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OK, pumpers. We can come out of the closet now


OK, pumpers. We can come out of the closet now

Since I joined Thunder’s, my impression has been that pumping is somehow regarded in this primarily jelking forum as a little kinky or bizarre. But there are a lot of us here who do it and have found ways to incorporate both pumping and jelking routines into our PE programs; we just don’t talk about it much.

I’m convinced I have got gains from both and very good ones. We pumpers might even be ahead of the game, getting the advantages of both.

I know from having used a pump for 15 months that you don’t need to end up with a cock that looks like something that came out of a bread-making machine. We’ve all seen them - morphed and warped. But if you do it right, you can have a veiny, well-shaped, powerful-looking unit.

Let’s start talking.



avocet8 —

I still pump as part of my PE but haven’t figured out how to incorporate this working effectively into my program. Thanks to a link Tex provided I’ve been pumping for 5 minutes at 5in./hg, then dropping down to 1 in./hg for 30 seconds and then back to 5 again. I’ll do this for up to 1 hour maybe a couple of times a week. The rest of my PE routine is hanging using the BIB hanger 12 -15 hours per week and some jelqing and squeezes .

Here is my current opinion of pumping; it definately adds size both lenghtwise (maybe a 1/4-1/3 inch) and girth (as much as 1.5+ inchs); but for me this is a temporary result. If a person can keep the non blood fluid out of the penis and pump on a regular basis perhaps you may have somthing.

And here is where I have a problem with pumping the results don’t seem to be long term. Now granted I’m not pumping every day nor do I regularly incorporate them into a program.

Unlike other methods of PE, pumping alone will not increase penis size, it needs to be incorporated into a PE program using other methods which always seems to leave in question where it is an effective method of PE.

You say:

>But there are a lot of us here who do it and have found ways to incorporate both pumping and jelking routines into our PE programs; we just don’t talk about it much.<

I agree with you and I also agree there are several veterans with good gains using pumps, however what role their pumping time has played is a question.

In what ways do you incorporate pumping into your routine and what results have you seen?

For me, now because of my daily hanging it’s difficult to pump much because the fluid/blood built up caused as a result of pumping makes hanging a little painful. The hanger forces the blood to the head and the pressure is not a good thing.

What I see as a possible girth program would be; depending on your experience level the following.

(1) Hot wrap

(2) jelqing /squeezes/ uli’s

(3) low vol pumping as mentioned above

(4) repeat steps 2 & 3

(5) wear cock ring for 1 to 2 hours

maybe supplement this with 500 mg of L- Arginine and 250 mg L- Ornithine to stimlate bood flow.

I didn’t include times or sessions per day/week because this should be an indiviual case basis.

The principle I see possibly working here is the expansion of the penis chambers using manual appilcations followed my the mechanical supplementation using the pump to further this process. IMO a person would want to simulate the jelqing and uli routine my pumping, coaxing more blood flow not forcing it.

You also say:

> I’m convinced I have got gains from both and very good ones. We pumpers might even be ahead of the game, getting the advantages of both. <

What has convinced you of this?

So here is a starter for the pumpers out in PE land. This thread is intented to start an intellegent conversation regarding the merits and potential pitfall of pumping as it relates to the PE process.

I should warn you there are some very opiniated members regarding this topic and this subject has been covered in the past on this board my some very smart people.

Perhaps we could expand on these viewpoints with a focus on the positive. Whether there is an effective way of using the pump to grow the penis or not, based on our experences.

I have exchanged some excellent emails with Avocet regarding pumping and I think he may have a way of using the pump in a “real PE” program. I have pumped for many years, but only for “recreation” (i.e. sex) and never as part of a well thought-out program. Avocet has really done a program and I would consider him very knowledgable. He convinced me it could be a very useful part of a program. But for me, I am trying hanging for PE with the limited time I have and do pumping for fun. Also, pumping can be inspirational to “try on” what a bigger cock is like. After a good pump session, one could easily add marginal length (1/4-1/2”) and huge girth (over 1.5”). After awhile pumping you don’t get that “donut” look anymore and it is a more consistent natural looking huge cock. It can be fun to have sex with a 7.5”+ thick cock! LOL

I have also pumped balls before and that is also a trip having a couple tennis ball sized nuts going. But I find that ball pumping can detract from getting a bigger pumped cock. I guess there is only so much extra fluid to go around. LOL

zep brings up a lot of good issues but I’m going to respond to just this one for now.

