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Breaking The Plateau


Breaking The Plateau


A few days ago I put up a post on the gains I have made over the past three years. I have gone from 5.5” BPEL to 8” BPEL and upto 5.25”EG. You can read it here:-

Wooohooo awesome 8

Over this whole period my main exercise, and for the most time, my only exercise has been Dry Jelqs. This is why I disagree that Jelqing is mainly a girth exercise. I say this because I have made a substantial gain in length and a little in girth from jelqing. At this point I would like to mention the level of erection that worked best for me. Over the three years I have experimented jelqing with different levels of erections, but the best workouts I achieved were those done at a 70-80% erection. This is where I could feel my penis really expand as I jelqed the blood forwards, and jelqing at this level of erection would leave my penis hanging huge after the workout.

For those who have read my other post (linked above) you will notice that I PE’d on and off for the first two years. So how on and off was it?…in one word ‘Very’. I would PE for a couple of months than take two or three months off. Back for a month than two or three months off. When I would workout I would jelq for about 30-45 mins. In the third year I was more dedicated and worked out on a consistent bases. I was jelqing for 30-45 mins almost everyday with a few off days a month. I carried on making gains like this for a few months, than the gains stalled, I had hit my plateau. I tried a few things to break the plateau but had no success, until I made four changes to the way I worked out.

1. De-conditioning Break
2. Intensity
3. Change in Exercise
4. A New Exercise (I started to do a new exercise that I developed)

I will talk about each of the above in more detail here.

Stopping to look back at what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right I realised that most of my gains where made after I returned to working out after having taken a break. Obviously two or three years ago I didn’t know about de-conditioning and my long breaks where due to laziness more than anything else. At this point I think that it is worth noting that I noticed that the longer the break, the easier the gains came after returning to PE’ing. I feel that depending on the amount of workload exerted on the penis over a matter of weeks the longer the de-conditioning period required. In my experience I found that the best results came after a three month break. I know that it is very hard to make yourself take a long break from PE (specially after seeing some gains) but in the long run it pays off.

Xenolith and Hobby have a couple of interesting posts on this that need to be read.

Finding xeno: a penis tale

Gains during decondition breaks

It is a common misconception that the harder you work the more you will gain. It is a trap that I fell into during my sessions. As I gained more and more experience with jelqing and erection levels I also intensified my workouts, at one point I was performing sessions of nearly two hours. Although this felt like an awesome workout (my penis was seriously fatigued after such a session), upon reflection, I now know that it was counter productive. I was clearly overworking the penis, and thus not allowing the cells to regenerate. In this respect PE workouts are like a bodybuilding workout. What do I mean by this? Simply that, as with bodybuilding if you overwork the muscle you don’t make gains due to the amount of cell damage.

I found that I was getting better results and a better workout when I cut the amount of time spent jeqing down to 30-45 mins.

One of the changes I made to my routine was to shock the penis into growth by changing the angle of attack. Once again this is like the approach implemented in bodybuilding. Bodybuilders will shock their muscles into growth be working them out at various angles and also by changing exercises. In keeping with this approach I added a stretching routine to my workout.

IMHO the above three steps should be more than enough to break a plateau, and thus the fourth step implemented by me is something that worked for me, and the reason I am posting it here is that I feel it is a good exercise for length.

I don’t now if this exercise has been described before, but I couldn’t find any reference to it. This exercise is very intense and the pressure build up in the penis is very immense (you can really feel it expand).

1. First you need to get a rock hard erection, than manually clamp the base of your penis with your index finger and thumb, making an OK sign and palm facing up. So your balls should be in your palm. (I do this with my right hand). I also do a few kegels before clamping, this insures a rock hard and fully engorged erection.

2. with your other hand (left hand) make another OK sign with your thumb and index finger and grip your penis on the shaft right next to the first OK sign (the manual clamp) but this time palm facing down.

3. Gently squeeze the new Ok sign (left hand), you will feel a build up of pressure in your penis and will be able to see it physically expand.

