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Pump Seal Problems


Pump Seal Problems

I have the Harbor Freights pump and a standard Boston Cylinder, so as far as product credibility these guys check out. I ordered the male coupling and tubing at the McMaster site and everything fits together smoothly.

I have also shaved my pubic hair, or at least trimmed it extremely short. I can get a solid vacuum on my stomach but the vacuum on my penis lasts for around 15 seconds if I pump it a little over 3 Hg.

There is suction even though the gauge does not show it, there is resistance when I pull the cylinder off my shaft.
I tried using olive oil and vegtable oil for lube since they last nearly forever so I’m thinking it is a lube problem but I was hoping you guys could offer me suggestions.

I do the quarter twist and it slows the decline in pressure but doesn’t stop it. Also I was wondering whether you guys possibly stretch the skin before you put your penis in the tube? Can someone take me through a step by step here so I can check off everything, maybe I am missing something here.

I’m at a loss guys.


Do you enter flaccid or erect?

I have a hard time getting a good seal when I enter flaccid.

Pretty much erect


I have the same set-up as you - Boston Standard and Harbor Freight.

Number 1 — don’t use olive oil or anything like that. Use a thickish water based lube like KY Jelly or the Walmart equivalent.

Additionally, read the great advice given to me by petitfaun and lampwick just the other day. I am getting a perfect seal now because of those guys:

Newbie can’t get a perfect seal — is continually pumping the pump ok?

Good luck!

P.S. Current thinking is you will get better results with tunica if you don’t go in completely erect. I was advised by Lampwick on that here:

Summary - sta-kool - “Less is More” PE guy needs help integrating pump

Looks like I’ll be needing KY Jelly. From the thread it looked like the dipping the base in water along with the KY Jelly did the trick, and a little rotation to make things nice and snug. So you didn’t add the vaseline? Everything’s consistent?



It may not be the seal around you dick!!! It may be the pump— Do this: Take your fingernail and push the vacuum release valve on the pump in and quickly slide the fingernail away so that the valve will seat itself. Try it and report back. If not, we’ll look further. Some of those pumps just will not seat their valve. If it work try not to use that valve very much; instead release the vacuum by bending the cylinder sideways a bit.

Originally Posted by crazyd032
From the thread it looked like the dipping the base in water along with the KY Jelly did the trick, and a little rotation to make things nice and snug. So you didn’t add the vaseline? Everything’s consistent?

No Vaseline — I just fingertightened the female coupler on the cylinder (PetitFaun is basically suggesting Vaseline on the female coupler where it screws into the top of the cylinder - as you might put grease on any fitting (your car, your bathroom sink, etc).

Actually there was really no give to the coupler when I tried to tighten it — Boston Pump had it on there pretty tight already. So that wasn’t part of the problem. From your “stomach test” I don’t think it is your problem either.

Yes, pretty sure that dipping the cylinder’s lubed base into water is the key. Basically I just touch the lubed base to the water’s surface — I don’t deeply submerge it. Then I go into the cylinder about 60 to 70% erect and push it down and make absolutely sure it is all the way to the base of my penis and is on my fat pad. Then I do the twisting.

Perfectly consistent suction. I pump up to 2.5HG. It holds rock steady. Until I either pump up higher to 3HG or release the pressure to take a break.

As to the KY what I am doing is this. I lube the inner 2 inches of the cylinder and then rub a good amount on the outer ring (which gets dipped in the water). And lube my unit of course, puting extra on the glans so it will slide easily

By the way before all this, I trimmed my pubic hair but did not shave. I didn’t go that short either. Pubic hair was not the issue — KY and dipping the rim in water was.

Try it and report back — It was like a MIRACLE.

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Thanks guys for the feedback, I’ll report back tomorrow. I have plans tonight ;)


Long time no see, alright so I have taken many different suggestions offered and I am still losing pressure!

I have KY Jelly, I have used it by itself without water, I have used it with water, I have placed it on the base of the tube, I have placed it on a portion inside the tube.

I have twisted the tube, I have shaved everything cept my ass crack.

It is still losing pressure, I have not tried applying vaseline to the female coupler, that’s next

Guesses For Problem:

The original tubing that connects the pump to the Boston Tube had a small hole so it was really tough getting it on the Pump. It however was fairly easy to get on the male coupler. However, it is snug on both ends. I have twenty more feet of tubing so I can experiment a bit if this is the problem.

The Female coupler will not tighten snugly, it’s like a stripped screw. I does screw all the way into the tube but I can continue rotating it without much resistance. I don’t know if this is normal or not. If it isn’t, I think the crack illustrated in the pictures may have something to do with this. This is my best guess, it’s leaking slowly and sometimes it jumps, so I think it’s leaking between the rubber attached to the coupler and the tube.

Last but not least, if it’s not the tube or the tubing then it must be the couplers or the pump itself. Both appear to have nothing wrong them. If I jam my finger into the Pump’s nozzle and begin pumping to create suction the needle goes way up fast but does not maintain the pressure and after a dozen or so seconds the suction is gone. Is this a sign that the pump has problems? or is this phenomena completely normal.

