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OK, pumpers. We can come out of the closet now

I have found after many years and experimentation that less is best so far, that is 30 min every other day at vacuums < 4.5-5 mm Hg. Anything more, historically has been counterproductive, I would usually loose tone and mass with over pumping. I did get mostly circumference gains with pumping.

I would propose a combination intervention that I am experimenting with at this time, Kaplain electric pump every other day as indicated. In addition for “mainenance phase” a more snug cylinder about the diameter of your erect penis that will stay on under low on no vacuum for longer time frames while semi erect, jelqing every 30 min. IOW, wear cylinder for up to several hours throughout day or evening, remove every 30 min, jelq and re- apply cylinder remember low or no vacuum for maintenance purposes after the expansion phase (30 min every other day at vacuums <5 mmHg). ULI wrap would be somewhat comparable.I am more comfortable with this than the ULI thing/device which concerns me.

In addition for length work, a JES extender can be worn before or after vacuuming. I have found it to be more gentle, and seems documented with scientific research and endorcements by Danish Health Ministry. The loop attachment has not been a problem. There are less expensive similar devices that are available or you can build one as has been done by a gentleman on this board. I like the JES extender because you can wear it for prolonged periods which I feel is a key to lengthening. IOW you can remove it every hour to hour and a half, jelq, than reapply and pretty much wear it all day, evening with comfort if desired.

Don’t forget the BIB, if heavy duty work is desired. A note of caution, do not apply the BIB after pumping because you can trigger blistering on the glands which takes a week or two to heal. Apply BIB only before pumping. (You can wear the JES extender at any time before or after pumping. )

Additionally, I do manual stretching all directions, and BTC when in bed evening, morning. this is very similar to BTC with BIB.

This is called hitting it from all angles and stream of consciousness thinking. These are random thoughts per my experience. I find my labido has improved since shifting to a lighter more chronic regimen.

Meriln “Alchemy of PE

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JES extender


Interesting theory - 30 min sessions in cylinder at pressure just enough to hold the cylinder on. Keep us posted. But sounds like that would really crimp my “real life” schedules. How do I greet the Postal Service, UPS and FedEx guys in a 2 x 10 cylinder? With a smile, I suppose.

Can you tell us more about what a JES extender is? I did a search here but came up with no real concept of what this device is/does.





This is the site for jes-extender:
As far as the mail man is concerned, unless he is gay, I would suggest removing the cylinder momentarily ( a little humor).

Remember the “expansion” session is for 30 min. every other day at pressures <4.5-5. mmhg. This may be all that is necessary for gradual girth expansion- this in fact worked for me. The maintenance mode is more discretionary/optional where you wear a snug cylinder the about the size of your erect penis for more prolnged perios of time at low or no pressure. I will let you know if this accellerates the girth process.



It ain’t cheap!




There are other models i have found out of England that are about half price, or you can construct one (see thread in this board- don’t recall name of thread). These are ideas for alternitive methods, do your own due diligence, of course.

Edit: the “snug cylinder” with low or no vacuum would be comparable to wearing a cock ring, or uli wrap for maintenance. You have indicated, for example, that you wear a cock ring for a couple hour period after pumping which may have an additive effect.


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snug cylinder


I was thinking when you posted about low-pressure cylinder occupation that this might contribute to flaccid gain in a similar way that cock rings may or may not, when worn loosely for some hours after PE.

Lemme know.



Merlin an Avocet —

Ok it seems to be agreed that the first significant positive appears to be that less is better in terms of vacuum. I think this is a direct contridiction to what has been accepted as the norm prior to recent times.

I had a 1.5 hour session yesterday that combined pumping, jelqing and several complete rest periods. At no time did I exceed 5 hg. and in between pumping I worked diligently to force any accumulated fluid built up out of area just beneath the skin. The end result was a girth measurement of 7 inchs aprox. 1.25 greater than non pumped and this morning into the afternoon I was still at 6.5 girth.

If I wasn’t scheduled to hang tonight I was curious what would have been the result if I pumped again. It seemed that an cumulative effect was very likely.


At 7” girth, maybe ride with that for awhile?

6.5 flaccid? Buddy, I’d buy tickets to the Blazers’ games (and I don’t give a shit about sports) just to pee at the public urinals during breaks.




A —

It’s funny phat8 tells his classic football bathroom story and I was thinging I’d be friggin embrassed if I had other guys gawking at me while i’m takin a piss. Well I’m at the Laker game last week and this guys about 5 urinals down is fixated on my dick and I’m thing this is kinda weird but I guess that’s the power of a big dick.

So I’ve gone from the gawkee to the gawker or somthing like that.

Anyway back to the thread the low volume is definately the ticket . I really like Merlins theory of just enough vacuum to keep the tube in place.

We will see,

Zep and Avocet,

For the expansion phase I found that 30-40 min tops every other day worked again at pressures >4.5-5 mmHG. This is before my awareness of the spectrum of manual and mechanical PE methods/techniques. To make a long story short, I found that to exceed the 30-40 minute duration and pressure constraint never worked, though I would get temorary hugh gains. I tried this variation for years. My experience has been that any excess of time and/or vacuum parameters only induces excess tissue fatigue and at times ultimately a loss of size. I have been experimenting with vacuum devices since 1978.

Having said this, each person differs, coupled with the additional techniques that we are now aware of (eg. jelqing) that may have an additive effect. This gives me an idea for a new thread.

This is somewhat uncharted ground, I look forward to learning from each other.

Edit: The use of a snug cylinder for “maintenance” phase may differ as little or no vacuum is used except that which holds the cylinder on, ie near 0 to 1-2 mm HG (guestimate). This is analogous to uli wrap or cock ring, whereas the “expansion” phase is more analogous to the uli thing and manual uli. Enough for now.

Merlin “Alchemy of PE

<Having said this, each person differs, coupled with the additional techniques that we are now aware of (eg. jelqing) that may have an additive effect. This gives me an idea for a new thread.>

M. and others;

I’d like to know more about the possible relationship between pumping low/short duration combined with jelking. This certainly seems to have worked in my case and for reasons which are unclear to me at this point.




Thanks for bringing me into a “pumping” forum, hehehe.

I see that urinal post all over the board. It is a classic I guess. It was the strangest
dick day I ever had in my life. Hell, I wish I could get “erect” girth consistently that
was like that flaccid girth that strained my damn skin.

=I used to pump but I did too high a vacuum and did not work up. I liked the
humogous girth I got with viagra, but it was too much spongy fluid.

I will follow this thread and site more.

BTW, it’s Phat9 now.

no worries

no really…. Phat9.25

I was wondering when you were going to come visit?

That story earned all the press it is getting; a true PE classic. This group is talking about a different way of pumping, low volume, shorter sessions, and supplementing with manual applications you know jelqing and uli’s. Something different and it appears to have potential.

Hows the knee doing?

1/4" Girth Gain in Two Weeks


An observation, I have gained 1/4” with pumping, intense jelqing and intense uli’s in two weeks, measurements taken at least 24 hours after pumping. Previously gained 1/2”ebp in 4 months WITH bib hanger, hit a plateau and am back at it supersetting wiht JES extender (similar to the extenders home made discussed on this board) except mine is, of course, gold plated (just kidding about the gold plate). Very excited about the “supersetting methodology hypothesis” . Measurements 7” BPE and 5.25” girth, started approx 6 X 5.

Merlin Alchemy of PE


my knee is doing better than my heart.

the knee is improving at a snail’s pace at that, and still hurts a lot.

it took me a year to gain one half inch, and I hit it hard 12 to 18 hours
a week.

You guys gain so fast you have no idea how lucky you are.


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