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Ordering a electric heating pad on the net?

Ordering a electric heating pad on the net?

Hey guys!

I desperately need a heating pad for my dick and tube. I should have gotten one a long time ago but here in Norway all I can find is the type that you put in the microwave-oven. That is too inconvenient for me. Does anyone know of a webshop where I can order one? I did a search on the forums but I couldn`t find anything except for some IR-devices which I`m not interested in.



I just found this one by Googling: electric heating pad UK

This is a nice size pad and you wouldn’t have to worry about voltage converters. Do your own Google search and you can find others.

Hey Gprent101,

Thanks for your reply mate! You always seem to have an answer to everything. I does indeed look like a great heating pad, however they do not ship outside of england. I couldn`t find any other shops who did either:( I guess I have to take a roadtrip here in norway unless someone else know of something?



What specification/price are you willing to consider? Are you looking for a conduction or radiant heat pad (i.e. Infrared or not). I’ve ordered both in the past from USA for UK delivery, so I’m sure Norway would be classed as the same.

Hey Shiver,

I originally planned to buy a cheap regular heating pad, not infrafred. Do you have an infrared yourself? In that case, would you recommend it? I would love if you can give me a link so I can check it out anyway.


Renholder, I have a Thermophore pad ( and a Thermotex Platinum ( The IR Thermotex is far and away the better device, but is also very expensive considering what it consists of. I guess it depends on your budget, and also whether you judge the value based on the components or the function.

The Thermophore has a matrix of heating wires that are fairly sparse and get extremely hot, then the thermal cut-out operates and it cools down, so you get a too hot/too cold thing repeating. The Thermotex is a uniform gentle warm heat that penetrates deeply without all the heat being on the skin surface. The only thing to note when using the Thermotex is that you will have to clamp or otherwise restrict the blood somewhat, otherwise the circulating blood will take away the heat to other body parts and the penis will never get up to the target temperature (see the thermotex site for more information on optimal temperatures for collagen elongation).

Hey Shiver,

Thanks for your thorough reply:-) You did a good job comparing the two types, however I`m still unsure which one to choose. The thermotex is much more expensive, but we are enlarging our penises so if a product can assure a safer and more effective way I don`t consider it twice. However, the part you said about clamping gave me some doubt. Do you mean that you have to put a clamp on your dick when heating it up? Ironically this have to decrease bloodflow won`t it? Even though the tissue gets varm? So perhaps the IR-Device is best to get the tissue in the desired state when doing a stretching routine but not neccesarily the best for the natural bloodflow? They way I intended to use my heating pad was for my 5-10 minutes warm up prior to pumping and then wrapping it around the tube during the session. If the regular heating pad is better for this use I would buy that one now but definitively consider buying the Thermotex later on when I start focusing on length again. Which one would you recommend Shiver? Do you use the IR yourself for pumping?



The trouble with using a non IR device is that the heat is absorbed mostly by contact with the skin, so the skin gets hot (even to the point of pain) whereas the deeper tissues are protected. The IR will penetrate through the skin perhaps 1” or so, which means the CC is well convered.

If you choose a non IR device then it’s a case of trusting the heat will go deep enough without damaging the skin. I wouldn’t recommend the Thermophore even if you do choose the non IR device as I don’t rate it even for its intended purpose (others might want to suggest a better model).

For pumping I think between us we’ve established in other threads that the acrylic tubes are not IR transparent. It heats the tube up fine, but the only heating you get is the same as you would with a conventional pad (thermal convection from the air in the tube). A warm water filled tube might be a better way to go as it would conduct heat better than the air (which is a good thermal insulator).


I clearly see the advantages of the IR-Device but could you elaborate a little more on how YOU use it? For instance, how do you warm up your flaccid dick pre-PE? Do you have to literary clamp your dick to restrict bloodflow while using the pad? If so, what do you use to clamp it? I really don`t get it. Won`t clamping restrict the natural bloodflow? I thought that the other part of the warm up was to increase the natural bloodflow. It seems like too much of a hassle if it is the way I imagine though:-)

And also when heating up the tube, do I only get to heat up the tube itself as the penis needs to be clamped for the IR to work properly?

