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bought a heating pad today... don't like it.

bought a heating pad today... don't like it.

Alright, Here I am. I bought a heating pad today hoping that I would be able to use it for warm ups. The problem is, much to my surprise, It does not get very warm. (around 40 degrees celcius?) Also, the damn thing is too big, and doesn’t fold around my penis very easily. I don’t want to use hot water from the hot water tap, as that’s not hot enough either, I find it messy, and I have to make multiple trips to the washroom in order to reheat the face cloth.

Is there a commercial product I can purchase that will give a good very warm even heat to my penis with no mess?


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You can use a hot rice sock. It is exactly whats you think.A sock filled with rice then tie a knot on top or so it up.Put in the micro for a minute or less .This works fine its soft ,and dry,but also the longer you micro it the hotter it is just be careful not to burn yourself.

Did you go to the future to get your specs. You posted May 20,2003. Today is May16 2003

I use a home made flax seed bag for warmups. Works like the rice sock. You do need a microwave. Here is a commercial one.

Thanks Guys

Dragster, LOL I guess I was looking at the wrong week on the calander. I’ll fix that up.


Specs: May 13th 2003 EBPL=5.9 EG=5.0 June 13th 2003 EBPL=7.0 EG=5.0

Also try an ace bandage hetaing pad for kness etc…I wrap that over a wet cloth and it heats me up well.

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I have 2 heating pads. The old one (probably 30+ years old) gets too hot for my dick on its highest setting. The newest is wimpy and doesn’t get quite warm enough.

I suspect liability concerns have caused manufacturers to turn down the heat. Some old goat probably passed out on one, burned her butt hair, and got awarded gazillions in damages.

I use rice sock described above… microwaved for 2 mins on a plate. I run hot water and wet wash cloth and put wash cloth over my dick/nuts and microwaved rice sock over that.

Couple times I’ve put microwaved rick sock on top of cylinder while my dick was in cylinder….be careful.

OR eon
65 yo

I have an old Oster vibrator with heat cycle, about 120 degree F.

Gets dick nice and warm. I also use it for a kinda squeeze: mash

my dick against hand with vibrator. Might help some looking for


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