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Best Heating Pad for PE


Best Heating Pad for PE

In a recent PM, Penismith inspired me to look more closely at IR heating pads. The supposed benefit of these pads is that they radiate a considerable amount of IR, which penetrates into the body before dissipating and actually heats internal tissues (to a certain depth) as well as external tissues. I dismissed the idea at first, thinking that my rice sock works very well, thank you, but after doing some research I’m seeing more merit to the idea. Thanks, Penismith!

Conventional heating pads (and rice socks) function primarily with conducted heat, meaning that the heat reaches the internal tissues (ligs and tunica) only by being passed along from outer portions to inner portions. These heating pads thus create strong temperature gradients wherein the skin is much hotter than the ligs and tunica.

In addition, good circulation can considerably undermine the effect of conventional heating pads, by conducting away the heat before it can significantly raise the temperature of your tissues.

I just did a google search for IR heating pads, and found this the following site:…eating_pads.htm

Thermotex seems to be the main player in this area. You can see that there are several choices, some more expensive than others, but all of which are expensive.

Does anybody have any experience with any of these? I suspect the model designed for the hand and elbow might be best suited for heating the penis (directly, or through a hanger or pump, although I’m not by any means certain of this.

I read on Thermotex’s site that IR is reflected by metal, whereas it is absorbed by silicone. Therefore, you probably don’t have to worry about the screws and nuts of your Bib Hanger overheating, but you do have to watch the rubbery parts. I don’t know whether hard plastic or glass is reflective, absorptive, or transparent to IR. Pumpers might want to find out before purchasing.

Hi PE’rs,

Here’s a quote from the Thermotex website:

“after full heat up, the micron range holds steady at 9.1376 based on surface temperatures of 111°F. On the high setting, the micron range is 9.1089 to 8.7778 based on the range of surface temperatures of 113°F to 135°F. The infrared pads themselves are not flexible and should never be bent.”

Unfortunately, if one were to try a Thermotex wrapped on the surface of a pumping tube, the results might be disappointing because the above-stated mid-IR emittance wavelengths are smack on the edge of the strongest absorption band for the acrylic resin in most pumping tubes. You would do a good job of heating the tube but it would take a several minutes depending on the tube thickness. Some 50% of the incident radiation could be reflected and as the tube surface and pad heated up, 10-70% of the remaining energy would be transmitted based on the transmissibility of the plastic tube. 70 percent transmission at 9.1 micron isn’t too bad but the amount of energy that gets through the tube wall is a logarithmic function of wall thickness. If a particular pad were to emit at 8.77 micron, the transmission would drop to <30% not counting reflection losses.

IR sources that emitted at wavelengths greater than 10 micron would be a real possibility for pumpers using acrylic tubes.

I guess if someone had $180 to burn (pun intended) on an expensive experiment, he could use a Thermotex (and hope for 9.1 micron emission) with a tube to see what, if any, incident heating effect could be derived during pumping. He could always use the Thermotex unit later on for its intended purposes.

The concept of using infrared heat during PE is a terrific idea and needs to be agressively researched and put into practice. Thermotex seems a quality supplier for applications other than, perhaps, pumping due to the optical properties of the tube.

Best Regards,


A simple conventional 15 dollar electric pad works just fine for me. It’s not rocket science, you just want to warm up your cock.

Originally Posted by gprent101
A simple conventional 15 dollar electric pad works just fine for me. It’s not rocket science, you just want to warm up your cock.

A heating pad warms the tube, which then warms the cock’s surface. The intent of using IR is that it would pass through the tube and cock’s surface and warm the cock’s interior. IR is a superior heat because it is a faster and deeper heat.

Well, if you can afford to buy a Jaguar, buy a Jaguar, but I can only afford a Buick.


Instead of “The Best Heating Pad for PE” for this thread (as noble an objective as that might be), how about something that involves EM energy that might be just as important - “The Best Healing Pad for PE” . . .

MM, Shiver, xaxxat, GPrent, and others myself included have been “hot” on finding more efficient ways to get heat into one’s unit whether hanging, stretching, or pumping. Great - but here’s an interesting twist on the idea of using IR for heating - at about 0.67 microns in the near IR band there are a lot of serious folks including medical researchers using near IR from LEDs in that wavelength to greatly speed up cellular growth and HEALING of all sorts of situations. There are data to suggest cellualr growth can double (or more) using pulsed near IR from photodiodes. Seems our veterinarian folks have been using pulsed near IR to treat animals for quite some time.

What If (heating aside), one would use a near IR wand for a few minutes to stimulate healing after a rigorous PE session to speed recovery and seal in gains. I know that this is an item I am going to seriously research and pursue (in addition to trying to find more effective ways to heat).

Heat (1-25 microns WvL) - then - Heal (0.6-0.8 microns WvL) . . . be interested if anyone else is using near IR to speed healing and what results have been realised.

All the Best,



What product would put you in the .6-.8 micron range? The IR hetaers start at 1.0 minimum, usually 2.0.

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MrTiPS, Any theories on the mechanism whereby near IR speeds healing? Its not because of the heating effects is it?

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It’s too early to say about a specific product. Some of the research on photdiode healing has been done at the University of Wisconsin, others at a research institute in Virginia, and a lot about healing and plant growth at NASA. There’s a lot of stuff on the internet about it and quite a few products to sift through. I figure if it can be used on an expensive race horse then it can be used (and has been used very effectively) on a human. For example, there’s a product line by Bioscan (for vets/horse, etc) and a sister product line for people. Not that I’m recommending Bioscan - it’s just an example. It’s going to take some time to wade thru all that is out there to come to any rational conclusion - but - the ideas are sound - very exciting, actually!

Thanks for the Inquiry - I’ll post more as I get more meaningful stuff - it’s real early in the hunt right now.



Originally Posted by Tube
MrTiPS, Any theories on the mechanism whereby near IR speeds healing? Its not because of the heating effects is it?


Heating in terms of thermal energy - no. It appears energy at that wavelength couples right into the mitochondria of the cells based on info at the University of Wisconsin. This pumps up the very energy center of the cell which speeds up various metabolic processes at the cellular level. The results the Wisconsin researchers have been having with children suffering various cancers and other diseases is pretty impressive. People in thye military are using it, too.


Post links to interesting journal articles if you got ‘em.

-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...

I’m intrigued by the Vet’s methods for treating race horses. It seems that the combination of IR-ultrasound-magnets seems to be very popular. I’m sure these horses are monitored like crazy and that ineffective treatments are quickly weeded out .

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