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New Pumper

Tube stretching

Braker and hobby,

Yes, I agree with both of you that the penis length in the cylinder is somewhat less than actual BPEL. I didn’t really mean HARD bone-pressed when I said it was like seeing BPEL in the tube. It’s just that I noticed the tubed pressed into my fat pad and that I had more length in the cylinder than my NBPEL. Actually I don’t see quite the 0.3” difference that you two guys do, but then I don’t seem to have as much “hidden penis” beneath my fat pad layer as many report. At least with my starting measurements, there was only about 3/8” variation between my BP and NBP lengths. Perhaps I am not pressing as hard as I should?? But, it surely feels like a hard press when I measure! LOL

Braker, glad you see what I was saying about the squashed unit inside the tube, while stretching, looking like a pretty good girth expansion exercise. And, I also see some length pulled out behind the tube when I pull/stretch while pumping, just as you mentioned. I just don’t get quite the “extra inch” that I try to imagine (visualization) while I am performing the stretches. Still, I think that visualization is an effective aid to actual growth. In fact, I “talk” to my dick, and tell him he is looking bigger all the time! :chuckle:

I agree that stretching in the tube makes it much easier to get a good “grip”. I do some short, relaxed pulls, sort of like JAI’s. Also do some longer static pulls with alternating kegels/released PC. I pull up, down, L, R, and SO. Immediately after each 5-7 minute pump/stretch session, I do 100 jelks up, underhanded, followed by a modified Horse squeeze. Then after 50-100 thigh slaps (depending upon how you count those), I do 100 jelks down, overhanded, followed by another squeeze and slap routine. It seems to be making a difference. Guess I will know for sure when I measure again on December 30th.



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

> “In fact, I “talk” to my dick, and tell him he is looking bigger all the time! “

That’s an interesting approach! :chuckle:

btw - 3 days ago I started PE again after an 11 days break. Now I am getting such great expansion in the tube and so much quicker than before that I will have to cut down my pump sessions to 5 min. each, because 7 min. like I did for the last few months is creating too much expansion that results in too much fluid.

take a pumping rest when necessary


You bring about another good point for pumpers to remember: if your pumping effectiveness seems to be declining or stagnating that’s a good indication that a rest for a few days is in order. You will more than likely find that when you return to the cylinder, your pumping expansion in the tube will resume its effectiveness and probably even improve.


One week

Well i am completing first week and i must say its an experience. I did change my workout from one session of 10 minutes and second session of 5 minutes to 3 x 5 minute sessions. I also stretch as often as possible(bathroom breaks) and jelq in between sets. Changing routine seemed to help dick expand more in tube, at first only base and head touched walls, now veins inbetween base and head touching walls, haven’t really seen any length gains in tube. Dick when flaccid seems to hang better at times. One thing i am concerned about is i am not circumsized and skin looks longer. Also bruising on sac where tube touches. No problems with donut or fluid.

I want to thank everybody for there input, my self-esteem has already improved since i am doing something about my small penis. Will keep in touch on how i am doing.


Great to hear you are doing well.

For what it’s worth: realize you do *not* have a small penis. 6.5x5 is actually slightly *above* average. The most reliable surveys put the length average at slightly below 6”, and the girth at about 4.9”.

yes i am average

I am very small when flaccid, sometimes i think it is a bullfrog backed up in moss. That is one thing i long for is a larger flaccid dick. Played football in college and most embarassing thing is taking showers with the black players, the myth is true.

I see what you mean.

Maybe you can try using a cock ring after your pumping, you can keep it on for 4 hours or so and that could keep you in the pumped state for longer and encourage your penis to stay bigger on the flaccid state.

I do it and avocet8 does as well.

If you do want to check it out though, make sure that you monitor it’s effect exactly, so you know if it’s good for you. Do the same routine for a 1 week or so and then for the next week do the same but just add the cock ring and see how does it feel.


Could you clarify that last paragraph.

I just meant that if you do decide to use a cock ring like I described (check my post on the “Are Pumping Gains Permanent?” thread for more on this), then I suggest that you do so carefully, monitoring your penis reaction to it. So for example if you do a specific jelqing and pumping routine, add the cock ring to this routine without changing anything else in the routine and check your reaction after a week or so of doing this as compared to how you felt with the exact same routine before you added the cock ring.

The point is that if you add more than one new thing at the same time you are then unable to know which one made a difference.

I hope I managed to explain myself better this time, let me know if I haven’t and I’ll try again! :)


Don’t know where but i thought wearing a cock ring over 30 minutes could be dangerous. If not what are symptoms to watch out for that could hurt the dick.

vasodilator vs. pumping

Had post below, but no response. So let me elaborate my question.

Went to Boston Medical Group for Ed, my problem is sometimes I can’t get erect and at times lose erection during intercourse.

The doc said dick not getting enough fresh oxygenated blood, so he prescribed injection of vasodilator. Very simple to inject, insulin needle with no pain. 95% of people after 6 months no longer need, it either gets the dick healthy or some people the mental part goes away.

My first shot was unbelievable, in 10 minutes dick harder and longer than ever, wife was amazed and really enjoyed. It stays hard for about 2 hours. There is some discomfort when idle, it has alot of pressure.

Hear is question, dick is swollen with blood, more than normal. Next day it is sore to touch. Could this be the same principal as pumping, I don’t feel as hard when pumped? Is the soreness from micro-tears?

Also I am suppose to use 3 times a week, wife likes sex only twice a week, so on third time I thought about pumping after injection. This is no different than pumping with hard dick, only dick will be harder than normal.

Maybe this will clarify my post earlier.

cock ring

Yeah, they say that, but as long as you keep the ring not too tight so there is some circulation going on but still you get some expansion from it, then it’s really ok. I’ve been doing it for a few months now, avocet8 did for a longer time even. And others do to.

You should experiment with it and make sure it’s not painful.

What symptoms to watch out from: pain, discoloration, make sure blood is still circulating by watching the colour and feeling the warmth of your penis.

But I also meant that if you do do it, check how it affects your penis in general over a week or so - see if your flaccid hang is better for example, just monitor everything and try to feel if it’s beneficial for your PE.


stretchman - now you got me really confused! :) I’m not sure how what you just wrote clarifies your question about the cock ring??

Maybe you mean that you already are pumped with extra blood during the week, in that case maybe a cock ring would be overkill. So forget it for now.

Anyhow - I don’t know anything about the vasodilator injection so I’m afraid I can’t really give you a good advise about it.

Why would you want to pump after you had the injection? Anyhow - pumping when you’re extra hard is ok, I do it when I’m using Viagra.

after injection

Thought maybe after injection when dick hard might get alittle more of a stretch. But it might be to much for the dick also. I don’t want to go crazy with my new toys.

Braker really appreciate your comments.

If you say you are sore the day after, than maybe you better not add pumping on top, you might get even more sore.


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