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What the heck is the deal with this Lymph stuff? The lymph system in the body seems pretty elaborate but I’ve never learned about it in any science or biology class I took. What purpose does lymph fluid serve? How is it transported around? Are there vessels for transporting it around the body like with blood? Are there capillaries for it? Blood leaves the capillaries to nourish cells as far as I know. Can your body make more of this crazy lymph stuff? How much is in your body?

Thanks a lot if you can answer these,


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Your body already makes a lot of lymph fluid. It is a clear liquid which is manufactured in the lymph glands (nodes) and carries defensive cells throughout the body. Your most prominent lymph nodes can be felt under your jaw bone, left and right, and in your groin at the place where your thighs come into your torso.



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