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New Pumper


That was my thoughts to, I am getting an incredible stretch anyhow.

First Week Update

Really haven’t noticed much other than dick seems a little spongier. I know its wishful thinking but wife during sex said it felt bigger(and know she does not no about PE).

What do you think

Read on another post, that wrapping dick before going into pump will increase length and gland. I am thinking about changing routine to 2 x 5 minutes doing normal pumping , then finish with 2 x 5 minutes with dick wrapped in lower pressure, or vice-versa. Probably want change till first month complete.


If you’re wife doesn’t know of your PE and still said it felt bigger why do you think it’s wishful thinking? Wishful thinking on her part? ;)

Something is changing if she says that. Anyhow - I never tried the wrapping thing yet, but it sounds interesting. I think it was peforeal who suggested it.

However maybe it is better that you keep the same routine for a while to get a real feeling of it, before you change it again.

Anyhow, if you do check the wrapping thing - tell us all about it!


Pumped last night 3 x 5 minutes didn’t get same results as previously, so it i am assuming dick tired and needs time off. What do you think Braker?

Yes, very likely you need some rest. What pressure do you normally use?

Rest is Good

I usually pump between 4-6. Took day off and pumped this morning and yes the rest paid off, felt great expansion and even noticed a small increase in length. Dick is filling up top part of tube but bottom of tube dick not touching. Will it eventually expand there?

Experimented with wrapping for 1 minute, don’t like what i saw.
Wrapped with saran wrap on flaccid stretched dick and when I pumped dick filled up with blood and wrapping only covered bottom 2 inches of base. I think better and safer way to crosstrain for girth and length, might be to have smaller tube for length and larger tube for girth.

Smaller Tube for Even Girth

Stretch, I measured mid-shaft girth when ordering my first cylinder. My glans and base were a good bit bigger than the rest of my shaft, so initially it was not a terribly comfortable fit. Still, it was doable, so I stuck with it. Now my whole shaft is evening out nicely. Before going to a larger tube for girth, it’s a good idea to pack out a smaller one all the way, first. This also gives the best chance for length expansion. I am convinced that moving up gradually in cylinder size and packing each size before moving up again is the key to good, safe, and “even” gains with minimal side-effects (excessive fluid build-up, donut behind glans, etc.).



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Bigjack’s right.

And I think you will gradually see a thickness increase from the bottom of the shaft up. The nice thing about moderate pumping is that expansion tends toward unformity of the shaft.



Really feel a benefit from pumping, jelqing and stretching. The benefits at this point are flaccid length, girth seems better, erections come easier, secondary veins seem larger and new veins seem to be growing.

I have some questions?

1. Do you get alot of girth from new veins or do the existing veins get thicker?

2. The tingling feeling you get in dick and glans the next day is this growth or injury?

3. Jelqing in between sets hard to do over 2.5 minutes, get a real burning sensation is this normal?

4. Haven’t really noticed any erection length or girth improvement, will this come in time and how long?

5. Going to buy a ADS, for length. The product is called The Griper. Anybody have any experience with this product?

6. Also am stretching the dick while pumping, feels like a good pull on lig, doing 10 pulls with kegels in each 5 minute set. Is there something better to get a stretch while in tube?

7. Also anybody have experience with wrapping dick to work on length while pumping?

Thanks for all the input.

You asked:

1. Do you get alot of girth from new veins or do the existing veins get thicker?

The vein growth is probably not going to add a whole lot to measured girth. If you measure, for example, with a piece of string, you’ll compress them a bit in your measuring.

There are several advantages to vein development, imo.

A veiny dick offers additional stimulation to a partner during sex.

Improving vascular function (as evidenced by vein/artery growth) is a plus in itself: more frequent and firmer erections because of better blood flow. Since you already have a degree of ED, this will be a major benefit to you.
Did any of your doctors suggest 25 mg of Viagra each night at bedtime? This will usually cause a sharp improvement in your nocturnal erection pattern. The average healthy guy has 4 - 5 of these a night, lasting about 30 min. each. It’s these events that give penises their real vascular workout. You might not need injectible vasodilators if V does the work for you.

Everybody doesn’t agree, but I think a veinier dick looks a lot more powerful than a smooth one.

2. and 3.
You are getting more tingling and burning sensations than most people report. You may be overdoing something. I don’t see anything wrong with mild tingling, but burning is definitely an indication that you are doing too much of something.

4. Haven’t really noticed any erection length or girth improvement, will this come in time and how long?
You’ve only been pumping a few weeks. Still early to see much if any erect increase, except perhaps while you are in the tube.

5. I know nothing about ADS use.

6. Stretching while pumping: you mean by pulling up on the tube while under pressure? I do this from time to time. Don’t know if it helps or not but I think you’ll get your best stretches not pumping: manual stretches and jelking.

7. I’ve never wrapped while pumping. I do (about half the time) use a flexible cock ring. This gives more girth, at least while under pressure.



stretchman - good to hear you enjoy pumping.

avocet answered most of your questions already, but I just wanted to add my voice to his about the burning sensation. If you feel it when you jelq in between pumping sessions than maybe you are pumping too hard (too long, too high pressure). You can try and take it a bit easier and build more intensity with time.

Another thing that might help is the way you jelq. I don’t know what grip you use, but I find it much easier to jelq after pumping using a palm down grip.

avocet: I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while about that cock ring. I understand you use it also while pumping sometimes. My cock ring is too big to insert into the pump - what kind of ring do you like to use while pumping? Apart from the one I normally use, I’ve bought an elastic silicon ring in a sex shop but it’s not working very well for me. Not enough pressure and therefor not enough expansion. Maybe if I had 6” girth it would have worked, but with my 5.1” girth it’s just not small enough.

Hi Stretchman: Yoor 1.75 inch tube is just right for length given your circumference of 5+ inches. Y ou are probably so full in the tube that you will not feel much side pressure , but pressure on the glans only. I would recommend that you lube very well to allow your penis to move in the tube and try intermittent bursts of pumping up to 10 inches or even 15 inches of mercury. At some point in that range if you are not feeling anything now you will find a zone that will feel very nice. Make that home base and have your excusrsions into more pressure from there. Stop every 5 minutes and do 100 jelques to force your gains from pulling and squeezing.

If you want girth and not length, your tube is too narrow. You should move up to a 2.25inch tube to allow your penis to expand in girth — b ut this will sacrifice the length part, so which do you want girth or length? You will enjoy it and you can get great growth in both areas. Good luck.

Re: pumping and cockrings


I use a pliable “O” plumbing ring I bought in a hardware store for about $1.50 US. They come in many sizes. You may have to experiment to find just the right size for you.

Suggestion, figure out your diameter (not circumference) before you look, and then shop. They are sold by diameter; here anyway. It should fit snugly on the very base of your shaft, but not a strangle-hold. Use lube to put it on.



Questions and answers

When Jelqing I use palm down method, the tenderness seems to have gone away. Using a cock ring really helps while jelqing. I have a couple of questions, first do you have cock ring on during pumping or have it on tube when pumping and put it on when done. Secondly how long after exercises can you wear cock ring and what problems do you look for?

As far as my goal is concerned, more interested in length and some improvement in girth.

Funny thing about Viagra when I do use, it does give me a huge hard on next morning, so it probably would be a good part of PE.


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