I wrote: > I’m convinced I have got gains from both [pumping and jelking] and very good ones. We pumpers might even be ahead of the game, getting the advantages of both. <

He asked: >What has convinced you of this?<

I started pumping in late Dec., 2000 because I was having erection problems (a blood pressure medication I had been taking for years was the main culprit). I knew there was good evidence that pumping can strengthen the penile vascular system. I also knew that there was at least anecdotal reporting that size gains could result. I was doing no other form of PE, didn’t even know that there was such a thing as jelking back then. I read the pumping sites, the stories of hours of pumping per session and I looked at the galleries. I decided I didn’t want a bloated, deformed dick like I was seeing at these sites; I wanted mine, shaped just like it was, only bigger. So I bought a mid-range price pump with a gauge and I designed my own routine: Low pressure, never more than 5 inches and short duration sessions (10 minutes at first then working up to no more than 20 min.) By the end of April, 2001 I had moved from 6 x 5.75 to 7 x 6 – veinier, but same basic-shaped dick. I didn’t cheat and measure myself pumped :-) ;. All measurements I took were of normal, non-pumped erections about 24 hrs after a session. I stopped pumping for nearly two weeks while on vacation. The gains stayed. That convinced me there was something to size gains through pumping. I’d like to add here that by April I was having a normal pattern of nocturnal erections (normal is 4 – 5 a night, each lasting about a half hour) whereas I was having virtually none before I started pumping.

At about that point I learned about jelking. Jelkers were reporting substantial gains and jelkers didn’t seem to end up with warped-looking dicks. So I figured the following: If pumping works and jelking works, probably they can both work well together. [I admit I wanted to believe this because I really enjoy the feeling of pumping.]

My routine now is similar to yours, zep, except that I leave out the second warm wrap. I find that three short pumping sessions (usually 5 – 8 minutes at no more than 5 inches pressure) and jelking routines between and after the pumping work well for me. Takes no more than an hour and today I range between 8.25 – 8.40 x 6.25, non-pumped. A huge and significant change for me. I may just have very stretchable tissue, but you won’t hear me complaining about the results.

Best of all (I’m a little perverted about this aspect of PE) my flaccid gain has been very nice during the past couple of months. Like you, I wear a cock/ball ring after PE for a couple of hours, one that allows circulation but holds some tumescence. I don’t know whether the accumulated PE work caused the flaccid gain or the cock ring wearing has had something to do with that. But I am real glad to be able to pee at a public urinal and not hide myself anymore while I do that.

hugeness: I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have sex with 7.5 girth; I’d sure like to try it. But I don’t think my partner would!



Hi pumpers


I pumped about 1hr/day, five days per week the summer before last. I used as much pressure as I could stand, thinking more pressure meant quicker gains. I would stay in the tube for up to 20 min and experimented with pump jelking. Toward the end of the summer I could get a lot of girth and that was fun to have sex with. I gave it up when school started again and my penis went back to its origional state leaving me with nothing but loose dark skin.

The thing about pumping is that it feels better than any other form of PE I have tried. I might give it another shot with less pressure and for shorter periods of time. Maybe the trick is to not stretch the chambers to the point where fluid builds up under the skin. Maybe fluid leakage is sort of like a ballon popping, the pressure inside the chambers is released as the fluid is released.

What do you guys think?


ps —

It’s not about more vacuum, it seems to be about less vacuum. The thing about the vacuum is the more a person uses the more constricted the blood flow gets. Consequently you get more fluid and less blood.

That’s the reason for low vac pressure ( under 5 in./hg) and a short break ( under 1 in./hg ) every 5 minutes or so. The problem is that even at these low levels you still see fluid built up.

So that’s why it seems supplementation using jelqing, squeezes or maybe uli’s is key. Perhaps this process massages the fluid ou of the region just below the skin and allows greater blood flow i.e size to continue.

This is pure speculation with nothing to back it up yet.

What would be ideal is to do our own board experiment with a few pumpers that would be willing to use an identical program for a few months.

If anyone would be willing to give it a try a program of pumping and jelqing could be put together similiar to the one avocet is using and outline in my last post.

I agree, if pumping would be a productive PE tool I would be very pleased it’s definately the easiest form of PE.

Unfortunately I have seen very little in the way of hard data to support this so far.



I agree with zep that low vacuum is preferable to high. Problem often is, as you point out, it feels so good. If 5 in./hg feels nice, the assumption with guys new to pumping is that 7 or 10 in.hg must feel better. It may, but at the sacrifice of long term gain and the risk of skin/vascular injury, especially the latter.

Sure, it looks just great all pumped up and expanded there in the cylinder, a major turn-on. But the fact is, you don’t have the same (or even improved) unit when you get erect for sex and that is, sort of, the point of sexual erections.

As the months went by last year (I had worked up to three 20 minute sessions), I realized that it was shorter sessions with breaks that seemed to cement more of that cylinder gain. I like zep’s program, which was similarly confirmed to me, by the way, in private email by the owner of a pumping site I respect. He also feels that shorter sessions at lower pressure result in better gains.

