly one. I believe there are other members on this board who have no problems with their BP so by all means it is your call, this was my experience take it or leave it.



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