If the crack on the tube is the cause for the problem do you think they will exchange the tube?

On a positive note, while I was inside tube and pumped my unit up to 4Hg it felt amazing, the sticker said 6.25” but it was more then that. It looked gigantic, close to 7.5 by 5.5. Normally I’m 6.75” by 4.75-5” depending on the situation. The pump was very comfortable and I like what I felt and saw. If I wasn’t losing vacuum I’d be a very happy man.

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Did you try pushing and releasing the vacuum release valve on the pump itself. Sometimes that little valve will not seat back inside the pump. Push and release very quickly so that it pops back by pushing in the the fingernail and sliding the nail to the side and it clicks back quickly. Steve

The nick or crack in the female threads of your cylinder is the obvious cause of your leak. Has your cylinder had that defect since new? If so, you should definitely try to send Boston Pump that pic and ask for a free replacement.

I have a few ideas on how to fix the threads, but if you received the cylinder that way, the much preferred solution would be to get a replacement cylinder.

A new cylinder will fix both the leak problem and the stripped thread problem so that you can tighten the female coupler properly.

I suppose one thing you can try that would help, but not mask the manufacturing problem on the cylinder would be to go out and buy some plumbers teflon tape and wrap that on the male threads of the female coupler before screwing it in. Wrap the threads about 3 or 4 times around with the teflon tape.

But for sure, ask for a replacement.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Just to add to Gprent’s post. The only thing that surprises me about your first picture, is that you managed to get any vacuum at all! It certainly looks most odd.

One other point. In your last picture of the second series, is the badly cut plastic there. At the neck, it should be a close fit all round at the top. As how it is at the moment, that could tend to leak.

It is difficult to get the plastic tube off, But I have found that if you hold the main tube in your hand with the plastic tubing away from you and swing the tube round, it will work itself off. (But do make sure you don’t bang the penis tube against anything! When you have got it separated cut it off square at the end and then replace. You might have to wet the tube, or preferably just breath on it to get it to slide on. But try not to get any water on the flanges as it goes mouldy in time.

But do as Gprent suggests. I can’t imagine that channel should be there.

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Originally Posted by crazyd032
On a positive note, while I was inside tube and pumped my unit up to 4Hg it felt amazing, the sticker said 6.25” but it was more then that. It looked gigantic, close to 7.5 by 5.5. Normally I’m 6.75” by 4.75-5” depending on the situation. The pump was very comfortable and I like what I felt and saw. If I wasn’t losing vacuum I’d be a very happy man.

There is visual distortion by the cylinder. If you submerge the cylinder with your dick in it, into water, it counteracts the visual distortion and you will get a accurate view.

You need to do a differential dnx for the leak. (doesn’t anyone work on their own cars anymore?)

First just use the pump all by itself, no tubing. Just place your finger over the nozzle and create a vacuum. If the pump is fine, it should go up instantly, and stay at that level with no leakage. With your finger in place, and the vacuum rock solid, use the air release valve a few times and see if vacuum drops when you press it and holds when you release it.

If this is good, put your pump aside, it is good and release valve is working.

If it doesn’t hold the vacuum, there is a problem with your pump. I had some vacuum leakage when I got water in my pump, so I took it apart and added some Vaseline to the lubricated areas, and it sealed it. I think white lithium grease would be better, but Vaseline will do it.

If you pump is good, then lets move on to your hose. Take the hose off of the cylinder and attach the proper end to the pump and leave the other end off the cylinder. Again, place your finger over the open end and pull a vacuum. If it is leaking, it is in the hose or fitting. Its really doubtful the hose is leaking, but you can be sure by removing the fitting and retest. If it tests good, its the fitting. If it leaks without the male fitting, its the hose (doubtful)

If its a male fitting, I really doubt it will leak, so it you have a leak in this combination of male fitting and hose, just pull it out of the hose add a dab of Vaseline, refit it and that should cure it.

If there is no leak in this hose and male fitting, then it is in the cylinder and female fitting section OR it is in the male to female coupling.

If the pump and male fitting hose combination are good, I suggest the following.

Go to the cylinder and gently unscrew the female coupling from it. Take a dab of Vaseline and lube the threads of the female coupling and re-install it. I recommend tightening by hand, if you use a pair of pliers…be very, very careful not to over-tighten and strip the threads. It only needs to be snug, so if you have strong hands, just use your fingers to tighten it. By the way, most have a rubber O ring between it and the cylinder to help seal it, check to make sure you have one.

Now test it by hooking it up to hose and pump. IF it STILL is leaking there is only one possible place it could be leaking…that’s at the male-female connection.

Make sure the male fitting has its black rubber O-ring on it, and put a dab of Vaseline on it and re-try it in the female connection and pull a vacuum.

When you test the cylinder for vacuum, place it on a clean flat surface of your body that you know for sure you can seal it, like your palm or thigh or any surface of your body that is relatively flat and minimal hair.

If its still leaking after that, and there is no obvious crack in the cylinder…then I throw up my hands and abandon you to your fate.

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