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Slight lymph blister / donut, what to do?

Slight lymph blister / donut, what to do?

I went for a more aggressive pumping session yesterday at 7Hg In for 2 x 10 mins and followed by PJ. I noticed the underside of my dick near the glans has some ugly lymph fluid build-up. It gets better today but it’s still noticeable (flaccid) and feels slightly sore. What should I do to make it heal faster? Hot wrap? TIA!

First of all, give your dick a rest. You’ve overstressed the tissues which is causing the discomfort. The good news is that it’s temporary. Now as far as temporary fluid buildup still remaining, just gently do an ok grip around the area and perform some light squeezes/massage in the area forcing the fluid to disperse. You can use some light lube on the area, if that makes it more comfortable. The other thing you can do anytime you get some excess fluid build up is to wrap the area with ACE self-adhesive bandage and that will also help disperse the fluid quicker. You don’t need to hot wrap. Good luck and take it easier.


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