4. You can now bring in the middle finger (of the left hand) and squeeze the underside of you penis with that too. The pressure will become greater, and you will notice a greater expansion.

5. Hold this position for a count of ten seconds. Than slowly release one finger at a time. As your penis gets a bit accustomed to the exercise, you can hold the position for a greater count (e.g. 15 then 20 seconds).

This exercise must not be performed by newbies as the pressure build up in the penis is very high. Also, anyone else trying this, does so at his own risk.

At the moment I am on a decon break, and will resume PE at the end of February.
My routine will be the same as it was just before the break.

SO 5min
SU 5min
L 5min
R 5min
V* 5min
SD 5min
30min Total

*Varying V stretches with A stretches

Jelqs 20-30min
New exercise 4x15second holds.

That’s it. Total time needed is about 1 hour. I do my workout in the evenings before bed, thus allowing the healing to take place while I sleep.

I hope that the info above proves to be of some help to some of the hard gainers.

If anyone does try the new exercise can you please give us some feed back.


Great thread with good information.
I also made a deconbreak for 10 weeks and I started to gain quickly.
I got an idea which I posted here already before:
How about alternate between jelq and stretch within 6-8 weeks?
So you will have a deconbreak from stretching while you are jelqing and a deconbreak from jelqing while you still stretch(or hang)
I just picked up this idea again, because for me it is hard to do stretches and jelqs in one session because even on the next day of a jelqing session my head is so sensitive(I am uncut) that I can not do a complete stretching session.

And another thing: have you ever tried o-bends? I think it is a very good exercise that is perfect to add to a jelqing routine. Read here for information:
Original Thread
- My Girlfriend said those lovely words…
Follow Ups
Concise Obend explanation
Has anyone gained using the O-BEND?

Thanks again

Started-Oct04: 5.7/4.8; Current 6.7/5.3

Learning even more about PE(nearly every day)

Changing routine, Current: jelqing, clamping, obends, kegel

Good post. I’ve been waiting for your plateau thoughts and they are as expected - deconditioning being the key. I’m on a decon break now and will probably give it 2 months, but 3 if I can hold out.

One thing I don’t think you mentioned in either post. Did you experience any discoloration, and if so did the decon breaks help at all?

Start Stats:5.5x4.5 Current:7.0x5.0 Goal:8x6 Gains:1.5 inch BPEL x 0.5 EG

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Originally Posted by chad66

One thing I don’t think you mentioned in either post. Did you experience any discoloration, and if so did the decon breaks help at all?

I did mention discolouration in the other thread, in reply to a question. But I’ll put it here too :) .

I didn’t get any discolouration in the sense of dark patches, however the overall colour of my whole penis became a shade darker. But not too much.

Originally Posted by did

So you will have a deconbreak from stretching while you are jelqing and a deconbreak from jelqing while you still stretch(or hang)

I honestly believe that a decon break should be free from ALL PE. Otherwise you may not really be deconditioning the penis to stresses and strains.

7of9 you have awesome gains… Could you share your initial LOT size with us ??? The longer i PE the more i start to believe in the correctness of the LOT theory.

Originally Posted by tblpidar
7of9 you have awesome gains… Could you share your initial LOT size with us ??? The longer i PE the more i start to believe in the correctness of the LOT theory.

Thanks tblpidar. To be honest with you…three years ago I knew nothing about the lot theory….but at present it seems to be at about 10:00.


First off, awesome post and congrats on your HUGE gains. You have added yourself to my list of motivaters that keep me PEing.

Secondly, with all the PE knowledge and experience you have gained, what sort of PE regime or schedule would you recommend to a newbie, an intermediate PEer and an advanced PEer?

It is clear that you are a big supporter of decon breaks. But when you do PE, what kind of schedule do you follow? ie., 3 on/1 off, 5 on/2 off, etc.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

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Great gains 7of9.


Long Term Goal

The perfect 8x6 cock aka the pussy destroyer (one day).

