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OK, pumpers. We can come out of the closet now

girth gains

Merlin —

Thats great !

You are making a believer out of me on the pumping/supplemental excerise routine. I know these principles have potential however like all PE it takes commitment and commen sense coupled with new and innovative methods.

Thanks for the time in provide the info.


This post is absolutely worth to read!

Wow. Somebody’s actually reading back!

I know a number of you are. It’s just nice to get some verification of that.



So much to learn....

As a recent member to Thundersplace I continue to be amazed at the dedication , commitment and willingness to share/educate us newbies’ to PE. Tonight I ventured into this Thread and found it to be most interesting in suggesting the potential value of combining pumping with jelqing techniques. Tks to all contributors to this “thought process”

Just to throw in my 2 cents here.

Even though I have only been pumping on a “regular” schedule now for about a month,
I have been noticing some serious changes with my cock. I have already gained 1/2 an inch
in girth and maybe an 1/8 in length. I have also noticed much harder, veiner(sp??) fuller
erections. In fact, I was gonna post a question this weekend about if noticing such huge
vein increases was normal. I not only have noticed this but so has the wife. I pump in the
mornings for about an hour and then wear my ThereP wrist strap for at least 2-3 hours after.
Then I have my play time at night with the wife. She has also admitted to looking/staring at
my flaccid dick at night and goes down on me much more than she used to. She also has started doing more “playing” with it and just having her hands on it more than “normal”.

My current program:

5-10 minutes rice sock including wrapping the sock around my cock to massage it.
5-10 min warm-up stretches in all directions.
10 min in the tube with pressure just high enough to keep it on.
1-2 min massage and stretch
repeat for about 4-5 reps raising the pressure a bit each time but never going over 7 and always, ALWAYS resting and massaging every 10-20 min. I also back it down every 5 min to 1
and then kegel like crazy for 30 sec. on my breaks, i try to kegel as much as possible also.


Keep working, keep learning


This is an excellent post, I somehow missed it amongst my reads!

Kooky - That is excellent, I can’t wait until my wife has a reaction like that! Nice routine too.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."


Every detail of what I do I learned here. When I got my very first pump ( a porno
shop cheap pump) I thought I needed to over-pump to pain and my dick always looked
like it was deformed. I was also interested initially in a pump to help correct an ED
problem and was hoping to help blood flow. Due to my lack of knowledge, I would over
pump to pain and take no breaks and did no good what so ever. Actually hurt my sex
life due to my wife being turned off from the “donut” from overpumping. I then got a
correctly sized pump kit from Vacu-Tech with a gauge and READ ALL THAT I COULD!
I learned about the value of low pumping and the massaging at break times. I also
learned the value of heat and the now famous “rice sock”. I also learned that shorter
times in the tube helped alot more than constant pumping for 2-3 hours. I wanted my cock
to be firmer, bigger(of course) but also HEALTHIER. I also learned one of the most important
things..BE HONEST. I have shared this whole process with my wife. She knows my “schedule”
and gives me the time to do this. I go 5/2 and guess need those two days off.
She also has seen my “gear” and I have showed her how it works. She thinks that it is great
that I care enough about our sex life to do this and she has also noticed my confidence level
soar to new heights. I am 33 years old and I can honestly say that my sex life is better than
when I was 18. I have better control. I have much better erections. And even better..I have
a woman who LOVES to play with her new “toy”….

How can ya beat that?????


Keep working, keep learning


I have pumped for about 9-10 months now, I enjoy the feeling. Not only that ,I mix in jelqing, 90% full erection, also do kegels in the tube, and in between sessions, I also do horses.
After an hour of this, my dick has been up sometimes at 7.0” of girth, full length of the shaft all the way to the head.

Usually my dick sits at 6.5” girth with a normal erection without being pumped. On ocassions, I do a session of girth, get my dick to 7.0” then put on a cockring, go and do some damage to my wife.
She absolutely loves it. I love seeing her mouth open as wide as she can to take me in.
The most she can deep throat is about mid shaft being about 5 inches, but can you imagine by 7.5” in girth.

That is a whole lot of cock….

Gettin Bigger

I started to read pumper’s forum from the beginning on last Thursday. Compared with other forums, this is quite a new one only starting from the beginning of 2002. I’m going to go through all posts :) .

Merlin and Avocet,

I am interested in the theory of how pumping holds the microtears from jelqing open for larger surface healing. I also notice that jelqing and pumping is the popular combination here. However, right now I am interested only in length and I’m looking for a routine where pumping can supplement my hanging sessions only to heal those microtears the same way.

After a 2 hour search of this website, I could not find it so I thought I might ask you both.

Right now I hang for 2 to 3 sets a day at 30 min. each set with mondays and fridays off.

Do I pump for 10 min everyday or only on my off days? From your experiences with jelquing and pumping, can you extrapolate a routine involving hanging and pumping? I am not interested in any other effects of pumping at this point in time, including using a small diameter tube to pack it for length stretch since the hanging I do already addresses that.

What are your thoughts?

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

I have no experience at all with hanging and can’t help you. There are others here who will chime in.

The healing of micro-tears does not happen to much of a degree during the 10 minutes you might pump after a jelk session that you may engage in between pumping sessions. The theory is that these tears, like any small or even large wound, require some time for the macrophages and other nifty back-ups we have to move in and do their work.

There is also the issue of cell division - how can you get more dick tissue without that? All this takes time. Micro-tears maybe heal in 24 hrs, my guess, if they are not serious. Pumping just gets you larger than you were during jelking. Expands the tissue sidewise and up. More micro-tears happen, or the jelked ones you got get a bit wider. This can’t be bad if you are paying attention to your vacuum pressure.



chime in please ?

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Well, I’ve tried every routine and device in the book. I tried manual jelqing only, manual stretching and jelqing, the Power Jelq, the Bib Hanger, V-stretches and too many others to name. Finally, I decided to order a pump and see how it worked out. I am currently on this program.

5 min jelq
10 min pump (4 in/Hg)
10 min jelq
10 min pump (4.5 in/Hg)
10 min jelq
10 min pump (5 in/Hg)
5 min jelq

Doing this program I gained about 1/8 inch in a little over 2 weeks. This may not seem like a lot to some, but I had been PEing for nearly a YEAR without ANY signs of gain, so this got me pretty stoked. I am also going to try using an electric heating pad with the pump, I hear it helps you pack the tube faster. I hope to add even more and reach my goal of 7.5 some day…

Originally posted by avocet8

I'm convinced I have got gains from both and very good ones. We pumpers might even be ahead of the game, getting the advantages of both.

I know from having used a pump for 15 months that you don't need to end up with a cock that looks like something that came out of a bread-making machine. We've all seen them - morphed and warped. But if you do it right, you can have a veiny, well-shaped, powerful-looking unit.

Let's start talking.


This “bread making” analogy continues…started by Thunder? IMO,
“Beautiy is in the eye of the beholder”

This group
to which I belong has
Members: 2596
Founded: Mar 6, 2001

Simply put, your comments, IMO, smack of chest thumping and saying “that my dick looks better and is more powerful” than other dicks.

Can we please be gentlemen and try not elevating ourselves at expense of others?

OR eon

P.S. I do not jelq because apparently best results are obtained when your dick is ~75% hard. For that reason I gave three of my power jelq devices to a member here. If I could do that I would not be

An owner of gay_and_bisexual_ED

And member of Alt-Support-Impotence-ASI
and gayimpotence

But I enjoy pumping and it keeps my dick healthy…. facilitating nocturnal erections and piss hardons.


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