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Lap pump question

Lap pump question

Hello ,

I have a lapdist pump and I’m not sure if this has been answered anywhere but I can’t seem to find it

Can you use lapdist pumps with water , for example fill cylinder with warm/hot water , insert tool,
Start pumping?

I have the deluxe package:)

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It will mess up the gauge. So, no.

If your tube is sized right, you should get an effective seal once you have drawn a vacuum with the pump. Therefore the pump is no longer required for the pumping session. In past experience I found the pump I had was of poor quality and had leaked. The solution is to get rid of the pump, hopefully the pump came with a sufficiently long hose between the tube and pump. I simply drawn a vacuum with my mouth, bend the tube to close it with my hand, remove the tube from my mouth and seal the hose (in my case it was the tapered end off a ball point pen). I found that I could draw a vacuum just as good as the pump (must be a good sucker). Provided the seal is effective you can hold a vacuum as long as you like. Use it in the shower, fill it with hot water and suck the excess water out of the tube for a water vacuum (a bit harder to do than with air). Hope this helps.

Or buy a cheap plastic pump just for that purpose?

While we’re on the subject, what’s the advantage of using water?

PS. The hose I have is a rubber hose. Had it in the garage and it was the same diameter as the hose with my el-cheapo pump. It is probably 18 to 24 inches long. I found pumping provided no permanent changes for me but feel that it could be more successful if combined with some clamping afterwards to hold the increased girth for a longer period and therefore help with permanent girth gains.

I always clamp after pumping.


The major difference between water (hydraulics) and air (pneumatics) is that air is compressible or expandable, fluid is not, therefore, when you draw any water out of the tube that volume of water is replaced by your dick on a one to one ratio. The same cannot be said for removing air from the tube.

Additionally, hot water is far more effective at keeping your member warm than air is!

Thanks, DK. So, does this mean that water is more effective? (I wrap with a heating pad for warmth.)


I cannot vouch for the long term effects of this method as it has been over 4 years since I tried it, but from memory when incorporated into your routine it should give a noticealble difference at the end of a session, but as I said it is a little more difficult to suck water out of the tube by mouth. The other advantage is that there should be less fluid build up in your penis because it is not in an air vacuum. Give it a try, see if you like the technique.

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