Good thread and good information for all to see. More evidence for the cause. :)

Also it’s interesting how PE is like bodybuilding/weight-lifting in the way that there is real plateaus, overtraining, shock routines, good sleep, good diet, etc to PE correctly for the quickest gains. It’s defintly different but there are a lot of similerities in some respects. Even before you came out with this thread strangely enough I have had a lot of the same thoughts/conclusions in my 1 year of PE so far with heavy expiermentation and reading with many different forms of PE. Interesting…

Excellent gains and a very, very useful info 7of9! Thanks a lot!

On the other hand I would like to warn all the excited readers for a disappointment that is lurking behind the success stories of people like 7of9. There will be people reading this thread that expect same miracle to happen to them (to go from 5.5 to 8 inches BPEL), but it would never happen. Why? I know, by some of us it will never happen, just because of unwise routine, not listening to the warnings of your own body and so on, but I’m convinced there will be also people that would do it right but nevertheless, never even come close to the half of these wonderful gains. And that is simply because they are not gifted with high LOT. I strongly agree with tblpidar:

Originally Posted by tblpidar
The longer i PE the more i start to believe in the correctness of the LOT theory.

All the people like Bib, 7of9 and other great gainers in length started with extremely high LOT (after three years of PE 7of9 has 10:00 LOT; I am sure he started with 11:30 or even 12:00 three years ago). I read a lot of threads of successful length gainers and the pattern is all the way through the same again and again – HIGH LOT.

I don’t know even a single person here on Thunders that started with very low LOT (below 7:00) and gained substantially. I doubt that there is a single PE-er here that started with let say 6:30 LOT and break the one inch mark of gains.

To grow in length based on tunica gains is EXTREMELY difficult. According to the great Bib one can expect to gain about 0.4 inches in a year of consistent, persistent HANGING, not manual stretches and jelqing.

I know this post sounds very pessimistic, but it is based on 3 years of PE experience and 9 month of reading a lot here on Thunders.

Originally Posted by Juri
I know this post sounds very pessimistic

Indeed it is.

Especially for a low LOTter such as myself.

I don’t exactly remember what my LOT is - I think it’s around 7:00. But, I’d be damned if I’m not giving up without a good fight. Ever since I found out that a having a bigger penis is possible, it’s been the only thing I have ever wanted. I have given up 2 drug addictions (weed and cocaine), quit smoking (which I’ve been doing for 7 years) and started an exercise program which resulted in a 20 lbs weight loss - I did all this to help me focus on PE.

Sure, some people may argue that those are big accomplishments in themselves and that even if I don’t attain my PE goals, I’ve changed my life for the better. But my biggest fear of NOT gaining is that it would send me back into the downward spiral in which I miraculously escaped.

You’re probably reading this thinking quik4life is a fucked up guy. But I’m sure there are others on this forum who would gladly give up their left arm just to have the ever-coveted 8 x 6 (hell, in my case, I’d settle for a 7 x 5.5). I’ve read countless stories on this board of guys reaching their goal and claiming that it did not make them any happier. That may be the case for some, but I am convinced (or at least, I’ve convinced myself) that if (when) I do achieve my PE goal, I will be happier and my life WILL be better. However, my goal is not to prove to the Thunder’s PE community that having a big cock will make be happier, but to disprove the LOT theory. I’m not necessarily saying the theory is wrong, but I sure as hope to be the anomaly.

I guess the reason I’m so pissed/depressed is because I’ve learned that through determination, consistency and dedication, anything can be accomplished. Yet, in my PE career, this has not been the case.

My PE journey has just begun and will be NEVER-ENDING. I plan to take the advice of 7of9 given to us in this post and try a routine based on dry jelqing. I don’t give two-shits whether it causes my girth or length to increase, just as long as SOMETHING grows, and I just hope that it’s NOT my impatience.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

~Oscar Wilde~

With smart PE, even us low LOTers can make decent gains. Don’t let LOT become an excuse not to try or reason to give up.

Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

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I like that thought a LOT MX. har har. :)

Listen to MX.

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No doubt…

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