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My First Month


My First Month

Hi, guys:

This is the end of my first month pumping. Some of you might remember my questions and hesitations before I started. After so many sessions I feel confident and happy with the decision of becoming what I used to consider a horrifying practice.

My size is 7 (bone pressed) x 5.5. The vacuum I have is a hand pump (Mity Vac), the same one used for cars. The cylinder is 1.75” in diameter, which was recommended by some experienced pumpers and even by the manufacturer.

I go up to 5 - 7 in Hg (inches of mercury) in each session, rarely I go over that level although occasionally I tried 10 for a few seconds.

The first 2 thirds of my dick is 5.5” around whereas the 1/3 at the base is like 5.1”. My first goal is to be able to make my girth even from base to head and, of course, gain a little more in length.

The thicker part of the shaft fills up the tube real tight but the rest still doesn’t touch it. I haven’t seen any improvements in length until yesterday, after a good session, when I reached 7.5” (from the base of the cylinder to the tip of my head), which is 1/2” longer than previous sessions. I was happy. Just a little donut swelling but overall good. The way my dick looks inside the cylinder is amazing, and that is a positive effect for motivation, besides the fact that it is supposed to be the way of growing and making some of these changes permanent.

My routine is like 30 min a day or twice a day, if I have time, making pauses of 1 min. Before the pumping I do some hand stretching and use the MaxXtender for 30 to 45 minutes. This device has to be used carefully because it might bring problems to the circulation. I have been avoiding problems by keeping the loop a little loose and releasing the tension often during each session.

So far I am glad I am pumping. I don’t see how it would be dangerous to me if I am careful like I’ve been during this month.

I am looking forward to reporting new positive changes.

Any comments will be appreciated.



Glad to read you had a good month. Maybe to clear up the confusion I have and others may, you could clarify this:

“The first 2 thirds of my dick is 5.5” around whereas the 1/3 at the base is like 5.1”. My first goal is to be able to make my girth even from base to head and, of course, gain a little more in length.”

Are you counting the first 2/3rds from the head down or from the base up? One way the narrower section is on the top near the glans and the other it’s at the very base of your shaft. It might make a difference in the suggestions you get.

I didn’t see any changes worth shaking a stick at until I had been pumping for 4 - 5 weeks, then some gain starting kicking in. Maybe you’re at the same stage having seen 1/2” difference yesterday. My bet is that you will cement that in soon.

I’m not familiar with the MaxXtender and don’t know if it’s compatible with jelking. If it is, add some jelking sets between your pump sessions. If you don’t jelk now, see the demo gandolf made and work up (gradually) with them unitil you can do at least 100 easily. Then work yourself up to being able to do 100 jelks between each of, say, three pump sessions.

I really believe jelking is a great exercise for both length and girth, especially combined with pumping.





Thanks for your prompt response. The thicker part of my penis is from the head down. This part is like 2/3 of the entire dick. The thinner part (the remaining third) is at the very base of the shaft.

I am afraid that once the thicker part of the shaft fills up the diameter of the cylinder, which it does real tight, the vacuum pressure cannot reach behind this tight area. So any further pump or time I spend it will only have effect on the head since the vacuum cannot go through the “sealed” area.

Does it make sense what I said? I put some water in the cylinder, and after the thicker part is sealing the cylinder, the water moves no where, so will the air. I was thinking of placing a thin drinking straw or one of those thin hollow plastic stirs for coffee or drinks along the lower part of the shaft, to allow the pressure to be even around the head and back in the thinner area where there is a space between the shaft and the cylinder wall.

I need your help.



Real good question and interesting problem.

Nearly everyone seems to report either a thicker base of the shaft to begin with, or first gains there.

I hope someone else has ideas. Meanwhile, I’ll think, too.




Thanks again

OK, I will try inserting that thin hollow stir to “connect” the space around the thinner part of the shaft, by the base, with the top of the cylinder. I don’t think of any other way to equal the pressures in both sides.

Another problem, I am getting a swelling under the skin, edema, right behind the head, in the lower side of the shaft. I got it yesterday too. Should I wait before doing a new session? I guess it is because I am doing longer sessions. Any remedy?



I think you need to buy a larger tube so that you can get the base of the tube against your abdomen.



My tube is 10” x 1.75” diameter, my penis is 7” x 5.5 girth. Why do I need a larger tube? The base of the tube I have is against my pubis, even deep into my pubis once the vacuum gets close to 5 inches of Hg. Do you mean I need a wider tube? Then I would have more problems with the donut effect, I’ve been told.


The diameter of your penis is 1.75 inches at the distal two thirds and 1.61 inches at the base.Since any vacuum applied is distal to the penis ( i.e. at the farthest part of the tube from your body) and cannot get to the base of the tube because your penis has sealed that space off by its distal size (1.75 going in which is the diameter of the tube you are using, and will increase with the vaccuum).Meanwhile, at the base there is no vaccuum so you stay 1.61 inches. That is why you are getting the doughnut too.

Your straw might work to equalize the pressures but I think it will be painful.Additionally any growth you get will be only in length and none in girth because the tube is too narrow to allow stretching when you START at the max the tube allows.

On the other hand, a 2.25 inch tube will allow growth in girth the whole length of your penis. This might help to correct the unusual configuration of your penis being thicker distally than proximally,which certainly is not usually the case.

You should definately ungrade to a 2 inch diameter tube

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I am definitely considering now the 2” tube, however, I would like to try my idea of the thin straw first. It might be uncomfortable or might not work at all. This way (if it works) it might be easier to work only on the thinner area rather than on the entire shaft, making the girth even from base to head, which is my first goal. I’ll find out soon.

What about the swelling or edema? I am getting a little bit of it right behind the head, and it doesn’t go away until several hours after the session.

Thanks, guys, for your response and your advice.


Another suggestion

Hi mafero,

As another alternative to your straw solution, you can also try to tightly wrap the head and upper 2/3 of your penis with self-adhesive bandage (available from any pharmacy) and then do your pump. This would help in keeping the expansion of the upper 2/3 of your shaft in check, while allowing the lower 1/3 to expand larger than normal. Hopefully, this would help in evening out the entire girth of your shaft from top to bottom. Good luck in your pumping journey!


Very interesting


That is a very interesting solution. I remember you have been using that yourself, and that it was your idea.

Thanks a lot. I would give it a try.


Go ahead and try the small straw, that’s easy enough. :D


Mafero: The edema is because you have two different levels of negative pressure in the tube caused by the thickness of your distal penis. There is max amount of negative pressure at the glans end and the negative pressure there is much less than that behind your packed thick penis which is acting as a seal. Thus the pressure gradient is towards the glans and hence the edema is there also.


That’s exactly what I think, from the very first day I started noticing the edema. I agree with you and I am trying to resolve that difference in vacuum pressure between the distal and the proximal areas of my penis. I will try the thin straw (holow stir) tonight and I’ll let you know.

The edema is also the result of longer sessions, because I never had that before. I started 45 min to 1 hour like a week ago and that’s when I got the first edema. I am getting used to it; if I do it in the evening, next morning the edema is 90% gone. But the most important thing is that once the thicker part of my shaft (like 1/3 from the base) seals off the cylinder, the proximal area, which is the thinner, is kind of isolated and any change in the vacuum pressure in the distal area won’t have any effect in the proximal area. In other words, any increase in the vacuum pressure that I see in the gauge will only have effect in the glans.

I’ll keep you posted of any results with the straw or the tape suggested by peforeal.



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