I`m really considering the IR-Device but I`m also a little skeptic considering it`s use in practice.

Please convince me:-)



How much Watt does your IR Pad consume? I don’t want to buy one that would be too hot.



You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. - Irish proverb

The Thermotex Platinum (3 pad model) is rated at 36watts.


Let me start by saying that I don’t PE that much, as I spend most of my PE time researching how to effectively do what we are trying to do, and nobody has effectively demonstrated that yet - only that ‘certain things sort of get results for most people some of the time’.

Here’s what I do currently do (as of the last month or so):

Once per week (occasionally twice) I use either a cable clamp or a velcro strap at the base of the penis to restrict blood flow by about 50%. I apply the IR pad and leave it until I get the penis to temperature. The correct temperature to me is a certain fuzzy sensation that is comfortably warm with a very deep heat sensation (no skin scalding at all). Depending on the clamping degree this can be anywhere between 10 and 30 mins. I aim for it to take 30 mins as it seems to have a healthy pink glow that way, whereas if I do it quicker it gets a very deep oxygen starved look about it.

I remove the pad and restriction, and using a soft cloth to aid grip, I stretch hard for as long as I can maintain the grasp, and re-grasp as needed if it slips. I stretch it in all directions, then U bend stretches along the full length of the shaft in multiple directions to isolate areas individually. The exercise portion is no more than 3 mins. That’s it.

I measure the FSL and hope to see about 1/16 extra. If I do I’ll repeat mid week. If it seems less then I’ll wait a full week. If and when I don’t see any improvement then I’ll wait longer still. This seems to be working for the moment, but I know from past heat based extensibility experiments that there comes a time where you just have to back off and let the body do it’s thing to normalise around this new set point before any new gains can occur.

If I was doing the same thing with girth then I’d use clamped squeezes instead, but make the exercise duration maybe an hour or more and apply heat the whole time, and release the pressure every 5 mins or so (heat and clamping seems to burn oxygen at an accelerated rate).

I have two vaccum tubes, but use them very infrequently just for the sake of mixing things up or boredom. I don’t consider them as part of my PE program. Using a pump is a good way of stopping the blood cirulation in itself due to the pressure it exerts on the pubic bone (greater pressure on the tube than pull on the penis since the area of the tube is greater than the penis inside it), so a constriction device isn’t really necessary.

Thanks mate!

You seem to know your homework pretty well, I understand that you investigate this stuff very thoroughly. I`m sure you`ll reap some awards if you keep up your research.

I must say that I`m very intrigued about your current approach to PE. Your current method is to actually focus on warming up the penile tissues to the optimal temperature for elongation and then do a quick but effective stretch session. Right? Is there any specific reason that you don`t stretch for more than 3 minutes?

Personally, I`m currently focusing on girth but I would definitively have time to add a routine like yours as it seems to be very time-effective. Can you report on any good gains so far?

Regarding the Thermorex I will most likely buy it sooner or later depending on the budget. It`s an expensive pad but I`m sure it will pay off after reading your experience with it. Do you know if anyone else on the forum is using IR-devices?

Thanks for all useful information so far, I appreciate it a LOT!



IMHO Time is the most important factor. Whatever method you use to get a result, you need to get it to rebuild in a stable manner. There may be ways of accelerating that, but we don’t know them yet.

I (currently) believe that Each Day training is much like over training in BB, but that may change. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to follow my route until there was sufficient evidence to support it. For now it is better to follow the crowd as that’s what seems to get the best results betwen us all.

Regarding the Thermotex, it’s certainly a great product, but I honestly can’t recommend it (considering the cost) for PE unless there is some compelling evidence.

Basically if you can afford the Thermotex then go for it. It will do everything a regular heat pad will do and more, but if cash is tight then I’d have trouble justifying it right now, as most of my beliefs are subjective until something substantial proves it different.

Thanks Shiver, happy X-MAS!

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