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Hey All: I posted this over at the other site but no reponse. Maybe something here. I’ve reached a plateau on pumping. It is even difficult to reach the former tic mark on the tube. No matter how long the session with breaks and jelquing, there’s just not any more length. Any others expereienced this? If so, how did you break through the pleateau? I have a therory that we need to drink more water in the winter as our body becomes more dehydrated—Any experiments there? Would appreciate any help or thoughts on subject—Thanks Steve

Hi Steve,

Can you give us a description of your PE history and your current routine? Could you also tell us how much you have gained?

There are a lot of exercises we could recommend but we can make better suggestions if we know what you have done.


OK—here goes—I’ve been jelquing for 5/6 years since the begining with Tom Hubbard’s old site around 1998 or so. I started at slightly under 6” and now around 7” hard and 7.25” pumped. Girth hasn’t changed much—still around 5”. My routine is ocassional jelquing and pumping 1/week. I use a little Viagra when pumping. I use several vitimins including L-Arginine, Vitamin E, multi-vitimin, Ginko, and a cheap penis supplement which contains a little Yohimbe, tribulus,etc.

I have a little Ed problem —thus the viagra. Continuing, I pump at lower Hg and raise as the session progresses in 20minute sets. I go to the gym 3/week and am in good physical condition for 57 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again—Steve

Originally posted by Tennsteven
My routine is ocassional jelquing and pumping 1/week.


This might be a large part of the problem.

Just from the point of view of your slight ED, more frequent pumping, like 5 x a week, could make a difference by giving your penile vascular system a more consistent workout and perhaps even a bit of a rehab in the process.
Also, from the point of view of gains I think you need to establish a more frequent PE workout pattern.

If you have the time, begin a 5 days on, 2 off routine of PE. Try limiting each pumping to about 6 min. at low pressure, come out, do a minute or two of wet jelks, go back in for another 6 min. pump. Repeat. This way you will be spending just a little more than your usual 20 min., but multiplying by 5 your weekly PE time. Don’t by-pass the pre PE warmup with warm towel or rice sock. Some heat can make tissue more receptive to cellular change.
Most guys feel that a plateau calls for a change in tactics; either a break from PE or a change of routine. A change of routine can, in a sense, “surprise” your cock tissue and give you more positive results than you’ve been getting. Whatever, you just aren’t giving enough consistent time to this, imo.



You have been doing PE for quite awhile. That is impressive. Nice gain too!

“It is even difficult to reach the former tic mark on the tube.”

How short of this tic mark are you falling and how consistently were you hitting this mark?

Again, I am no expert but if you are only falling short by less than an eighth of an inch, I wouldn’t think much of this and I would do as avocet8 says in terms of the change to your routine.

If you are falling short by more than that and if you hit that mark pretty consistently for quite awhile, I would take a break and then do what avocet8 suggests.

It is interesting when guys continue doing their routine as they were and loose length. I don’t have a good explanation for what is going on. Maybe someone else does.


Thanks guys—The infrequency of my sessions is because I don’t have any privacy here. There’s not a time that I get alone—Steve

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