I do feel strongly that the jelking exercises during pump breaks have substantially helped me in my gains.

And, zep, an experiment by others may not take months to show results. A month or six weeks is my guess.



Dam, that must be a big closet. Wonder how many others are in there??

I have tried the pumping, jelqing, squeezing routine at low pressure for roughly 2 months. I did gain then, but don’t feel comfortable saying that the pumping helped the gains. I just don’t know that it did, I stopped pumping and still got further gains (small gains with and without). I used a latex tube reducer which seemed to help limit the fluid build up, also started pump time with an erection, again to try and reduce fluid buildup. Also did my kegels while in the tube under vacuum.
I did have a lot of trouble keeping the vacuum down to 3 or 4 hg though and usually ended up at 7 or 8hg. The lower vacuum just did not feel like it was doing any thing at all, whereas the higher vacuum made my cock swell up, felt better and seemed like it would actually produce gains.
About the time I gave up on pumping is when all this talk about longer periods of time at lower hg started. The idea being less fluid/more blood. I had already made what I thought was a good attempt at restricting fluid, so I never tried the low vacuum/more time routine seriously.

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(Secret Pumpers, Unite!)


What’s a latex tube reducer?

Reducer?? I’m trying to get bigger! :-)



A thin piece of latex that covers the end of the tube and reduces the size of the opening. I got three of them of different sizes with an old porn mag pump that I bought maybe 5 to 7 years ago. They act as restrictive as a cock ring also, something else I have tried before. Come to think of it, I have tried a lot of different things with the pump. :)

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More on pumping

Hi guys,

The main point in my reply was this: maybe fluid leakage is sort of like a balloon popping, the pressure inside the chambers is released as the fluid is released to the area between the skin and erectile chambers. You might get good results with just a little fluid released, like an inflated water balloon with a little hole in it but once the hole(s) reach a certain size, you loose most of the erectile chamber pressure and have most of the pressure between the skin and the chambers. If you think about it this idea explains why most seem to have more results with manual engorgement techniques, as you squeeze off from the base, you create an internal pressure despite leaky chambers.

I gave pumping a try again today. I used to have one tube that fit just right and one that was too big. Today I have one that fits just right and one that is (thank you Lord) too small : ) I like the low pressure because it allows me to do other things with out thinking about my penis, but it really doesn’t feel like anything is happening. I guess I will have to give it a few months.


AV,PS, T —

From recent personel experience over the last couple of weeks using 5 or less for aprox. 5 mins then lowering the inch./hg to about 1 in./hg (just enough vacuum to keep the tube in place )I have noticed better pumping results. I still do get a slight fluid built up but nothing like the old days where I developed a donut just below the head.

Previous attempts at pumping over the past many years have always been using much more vacuum( as much as 30 in./hg) with no positive results to speak of.

Now 5 in./hg is my max and if I want to get things rolling I’ll up that to 6 or 7 in./hg. It seems that during the time of low (1 in./hg) that my penis really gets engourged going into the higher vacuum interval.

Penismith - this wasn’t always the case for me either I don’t ever remember getting these type of results from such low vacuum it’s almost like all the jelqing and girth work I did over the first year of PE’ing had some tangible although unconfirmed effect related to pumping.

Here’s a few questions if you have time:

(1) How long did you pump for, (2) at what vacuum, (4) did you take any breaks, (4) hot wrap before pumping, any supplements used and if so what and how much.

Thunder - One other thing, in an atempt to restrict fluld using a tapered cylinder ( smaller at the base) you may actually be restricting blood flow. I don’t thing the blood and fluid travel in the same space so to speak. Just a thought!


30hg, there is no way I can see me ever getting anywhere close to that. On the rare occassion I went to 10hg it got uncomfortable almost immediately. Unless my gauge is fucked up and not reading correctly, although the gauge on my wet pump seems to give about the same readings before it gets to be too much.

The reducer is real lightweight latex and not very constrictive at all. It may have impeded bloodflow somewhat, but it did cut down the donut effect and the puffiness quite a bit. That and it works great for keeping your balls/sac out of the tube.

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T makes a good point.

It seems to me that going into the cylinder hard, rather than semi or soft, reduces the amount of lymphatic fluid that can be pulled in.

I have no scientific evidence. It just sounds reasonable to me that if you are blood-hard prior to insertion, there just isn’t a whole lot of room in your cock for a lot more. Whatever fluids are then added through vacuum pressure give some additional tissue/skin expansion which may contribute to gains over time.



Thunder —


i meant 30 in./cm or 12 in./hg

30 in./ hg would not be a good thing.

80 % erect seems to work well also

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